Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mum, I haven't seen this white stuff before

'Help, Mum, what's going on here', shouts Mayze as she tried to get through the cat flap. 'It's gone dark, what's all this stuff in the way?'

'Don't worry', laughs Mummy, 'I'll move it for you'.

'Oh look, there's Micky on the other side waiting to get in. Cheeky Micky after some free food. Go home Micky, I'm a bit short, get your breakfast at your own house', shouts Mummy.

'Oh, gawd', thinks Micky. 'I'll wait here till you get this white stuff shifted'.

'There you are, Mayze, go out and play', says Mummy.

'But Mum, what is it, I haven't seen this before, I'm scared'.

'I keep sinking up to my tummy, Mummy, help! Does this mean I can poo anywhere, it's like a humungus litter box'.

'I don't like it, Mummy, I'm coming back inside.'

Aaahhhh, little Mayze is such a sweetheart. Here are some more views from the windows. I parked the car nose in up to the front door thinking the corner of the house would give it some shelter and keep the worst of the snow off it. Wrong. The falling snow was whipped up by the wind and drifted into every nook and cranny.

View from the office window, back, upstairs.

View from the front bedroom, up the street.

View from the back window, downstairs living room.

View from the front window downstairs living room, down the street,

The hedges all around the garden are my hedges which I have to keep trimmed. I prefer hedges to fences, they look better. I know trimming them two or three times a year can be a bit of a pain, but maintenance costs nothing except time. Better than fences blowing down and needing replacing.

Not sure how long this white stuff is going to be around for, the forecast says showers, so maybe not for long. I'm off out to clear the paths, and set up a bird feeding station. The water bowls have frozen and need sorting. Don't forget our feathered friends in this cold spell. Toodle pip.


  1. Nothing funnier that a cat going out in the snow for the first time. Mine is wise to it now at her advanced aged. She has a clever trick of putting her nose out of the door, then doubling back, so her front half is back inside before the back half makes it outside. She doesn't do cold!

  2. We've had about 3 inches and I'd quite like to go out and make a snowman but I'm supposed to be avoiding cold with my 'poorly' nose so I don't know if I will bother!

    Thanks for your comment and for reading my whole post!

    I prefer hedges to fences too as it gives the birdies a place to live - the hedge around our garden is crammed full of sparrows! They say they are a species in decline but you wouldn't think so to look at our garden!

  3. I miss Harry cat when it snows...just how much fun cana cat have in snow?LOL! He love it!He used to catch mini snowballs when I threw them for him.

    Mayze is a cutie!
    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  4. You do have snow! Lots! Animals in snow are funny.

  5. Love those photos, esp of the cats.

    Sft x

  6. Ha,ha! So funny :o)
    Our old puss amazed me this morning, she obviously 'needed' to go out when I got up, and as apparently the cat flap doesn't work when I'm about (!) I opened the back door and waited. She finished her bathroom needs, turned around and carefully stepped exactly into each footprint she'd made on the way out to make her return journey - and I often think she's suffering from 'catsheimers'!

  7. Mayze looks beautiful against the snow!
    Jane x

  8. Your cat is so cute in the snow. Luckily it's just been raining here down on the south coast. I used to love the snow when I was little but now I'm a big girl it's just a nuisance when you're trying to get out and about.

    Glad you have hedges as opposed to fences, they are natural wildlife corridors. I wish there were more of them in gardens instead of ugly orange fence panels.

  9. The snow looks lovely to me. Here in Oregon we have had almost none this winter. I think it all went to Alaska where they have been overwhelmned with snow this year, and they are used to snow so you can just imagine how much snow that is. Pets are better than tv anytime for entertainment. What a beautiful cat Mayze is. I must just like cats (and dogs) though because every cat or dog photo you post I'm oohing and aahing over. Love your hedges too, they are so much prettier than a fence.

  10. We had a heavy snow shower which lasted all day, but melted with the rain last night.
    Yes all bird feeders are full and I spotted next door melting her bird bath with a kettle of hot water.

  11. Cats are so funny in snow aren't they? Mayze is beautifully coloured

  12. :D This is such a great post! Definitely made me smile. So jealous of all your snow! Cornwall hasn't had ANY yet. Grumble grumble. We never really do, but STILL!

  13. thank-you thank-you for taking these :) Kitties are happy


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