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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A three day veg curry

Hello. A very quick post tonight, I've been getting things ready for our stall at the village fete on Saturday. A good opportunity to de clutter so I've been going through my drawers and cupboards getting anything out that I don't want, and pricing it up. Sue re homed a cat this week, a lady rang up, her cat had recently died and she was feeling lost and lonely without one. Luckily we had the right one for her. 
I've made a big pan of veg curry and rice tonight, enough for three days. I'm getting a bit fed up of cooking so this will keep me going with some time off out of the kitchen. Onions and carrots, and a big tin (50p) of mixed beans. 
Time to get off my bum and walk the pooch, then cat sitting and tele watching. It's all go here. Catch you soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Lovely looking curry. I hope you're watching Ch5 - Psycho Pussies - when cats attack. We have a tamed ex-feral cat - she's a bit vicious at times but nowhere near as bad as some of these kitties!!

  2. Hope the sale goes well!
    What a blessing to the lonely lady, a new friend to love!
    Wondering does the texture of canned veggies bother you?
    Frozen seems so much better, but is so much more expensive.

  3. Hello.Very nice to hear the lady now will not be so lonely and another kitty has found a good home.Your meal looks delicious,inspires me to try using curry more instead of the same old herbs and seasonings I use.Good luck tomorrow and here's hoping you make a lot of sales,it sounds like a lovely,busy day and I hope you have good weather for it.Warm regards,D.


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