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Saturday, 6 March 2010

What am I?

I've had a meeting today in my new role as 'artist', yes, that is what I am now calling myself, amongst other things, ha ha. I went to see Jo who has something to do with running the arts centre in town, not sure if she is the big boss but she seems to be in charge.

She is interested in my craft work, particularly the articles I have made with recycled rubbish, which is most of it, so I took along a couple of bags full of stuff to show her. She liked it, and we discussed how it would fit in with some of their exhibitions and workshops.

It would fit in well with a recycling project they are planning for July, so I said I would be happy to go along and display my work and talk to the visitors who are interested. There is also the possibility of exhibiting some of the items in a glass display case.

The Scrapstore will be tied in with this also. I am really excited about the opportunity to pass on ideas so that other people might be inspired to try and make things as well. The most important message though is to think about what we are throwing away, and that everything should be used again wherever possible.

Now I have to think of a title for myself which reflects what I do, to go into the next brochure, so what do I call myself? Meanqueen does not sound right. I need a title which says, 'making something new out of something that has been thrown away'. Junk Collector, Rubbish Recycler, Recycling Queen, Recycling Guru, Crafty Recycler, Rubbish Remodeller??? Help :0) Any ideas please post here. Ta very much.


  1. How about Frugal Free-cycler?
    Den from

  2. Congratulations Ilona, that is another achievement under your belt. Sorry, but I can't think of any suggestions, although I do like thae above one Frugal free cycler.

  3. Well done for getting your art projects exibited. You deserve it! Frugal Free-cycler sounds good to me, too.

  4. Your work is eco, frugal, sustainable but most importantly full of fun and really beautiful, I have loved seeing your bags and art work and i've been collecting 'scrap'; from the scrap store to make things myself because I like your ideas and I want to make some bags - good for you x

  5. Thank you for your suggestion. I have given several titles to Jo at the arts centre, I'll let her decide which looks best in the brochure.


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