Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Barking up the wrong tree.

One of our Crafty Club ladies brought in a bag of what looked to be tree bark, a few weeks ago. It wasn't from a real tree, it is imitation bark. Not sure what it is made of. I took a piece to play with, I could make something with that.  
I drilled holes in it and passed shades of green wool through it, securing it at the back, and fraying it at the front. 
Then I found some tiny flowers which came in a parcel from a kind reader, I threaded cotton and a bead through the middle of them and passed the needle through more drilled holes and secured them at the back.

To finish it off I cut a piece of green felt and stuck it to the bottom.

 And covered the messy back with another piece of felt.

A nice ornament to display on a shelf. A little bit of nature inside. I think something similar could be made with real wood.

Moving on, I've got other projects on the go.  ilona


  1. This looks stunning, well done !

  2. I think that is absolutely fantastic: it really looks 'woodland'.

  3. Through the park where I walk my Daughters dogs,you see amazing pieces of wood very much like this and I have brought a couple home with me to stand on my wall unit with tiny clear fairy lights attached to them.I think I will add some small flowers to them because yours look really colourful.xx

  4. Your tree bark has brought back memories from when I did flower arranging and I am so pleased I brought lots for bark back when I moved recently one piece was quite big and had a a price of 14p on the back (this was in about 1886). I look forward to what you will have in next.
    Hazel c uk

  5. WOW. Yet again Ilona makes something fun and colourful to enjoy out of old rubbish.

  6. Thanks Ilona for your lovely comment on my blog i pressed the publish button and its disappeared just to let you know i ave not ignored it , Eileen

  7. Such a clever idea, it looks great.

  8. Another wonderful creation!


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