Saturday, 4 July 2020

A walk on the wild side

Hello. It was a bit windy yesterday. If I want to make a video outdoors it is often impossible because the camera picks up the wind noise. I thought I would give it a go on the other side of a hedge alongside a field. It might give me enough shelter, and it did, until near the end when I walked out onto the track and found the wind still raging. Please be aware that the last few minutes are me shouting over the noise. I really ought to be getting some new equipment so I can make better videos. 
It's still a bit windy today, I might go out, haven't made my mind up yet. 
Have a happy Saturday everyone. Toodle pip.  ilona 


  1. Happy Saturday, Ilona! Peace~ Andrea xoxo

  2. My small but very important achievement today was cancelling my direct debit for the tv licence fee. I did this for two reasons: firstly, the BBC are biased in reporting (my opinion) and certainly shielded Jimmy Savile and possibly others. Secondly, the money saved will pay for my car tax for the year. The first reason was more important to me. I know that this is irrelevant to your post today Ilona but I just wanted to share my 'victory'!

  3. Your video came through well here in GA, USA. I saw the wild plant, Queen Anne's Lace I think on the right of the screen as you were leaving the hedge area. I live on a cattle farm, so this pile of horse "fertilizer" is like gold to spread on pastures. How far (miles) is this area from where you live. ? Keep the blog coming. I enjoy you. Mary Ann Cauthen

    1. It's a mile outside my village. Plenty of open space walking here. I do a circular walk of 5.5 miles.


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