Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Saltburn by the Sea is a very nice place

I had a bit of time to spare when I got to Saltburn, didn't want to go to the hotel too early just to sit in my room. Make the most of daylight while it lasts. I left my car there and went walkabout. I have been here before, stayed in a small cheap B & B when I was on a long walk. I didn't see much of the place then, all I wanted to do was get my boots off and chill. I remember this little railway going up and down the cliff. 

One comes up and one goes down. £1.20 for an adult, I thought that was a bit steep, ha ha. Alternative footpaths are free.

Pretty beach huts line the Promenade. A few people were using them but it was getting a bit chilly.

See that cliff top over there, that's where I am setting off from tomorrow. Walking to Staithes hopefully. It's about 8 - 9 miles away. Check out my previous post for a similar picture to this one, scroll down. It was six years ago, blimey, the years are flying by. 
The surfers are still bobbing up and down on the waves. I think it's body boarding that they do, rather than standing on the board.

I was curious that a lot of this type of buildings along the upper Promenade are not hotels, no signs at the front. I wonder if they are private apartments. I wonder what it's like to live there overlooking the sea. 
The ornate iron gateway at the side of the Railway Station is decorated with real flowers along the railings on each side, and the arch has been yarn bombed with crochet flowers. Lovely.

Time to go to the hotel I think, ready for a sit down and watch a bit of tele. When I walked through the front door I knew I had picked the right one. The Brockley Hall Hotel is quite close to the town. I didn't find the car park, if they have one, but plenty of free unlimited parking on the wide road at the front. Apparently they don't have any yellow lines in Saltburn. 
I was gob smacked when I saw the décor, couldn't get over how stunning it all was. Got to have some photo's of this, I thought. I had booked and paid for a single room, and was pleased to find they had upgraded me to this double with a gigantic bed. It was beautiful, with a lovely bathroom and a big shower. Just perfect. 
More pics tomorrow. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. You could have come for tea if only I had known that you were in the area.

    1. Sorry Cherie. I can't give advance notice that I am going away. I know you are up there somewhere but can't see any contact details for you.

  2. Beautiful pictures so wonderful. So glad you are able to experience the area. Thanks for sharing the pictures,

  3. once again, I want to thank you for sharing your "walks" and photo journey. When I was younger I used to dream about taking many of the same similar walks you do (I don't live in England). My muscles have never been "strong", and as I age,, even if I were ever to get to these spots, my walking would be a fraction of yours. Having said that, I relish looking at your photos/reading about your walks. It most always brings me a smile and sense of joy. Thanks again.

  4. Wow! That's beautiful. I love the photo of the lift, too. It looks like fun. What a fabulous trip.

  5. ive always liked Saltburn from being a kid , havent been since himself got to gimpy to walk far , now we can only stay local incase he does something dumb ass

  6. Lovely photos Ilona.I like the thought it was a bit steep,lol.Im sure that the last time I went to Scarbourgh,there was one of those trains down to the beach.Beach Huts,cliffs,great hotel..everything that makes a perfect break!The entrance to the railway station is so pretty as well.As far as the large buildings on the sea front are concerned,a lot of the old B n Bs have long gone now.If its anything like Skegness,they have been sold to new owners who let them out as bed sits so that they are filled all year round instead of just the summer months.When I lived in Ramsgate,many years ago,I had one of the sea front places with a balcony on top of the cliffs.I could see France on a clear day and I loved it there...I wish I still had it!!.I dont thing I realised just how lucky I was to have that view all the time!Saltburn does look a lovely place,xx

  7. Saltburn is lovely - we've done the walk down because the railway wasn't working and we've done up and down on the funicular because we love funiculars and if no-one uses them they can't be maintained and they will go.
    There's a very nice little bookshop and we had 'parmo' at a café near the station - both classic and vegetarian available.
    I think you'll be walking past the holiday cottage we stayed in at Skinningrove, on the Cleveland Way. I told people we were going to an ugly cottage in an ugly village... but we had a wonderful time.

  8. Lovely pictures and reminded me of the happy day I had in Saltburn with good friends. We rode in the lift too. It's a beautiful place.

  9. The big houses on the from nt are flats. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom. Huge they are too.
    There is yellow lines, lol. Not many though.
    There's also the miniature railway and valley gardens. The Earth Beat centre is a hive of activity. Oh yeah, surfers love saltburn. But surfers don't like jetskiers 😊

  10. Had a day in Saltburn a couple of weeks ago,totally agree a beautiful town.

  11. I love the Railway Station arch Ilona.We had a tree decorated by knitting guerillas in our village,until the parish council made them remove it,spoilsports x

  12. Hi Ilona, lovely area. If you are still there try to visit Loftus, there is lots of fantastic walking routes and guides are available in all the shops and library, totally unspoilt beauty.

  13. Glad you are enjoying Saltburn by the Sea!Happy walking. 😀 x

  14. Saltburn is my hometown, where I grew up. I live in the next small town called Marske-By-Sea, do come visit! I'm so glad you enjoyed the sights! Cheers! Naomi Kate

  15. Just come across this blog would love to join if possible. I am looking for a one bedroom dog friendly cottage near the sea in Saltburn for a break if anyone can recommend please. We are retired and live in Cambridgeshire but hubby was born in Bp Auckland and I'm trying to plan adventures for us plus dog on a budget.


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