Saturday, 26 May 2012


Good morning. Just popping in, it's a lovely morning again. Yesterday I spent time on jobs in the garden. When it is this hot I would rather stay close to home because I can nip inside to cool off. I like sun, but not too hot and not for long periods.

One of my cats needs a bit more TLC at the moment. He is getting a litle bit frail in his old age, and I would rather be around to make sure he is comfortable.

I have an idea for the garden, it needs changing, parts of it look a bit of a tip, so I will get on with that. Before and after pics coming your way.

Someone mentioned in a previous post that they are interested in what I buy in the way of food. I have started to add my shopping lists to the food diary again, link at the top. I will be recording how much I spend but won't be calculating totals or trying hard to stick to a fixed budget. I have enough knowledge now about prices to be able to keep my spends lowish, without being too strict. The more you practice budgeting the easier it gets, and now it takes me no effort at all to get value for money, because it's what I do constantly. It's second nature.

My shop last night at Tesco was £11.69. By buying mainly reduced yellow sticker items I was able to cut my bill by half. Original price was £22.70. I bought no junk, no biscuits, cake, or treats, just lots of good healthy fruit and veg, so I am well chuffed with that. I was there at the right time, and I hovered around the lady with the ticket machine as she marked things down. I'm sure she must be fed up with people who look over her shoulder when she is trying to do her job, but I'm afraid she will have to put up with me, because that's how I shop. I want the best food for the least amount of money I can get it for.

As a result of my persistant scrimping I can watch my bank balance slowly increase, to give me a tidy little sum to spend on what gives me pleasure. I can see a holiday on the horizon towards the end of June, and some days out before that.

Anyway, you have a good weekend, whatever you are doing. I'll pop back later. Toodle pip.


  1. Morning Ilona, glad you are well. I just stopped by while taking a break from decorating my wagon. Paint is pricey, but I am definitely learning from you about foodstuffs.
    Hope the cat gets better.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. It's a lovely day here too - I'm just cooling off for a bit after working in the garden. I've been trying to feed 3 of us ( me, hubby and nearly 17 year old daughter) for £100 per month for the last 4 months. I've gone a bit over each month, but at the end of 13 weeks it averaged £1.26 per person per day which I was really pleased with, as I see lots of people spending £100 per week. We've eaten well too as I cook from scratch and bake.

  3. Hi Ilona I too try and buy yellow sticker items, but I have noticed at Morrisons where reduced veg and fruit used to be 15p and 25p they are now 49p or more. I think they have cottoned on to more and more people buying reduced items and are uping the prices. I noticed their bread used to be reduced at around 50p but now it's 90p or a £1. It's abit mean because isn't it best to sell it at a low price than end up throwing it all away. Kind regards Jean

  4. My family laugh when I come home with the bargains, but they all benefit and I add to their freezer supplies and stock cupboards. I bought some lovely walnut bread x 5 last week for 10p a loaf, also 5 crusty farmhouse bread also for 10p. I use approved food website, the dog is enjoying some waitrose food £2.49 for 24 satchets. Its easy to get carried away on these sites, but they are a good way to save money if you only buy what you know you use regularly.

  5. Did a party last night for a few friends on yellow stickers. Cost me £15 to feed six people (including a £4.99 bottle of wine - not bad). I decided to be loud and proud and tell everyone the cost of the food and they were amazed. They wanted to know what time to go and get these bargains! Anyway I did a tot up for May and I have spent £140 for the month for a family of 4. I wonder if I can get that even cheaper? I do the yellow sticker sections first then I do a second lap to get the other things I need. I'm always so polite and chatty to the assistants because I see so many people being grabby and rude. It pays off because there is a man who always passes me the 9p bargains and says how many do you want? He once came up behind me whilst I was having a nosey at the bent tins and whispered "do you want some 5p garlic bread?" like he was offering me drugs! I did chuckle.