Sunday, 17 November 2019

Only a matter of time.

Guess who has found the best place in the house to snooze? Oscar Boyo joined me on the bed last night. He must have liked it because he has taken himself up there now. 
This is normally Mayze's place, but she has stayed downstairs on a chair for the last few weeks. Don't know what will happen if she suddenly decides to come back to bed with me. Got to love them.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Our's are mooching around thoroughly fed up with the weather, all they want is a tickle but with five of them it's a full time job, lol
    I think you are stuck with Oscar now he's got a taste of the nice warm bed.

  2. Hi Ilona, I just wanted to thank you for all your inspirational and motivational posts over the past few years. We have just paid off our mortgage 4 years early thanks to being very frugal. Your blog has definitely helped!

    1. Well done Susan, that's great news. Now you can enjoy your freedom, time for some treats.

  3. They are beautiful cats and have a great life with you- plus help you enjoy your already happy life even more!

  4. I've spent the whole day indoors today with the dogs which is rare for me.They seem happy enough to laze around and only go out into the garden to the loo and rush back indoors because of the rain.I opened the back door several times and no one wanted to venture out.I do feel sluggish myself now though x

  5. I think they have a system all under control !!

  6. Hi Ilona Oscar Mayze and Heidi - had to smile at your recent photo of Oscar on your bed - they seem to know where the warmest places are and love comfort. My two sweeties are staying in more too Ben has taken over the stairs and Amy likes her bed next to the radiator. I love them dearly and they are very good company. My husband is now out of hospital and I am trying to make him eat more. It will take time - thank you for this lovely post keep warm and have a lovely week. Love Liz Amy and Benny.xx


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