Thursday, 18 March 2010

Just get on with it

I am spending far too much time dithering, weighing things up, shall I shant I, this way or that way, it's driving me nuts. I need to get a grip, make a decision and stick with it instead of changing my mind every five minutes.

Take this weekend for example, I wanted a long weekend away, but where shall I go? I have spent most of this week searching through my maps, checking hostels on the internet, checking routes, distances, where is the best place to start a walk from......and it goes on. I couldn't find a hostel within a reasonable distance that can accommodate me for two nights, most are getting booked up on Saturday nights now. So I picked the area around Pateley Bridge north of Harrogate to walk, then looked for somewhere I might stay. Sorry fully booked, I'm too late. Missed my chance.

So then I thought never mind it is warm enough for camping, I got the tent out to check it over. I haven't used it for about five years, all is ok. Then I found a campsite exactly where I wanted to stay, and checked their web site. Not open till Easter. It's also £12 a pitch which I thought is a bit much, it's only a little tent.

I thought I'd better check the weather forecast, light rain on Saturday, chucking it down on Saturday night, showers on Sunday. Don't fancy that, maybe I'll camp when the weather improves, wonder how long I'll have to wait.

I have changed my mind yet again. I am now only going for the day, tomorrow. I had to ring my friend Janet to say she doesn't need to come and feed the cats after all, as my three day trip has turned into one day. So now I must pack my rucksack, now what do I need to take, oh heck, I've got a headache now. There is a walking forum meet up on Sunday in Derbyshire, I wonder if I should go on that one. I can't cope with all these decisions. Will somebody please give me a kick up the backside.

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  1. Haha I can see what you mean about changing your mind alot. Wouldn't a nice cup of hot chocolate, feet up by the fire with a good book sound better until the weather improves? I know which one I'd prefer...:o)

    BTW I deleted my post about trailer, Clint asked me to (for obvious reasons)Thanks for you comment though I totally agreed with it.