Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Shelter from the wind.

Had to drop this one in here. Made me laugh. 

More Scotland later. ilona


  1. Lol,brilliant!!.What are the chances of having been there just at that moment!.I love frogs and used to have to rescue them from my daughters awning when we both had caravans.Her ex husband was terrified of them!Your little straw dog is lovely too.xx

  2. Nice one!
    Keep safe from the wind..we've got the strongest of the storm at the moment in Ayrshire...its coming your way.

  3. So pleased the frog is playing hide a seek.
    Keep out of the wind Ilona it you can.
    Love, Hazel c uk

  4. The frog is smiling. He knows he's safe in your garden. What a great shelter from the wind.

  5. Hahahahaha hide and seek... Behind the lovely flower! :)

  6. Hey i love that stick animal ive seen it in other pics of ur garden i thought you were juat taking a pic of that at first lol


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