Sunday, 14 March 2010

Meet the boss, just for today

I'm not getting a lot done today, here is the culprit. Daren't take my eyes off him for too long as he's into all kinds of mischief. No Henry, you can't eat the mouse.

Plenty of walks though, up early in the woods for an hour, rest for a couple of hours when I can perhaps do a bit of sewing. Then he wakes up and wants to join in.

He is so intelligent and a bit cheeky. He usually comes to me when I call him, but if he decides that he must jump into water, he dashes around frantically trying to find some. It could be a filthy ditch with a couple of inches of mud trickling through, or a pond a couple of feet deep. He always comes with a towel in his overnight bag, this is for drying him off when we get back. Off out again in five minutes. He is lying by my side waiting for the words, 'Do you want to go out?'

Last night we were out for the, just before bed time walk, and who should we meet but Mr Beasley, well it had to be didn't it! I called him and he came towards me, hesitating when he saw Henry, who wanted to play. He thinks all cats will play now, because mine are quite happy with him being around. Mr Beasley hissed a bit and kept his distance, so I called him to follow me. Of course the fella was hungry so he followed us back home.

Mr B immediately scoffed two pouches of Felix, and I rang his owner. It was nearly half past ten, and if Henry hadn't been there I would have kept him till the morning. Five minutes later a car came and he was whisked back home.....again.

Right must go, my every move is being scrutinised as Henry waits in anticipation, he is gorgeous.


  1. He's good with cats and he's good with mice. You can't fault his management style...

  2. I can't get over how sleek and shiny he is, I wish my hair would shine like that.