Saturday, 11 May 2013

Getting their kit off

I'm a wee bit late tonight, due to the fact that I have been to the theatre. I didn't post earlier because I didn't think you'd want to know about the humdrum day I've had doing mundane things. Well delivering Parish Newsletters isn't interesting is it, traipsing around a village, shoving them through letterboxes, getting my fingers trapped by springs that attack you with a vengeance. And why they design them with brushes that crumple anything you care to push through them I'll never know. Also beware the double flaps, one on the outside and one on the inside, both with springs that will take your skin off. Why can't a letter box be of a universal design, a simple hole in the door with a simple flap, at about head height, instead of  three inches from the ground. Anyway, me and Helen got round the whole lot in double quick time with me helping her.
I won't bother telling you about my afternoon bimbling around Tesco, it was pretty mundane. I went because I needed fuel in my car, and Tesco is the only place I feel safe sticking my credit card in their machine. I read somewhere that some garages of dubious ownership manned by dubious staff, were caught using doctored machines to fleece customers of their card details including pin numbers. I prefer to use supermarket filling stations as I think they are more stringent in their staff selection process. Can't be too carefull.
I had a £4 off voucher for a £30 spend, so I stocked up on a few cupboard and freezer items. They had an offer on Felix pouches so I bought a big box of those, and frozen Quorn sausages and burgers are on offer, I like to keep a few of those in. I was a bit early for the final markdown on the yellow stickers, but I got a few items from the veg department with the second mark down so saved a few bob there.  
Anyway, I digress, you don't want to hear about my boring day. The Plowright Theatre is so called after the actress Joan Plowright, born in Brigg,  North Lincolnshire, she married Laurence Olivier in 1961.  
I loved the film Calendar Girls, and Appleby Frodingham Theatrical Society gave a very entertaining performance tonight. Did they strip off? Yes they did, I laughed out loud when one of them held two buns in front of her chesticles, boy was it funny. The performance was first class, it made a nice change from staying in and watching something on a catch up channel.
It's late, I'm off to bed. Goodnight.


  1. Your trip to the theatre certainly sounds lovely, and a nice night out, as well it should be. I am happy you enjoyed it. I have been ill for over a week, so staying in and out of crowds. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. From Danneke. So pleased you enjoyed the production Ilona, I saw the play at the theatre in Leeds with Linda Bellingham and the original cast some years ago and it was fantastic and all for a well worth cause at that time. Looks as tho I am going to be confined to barracks for a while, I have to have a hip replacement done any day now, according to the x/ray the head of the femur has gone right through the hip bone causing all the nasty pain and walking problems I am having. That means no driving for weeks after the op, not easy when one lives alone, I think I will be crawling up the wall. Sorry you didnt get many yellow stickers at Tesco, I can never find anything in Sainsbury's, I think the staff might be first in the queue there. A bit dull and overcast here in Scarborough today but hopefully it will blow over soon and sun will come out. We are having a lot of day trippers come to town now and its awful seeing them huddled together sitting on the beach watching the kiddywinks playing in the sands. I loved your last big walk by the way. Have a good day.

  3. Hi Ilona, I saw that movie (Helen Mirren right?) and it was great. I'm sure the play was good too. It's so different to actually see a live performance. Too bad about not getting any yellow sticker bargains. I always love to see what you got on sale. I live vicariously through you at these supermarket trips where you get all the marked down prices. Today is Mother's Day here in the US and my lovely family is taking me out to breakfast. It's a rainy day here but who cares? We'll be inside and having something nice to eat.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  4. I am in the cast of our version of Calendar Girls here in Sutton-On-Sea opening in June. We are having an amusing time sitting in the audience checking all possible views to ensure decency! After 10 weeks of rehearsal the buns are a little stale.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your theatre trip.
    The letter boxes have springs and brushes to help keep the draft out.

  6. I have the DVD of Calendar Girls and I watch it over and over. It is such an inspiring story. Also love Joan Plowright and any film she is in!

  7. I, too, love Calendar Girls. The name Joan Plowright rang a bell, so after doing some research realized she's an actress I've always admired. I learn a lot from reading your blog, Ilona :-). Enjoy your posts very much. Martha from Kansas

  8. Ruth here. As it happens, i love hearing about your boring days-especially your bargains, food and pets!


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