Saturday, 6 June 2015

Don't get in a flap.....make flapjacks

Hello. It's been a dry and sunny day here today, even though it was a bit windy. I ran up a couple of shopping bags after breakfast, this fabric came from the Scrapstore. The colour isn't quite right on the pics, the flowers are more orangey on a brown background. 
I did a quick dash to town this morning, needed to go to the bank and pick up a few items of shopping. The Salvation Army were playing in the outdoor shopping centre. Not many of them but they were giving it their all.

I fancied having a go at making flapjacks, one of my favourite snacks. Some of them can be quite expensive to buy. I used to get them from Holland and Barrett, but changed to B & M when I found some small ones for 19p each. I don't buy them very often, I class them as a treat due to the amount of sugar in them.

So I goooglied 'Flapjacks made in a microwave', and found several sites. They are all more or less the same, basically melt the butter/marg, sugar, and golden syrup in a bowl, for one minute, add oats, and any other nuts, seeds or dried fruit you like. Stir it all together and microwave for 5 minutes. I put a chopped banana in mine. Sorry I can't tell you the quantities, I make it up. A dollop of olive spread, about two teaspoons of white sugar, give or take a few grains, and a glug of runny honey, I don't buy golden syrup.

I used the mini chopper to make the dry mix. Sultanas, cranberries, tropical fruit mix, prunes, almonds, peanuts, brazil nuts, and mixed seeds. I also put the porridge oats in with it so it was finely ground.

Mix the two together in the bowl and put it into an oblong baking pan lined with foil. Press well down with a wooden spoon. Leave it to cool and put it in the fridge. 
And there you go, ten fruity flapjacks. They are quite moist and chewy which I like, and they didn't fall apart when I cut them up. I think I could have probably got away with slightly less sugar due to the high fruit content. Yes, I will definitely be making these again, and experimenting with different ingredients.

I've had the works for dinner tonight. As you can see, plenty of veg and salad. Spinach, potatoes, carrots, radishes, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, and a quarter of a quiche. Yes, I did manage to eat it all, it was marvelous. 
Rocky says thank you all for your good wishes. I gave him a haircut, he was too hot in the sun yesterday. He looks a right cutie, and probably feels more comfortable now his shaggy mop has gone. 
Thanks for popping in. Got some more rambling coming up. I know, I ramble on enough here, no, I mean rambling with the legs, ha ha. Catch you later.
Toodle pip


  1. I make homemade flapjacks from my 1960's school cookery book. I will definitely try your recipe. Looks good. Natalie

  2. Rocky looks very handsome with his new haircut. Jane from Cornwall.

  3. Interesting! You are calling these flapjacks but a flapjack in the US is a pancake. What you made looks more like a granola bar/fruit bar/energy bar to me.

  4. Wow, you have banks that open on a saturday? Not round here and one branch is now also shut on Thursdays too.
    Flapjacks look good -though not a favourite of mine.
    Look forward to your next rambling photos

    1. Ours open until lunchtime on Saturday. I feel sorry for the folk in areas whose banks have closed, particularly those with no transport or the elderley or disabled. In the past such rural villages would at least have had a post office but that often isn't the case nowadays!

  5. I think everyone feels better after a hair cut, well as long its not cut too short, my little dog would hide in shame for a few days after I took the scissors to him,
    your Flap Jacks sound great and I think I should give them a go!
    Lovely healthy supper too!

  6. That is a lovely photo of Rocky . Glad he is better .

  7. Dinner and flapjacks look and sound delicious!

  8. Rocky looks ready for summer, and the flapjacks sound delicious.

  9. Rocky looks gorgeous! Hope the rambling goes well, looking forward to hearing all about it.

  10. Hi,the flapjacks look yummy and little Rocky looks adorable.Hope his old joints are feeling less painfull.So glad that you are there to ensure that he has the best quality of life possible.He deserves the best and you give it to him so willingly.Hope the additional meds help relieve the pain.Does he lick his paws because dogs tend to lick where they have pain.Otherwise,mobility may be difficult but that's obviously managed well by you with his buggy and short 'sniff and strolls'.All the best.Jan.

  11. Great idea, home made müslei bars/flap jacks! That will let you contol the amount of sugar to oats (I l like mine quite "oat-filled" and that can be hard to find).

  12. Rocky looks very neat and tidy, and I bet he's a lot cooler too :-)

    Flapjacks are so easy aren't they and yet not many folk bother to make their own, when it's just for yourself you can be very hit and miss with measurements and it doesn't even matter if they fall to bits when you bite into them if no one's watching, and anyway I've always got willing doggy helpers to hoover up any crumbs I drop.

  13. Your flapjacks look lovely. I wish my girls liked them but if I make them it will be me greedily eating them all so I only cook what they like. :0)

  14. I would absolutely love one of your bags, they are lovely! I'll note the flapjack recipe in my book and try them at the weekend, I love your food ideas, making it up as you go along, always the best way x

  15. Rocky is such a handsome chap :-)
    Flapjacks look yummy.


  16. Dear Iona,

    Crying while writing to you. I appreciate you so much, your life, your daily tidbits, happiness. I use to have a blog, haven't updated in a long time. You made me realize I can do it. See I have been married to many years. I have had two long term marriages, the first 8 years, I left due to physical abuse. Now the second married 17 years. Have taken care of the kids, bake, cook from scratch, make my own cleaners and happiness. Have taken care of him for years when he was sick, moved twice for him ( across the country for marriage first time), second when he got sprayed at work for industrial accident for new job. I want no sympathy as that is what you do when you are a team, or family, help and love each other. Never realized I always made excuses for him, he was tired, overworked, picked on, sick etc. I am not trying to be a victim or put him down if we are no longer going to be together, but.... I worked hard to pay off his debt when first married, put money down on the house, fixed it up to sell and took care of kids when he moved ahead for job. Now we have been married 17 years, I bought another home with childhood stocks to be debt free near his work as he commuted and only came home on weekends for year. The houses were too expensive to move, he didn't know if he like job etc for us to have two mortgages. Opportunity came, with his approval we bought the house, beautiful but a fixer upper. Right after we bought, he freaked out ( I know and others think he is undiagnosed bipolar/narcassistic, he is addicted to internet, over counter pills and tried to get him help, get him to Dr. in his mind nothing is wrong with him it is me.). So now he is living at new home, I am here trying to take care of kids, budget, taxes, pantry stocking, cooking, baking, produce auctions, canning, gardening, and trying to figure out how to repair this house to sell new one all while he "works" 8 hours, I send food up with him, he does nothing except bring home milk and a few groceries on weekends. Now he has internet at other house, hides his things, is always talking to someone, screaming at me, and is pushing for fast divorce with both houses undone. I have been a stay at home, saving us double our salary for years by doing the above. With you I realize if you can do it and be happy, build a shed, and all I can do. THANK you, my inspiration. Any advice, prayers or thoughts would be appreciated.


    Angel ( Angel Mama)

  17. Hi,Iona.Those are lovely bags you've made,your always productive!Rocky,is looking so spiffy with the new haircut,hope the meds are doing their job.Most dogs can be very stoic re:pain and I'm sure you watch that he doesn't over-do,lucky boy to have you.Looking forward to the "bimble" read ahead,bye for now,D.