Monday, 8 March 2010

Nude vegetables

Well that's my lodger gone then, and I'm just munching my way through this lot. Have you noticed the asparagus, posh eh! Can't remember the last time I had this delicacy, it's far too expensive for me, but you've probably guessed, it was reduced. 52p instead of £1.50. I'm going to stretch it over three meals.

This meal is typical of what I eat most nights, a big plate of steamed veg, with an addition of something or other. This time it's a grilled salmon portion.

I must say, whenever I eat out, which isn't very often these days, the veg is usually boiled to bits and tasteless. I never buy tinned veg except the odd tin of mushy peas, and the only frozen veg I buy is sweetcorn, and peas. All other frozen veg is soggy and has no taste, yuk !

So this is my simple, good for you dinner, asparagus, potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage, salmon. No faffing with sauce, gravy, or any other dressings. Nude vegetables are fantastic.


  1. A very healthy option, indeed. Steamed veg usually keeps its glorious colours and flavours. Best way to have it! Looks a great meal!!

  2. Really healthy - I should follow your example and stay away from the bulkier calories!

  3. Steaming veg is supposed to be very good for keeping all the vitamins in.

    Agree that frozen veg tends to be soggy *yuk*!

  4. Must agree with you . We tend to drown veg in gravy and sauce but nothing tastes as nice as perfectly cooked home grown veg on its own. yummy!

  5. I went up to my allotment yesterday and brought back four perfect little leeks which we steamed and had with beef olives and mashed potatoes last night... it was delicious and even the troubled teenager ate the leeks! Can't beat steaming for preserving the flavour of the veg!!