Thursday, 11 April 2019

Struggling on with sick computers.

I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment. Small computer really really slow, receiving updates but now I can't upload pics from the camera on to there. Big computer not receiving updates, noisy fan, have to turn off monitor by removing plug from mains, but works at a reasonable speed and can upload pics. It will all come right in the end, probably when I buy a new computer.

In the meantime some pics from Angela's camera, sent via Facebook Messenger.

In her kitchen.

I was on the Radio this morning, they rang me to chat about second hand clothes. Owain the weather man has been standing in this week for James Piekos who is on holiday. He is a lovely chap, very chatty, and a brilliant drummer. Here is a little video of him. The weather forecast is never boring when Owain is about. He even brightens the day up when it's raining.

Just for Jean because she didn't find the spooky weather forecast funny. . Owain drumming.

 Going to switch off now, need to walk away from it. Toodlepip. ilona


  1. I only watched it as I thought there'd be some drumming. It was more like children's television. If you like drumming have you listened to Earthquake (drums/percussion) it's brilliant and builds up into a stunning piece. It's by Andries de Haan and on Yooooo Tuuuube. 3 minutes of drumming at it's best. If you're not up and dancing by the end I'll eat my hat! I play this for some creative motivation before I start work in my studio. Best listened to with earphones.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind permission to share the Preston Road/Hull photos! Here's my post about it:

  3. I sympathize - i's been two weeks of computer "issues" at the office and it is very frustrating! Hope you get it sorted.

  4. You might want to consider a chromebook if you need a new device. Of course check with blogger friends that it does the job with blogspot uploading etc. I checked currys and they have some 32 gig ones for 200 pounds. I have one the acer 15 and it does fine for internet stuff. Currently have 15 browsers open and it is good. If you get a lesser spec one it is fine but you need to shut down windows. I expect the is TMI (too much info) but I hate for you to go and pay 500 quid for a windows PC that is still a cluncker if you do not need it.

  5. Computer problems are fine if you don't mind forking out for the repairs etc. I've just had to buy the virus protection for mine, I really begrudge the spend but can't do without it.

  6. I didn't realise that your picture was so big; it looks really lovely!
    On the laptop front, I bought my laptop almost 4 years ago via ebay; 2nd hand reconditioned. It cost me £58, loaded up already with windows7 and it's like an old work horse - slow but steady & reliable! Would always recommend going for 2nd hand.

  7. Thank you for the drumming clip. I don't think we're quite on the same page though regarding percussion, I take it you hadn't listened to the piece I recommended before posting your drumming clip? Banging along on snare drums to a pop record isn't really on the same page at all! Still, each to their own. Have a splendid weekend.


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