Saturday, 19 May 2012

Meeting Matt and Nicole

The weather wasn't too good today, a bit chilly, but at least it didn't rain on us. We managed to find each other in a very busy Tesco car park, and Matt and Nicole followed me in their hire car back to my village. We have a small cafe in the High Street which has recently been taken over by new owners, it seemed a good opportunity to check it out with my guests. Actually, the truth was I couldn't be bothered to cook lunch, and I wanted to be nosy and see what the cafe was like. It isn't a greasey spoon type cafe, in fact they spell it with a double eff so I suppose that makes it a posh caffe. The food was very nice, a treat paid for by Matt. Thanks Matt.

I had two or three ideas of what we could do, we opted to go for a walk along the hills above the river to Alkborough. I have posted about this place before, it's one of my favourite walks. There is a turf maze there, and they both had fun walking the whole distance, eventually ending up in the middle.

Round and.....

round they went.

I'm sure we have been this way before. No we haven't keep going. Eventually they did get to the middle.

Little Rocky came too, he enjoyed his extra long walk.

Lo and behold, who should turn up with his two black labs was my friend Paul and Ollie and Alfie. A nice coincidence, and time for a chat.

And here are the happy couple, you couldn't wish to meet nicer people. We chattered the whole time, it was lovely to hear about their lives in New Zealand.

To Matt and Nicole, I hope the rest of your holiday is brilliant and you have a fantastic time. It was great meeting you and I am so chuffed that you made time for me. Safe travelling.


  1. How nice that you were able to meet up. Have been following Matt's trip, enjoying reading about his travels

  2. I want a labyrinth in my yard! I have just the rock to put in the middle for meditation. Did someone mow that different heights to get the path? Playing with black Labs is one of my favorite things to do! They are so smart. My friend's two labs made up games and taught them to people walking by the fenced yard. Amazing animals.

  3. Lovely to see Rocky again - glad you had a good meet up - Molly x

  4. Rocky is so cute. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  5. Rocky is a nice dog and looks very happy when he is with you. Glad you had a good day with Matt & Nichole.

  6. What a nice experience for you - hands across the sea and all that. Glad you took 'your' dog too.
    I had a reply from you MQ about my post re earning money online, it appeared in my inbox, but not on the blog - don't know where it's gone ! If you get a minute could you repost please ? I wanted to comment on a couple of points you raised - thank you.

  7. Ain't technology wonderful. People from across the world meeting on the bloggisphere and then meeting up in real life. So glad you all had a good time.
    Love from Mum

  8. That's a labyrinth Ilona, you ponder your question as you make your way to the centre and the answer will come to you, as you make your way out again. We have one here in Glastonbury (bet that doesn't surprise you LOL).

  9. A turf maze sounds like a lot of do the dogs. I just have such a soft spot for dogs.


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