Sunday, 5 May 2019


I knocked 'word verification' off for a few days to see what would happen, because I know it is hated. The result of the experiment is that Anonymous spam started trickling in, then it gathered pace and became a deluge. This gives me extra work to go through each comment weeding out the crap, and allowing genuine comments to be published. Basically it opens the floodgates and can only get worse as time goes on. 

It's a choice between allowing Anonymous comments and keeping the verification thingy which is effective in stopping the spam, or, doing away with verification, and not allowing any Anonymous comments, which would also stop the spam, but then everyone would have to have a gooooglie account to enable them to comment. The Anonymous option and Name option are linked, I cannot knock off just the Anonymous because the Name would also disappear as well.

Stuck really.  So the Verification stays because the electronic spam bott's can't get through it.
Have a happy Sunday.  ilona


  1. It must be very frustrating having all sorts of rubbish coming through..and time consuming as well.I wouldnt have a clue how to comment on some blogs that I like because it says you have to have a google account and I dont know how to do this.Im not very clever on these sort of things!.I dont know what people get out of sending rubbish that list of things that Ive seen on other peoples blogs.Do they really think that people are going to be interested?.It must be so annoying to find that rubbish has appeared on your blog.Ive seen it on a few of the ones that I read and enjoy.xx

    1. Debi, your comments always come through loud and clear, and you put your name in the box, so thank you for that.

  2. I do hope my name is okay for I love reading your blog.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Would keep the verification going if I was you, not that I'm a computer buff by any means, I muddle through but I would imagine there is more anonymous than people who don't have a Google account, a Google account account is easy to set up just the usual email address and password. Best wishes Illona.

  4. So annoying when this happens, I would keep the verification on.

  5. I use Word Verification, don't allow Anonymous comments, and every comment is reviewed before it appears on my blog for the exact same reasons you have outlined today and in the past. I thoroughly understand why you use Word Verification. Do whatever it takes to keep your sanity.

  6. Not to worry.

    as I have admitted prior...I too find the verification a pain in the kiester, however, well worth the privilege of being part of your on line community.

    Take care.


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