Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Woof woof, miaow.

It's been all cats and dogs today. First of all I walked down to the kennels to see Henry choc lab have his second swim. He was a bit apprehensive about going into the water and had to be enticed with some toys to play with, but once he was paddling around he enjoyed it. Here he is getting dried off by Jimmy.

Helen and I took him for a walk, and I just happened to have my pick stick and bag with me, wasn't that convenient, so I did a bit of tidying up as well.

Then I had a phone call from Flora, can I call in and see Ben and give him his lunch, there is some chicken for him. Poor old Ben has been poorly for a couple of days and after not eating anything for 24 hours, he is allowed chicken and rice to settle his stomach. Flora thinks he might have eaten something nasty. He seemed ok so I took him out for a gentle stroll. Luckily I had my pick stick and bag with me, a bit more tidying, ha ha.

I went back later at about 4.30pm and took him for another short walk, no litter picking this time. On the way back we were passing the surgery, and I noticed Sue cat lady had arrived to start work, so I stopped for a natter. Guess who should turn up, yes that's right, Mr Beasley.

I took Ben home, came back for Mr Beasley, picked him up and took him home. He scoffed two pouches of Felix, he was ravenous. I thought I might let him stay the night and take him back in the morning, but when my Bugsy came down the stairs and saw him there was a big hissy fit and a lot of growling. Oh dear, I don't think this is going to work very well. Sorry, Mr B, you'll have to go home.

He has a lovely home, I stopped for a few minutes to talk to his owner, she is such a nice young lady, both her and her son adore the cat, but she now thinks he might have to be rehomed. The thing is would he stay in a new home. We both agreed he is the equivelant of a stroppy teenager, wants to be top cat, and wants his freedom. He is very vocal and if he wants something he jolly well lets you know about it. I eventually ate my dinner at 8.30pm. What a busy cat and dog day it's been.


  1. I love hearing about the cats and dogs and their tales

  2. Hi, thanks for popping over to my blog and thanks for the suggestion about the library. Henry is gorgeous x