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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

If you go down in the woods today

There was a job that needed doing yesterday, so I got off my bum and did it. Our lovely woods, which at the moment are looking a bit bare and bleak, have been trashed by a gang of yoofs, and turned into a rubbish dump. I think they must have been having a party, bottles and cans everywhere, what a mess. I hate to see it like this. They have no respect at all for our countryside.
They had a bonfire, the charred remains look awfull.
I found a garden spade without a handle, must have used it to dig up this tree to put on the fire.
They have chopped down quite a few young trees. How upsetting to see the destruction. I have no problem with people using the woods for recreational purposes, but why can't they tidy up and take their rubbish with them. And why do they have to destroy and flatten everything in their way. I do despair sometimes. There will be nothing left for future generations to enjoy.  
It took me two hours to pick up all the mess, and carry four heavy bags up the steps to the top. I counted 50 small green beer bottles, plus loads more bottles, and lots of cans. There was aerosols, evidence of substance abuse, and food wrappings. I have left them at the end of the allyway near the posh houses, someone else can deal with it now. The council bin man will probably pick them up next week when he comes to empty the dog bins. If somebody wants them moved before then, they can ring the council. 
This was a lunch from last week, didn't get round to posting the pic. Raw mushrooms, beetroot, potato salad, cheese, and Italian five cheese ravioli, reduced on a yellow sticker of course. Very nice.
Last night my favourite dinner, steamed sprouts, brocolli, carrots, and potatoes. Delish.
Looks like the makings of a nice day, better get my skates on and get out there, best not waste it.
Toodle pip.


  1. You are such a good and caring person to clean up the mess left behind by these yoofs.
    Can't the bottles/cans be recycled?
    I too worry about what the world will be like after we are gone.

  2. Delish food ! Maybe contact the police about the vandalism in the woods, it is not legal for people to do that - maybe the cops could keep a bit better of an eye on those areas. Great clean-up Ilona !

  3. Hello Ilona from House fairy
    People can be so selfish.Think of themselves first. Shame no one passing wanted to help in the clear up. You have a kind heart looking after the woods like that.

    In my town the people doing community service have to ware a yellow jacket and get given a bin bag and rubbish grabber stick. You often see them wondering around cleaning up the area.

    your dinners look healthy. I do not think I would eat raw mushrooms, I like mine cooked.

    Take care.

  4. I don't think I could get excited about your plate of veggies, Ilona - I really don't like qsprouts for a start! - but your ravioli dinner looks lovely. We're having sausages, baked potatoes and salads tonight...I'm really looking forward to it!

  5. I applaud your clean up after those who have no sense or responsibility. Without people like you the whole world could become a trash dump.
    XO Jeanne

  6. Good job on the massive clean-up. I feel the same way about abuse of the landscape.
    Glad you can get out in good weather today! Here it is gloomy and raw, with slush falling from the sky. Maybe I should make a massive clean-up effort in my own little hut!

  7. What's wrong with the young people today? They are young and should have spent their time cleaning up the woods, not messing them up. I am always amazed at the selfishness shown by the young.

  8. Good for you Ilona. You cleared up behind the mindless few, who have never been taught any values.Ours at the moment is dog mess, that is either on the pavement, or our front lawn. As my husband has won a prize 3 years running, Winchester in Bloom, you would think people would just enjoy looking at the hard work that has gone into making the place enjoyable, for everyone. Those trees, how many years has it taken to get to that stage. It beggars belief doesn`t it. Well done Ilona for the hard work you had to do, for everyone to enjoy that wood again.
    Patricia Brambley

  9. Patricia Brambley here.
    Sorry Ilona, just read your previous blog, hope you managed to read my comment before zapping it. Will remember to add name before comment in future.
    Patricia Brambley

  10. Good on you for cleaning up that mess. I can't stand people who have no respect for their environment,selfish scumbags! That ravioli dinner looks lovely, I'm addicted to raw mushrooms, too! x

  11. It's a good job there are people like you out there to help keep things tidy and nice for everyone. Well done you :-) if I lived closer id have come to help :-) bit of a trek from Sheffield tho x

  12. Little sh***. Bring back the stocks!
    Love from Mum

  13. Ruth here Ilona.
    Your steamed veggies look lovely. Do yo steam them all together?

  14. Hello Ruth. Yes, I put them in one of those unbrella type baskety things, which fit into an ordinary large saucepan, and put a couple of inches of water in the bottom. Only one pan to wash.

    The police moved the yoofs out of the church yard because everyone was complaining about the mess they left behind. Now they have taken to the woods, so I suppose the police should be informed again. To be honest, I think the parents should take more responsibility for what their offspring are doing. I don't hink half of them care very much, as long as they are out of the house and not bothering them.

    Yes, the glass bottles can be recycled, also the cans, but I don't see why I should be the one to sort them out.

    If anyone is interested, the wood belongs to Lord Sheffield, father in law of the Prime Minister. Maybe I should write to Sam to come and clean it up :o)

  15. Nice work Ilona. Good to see that someone still cares about the world!

  16. Your community are very lucky that you take such pride in your village and surrounding area. It's a pity the police can't make parents clear up after their little darlings. After all, they caused the problem in the first place by not teaching them how to behave. They would soon want to know where they are, and what they are getting up to. If the parents of these little b**g**s were made to compensate with either time and effort or hard cash, things would improve.
    Sorry, rant over but this sort of mindless behaviour makes my blood boil.;)

  17. Ruth here.
    Well done on clearing up the mess. If i lived in your village, you could knock my door and i would help you clear up eyesores like that.
    Ruth x

  18. Well done on the clean up Ilona we have the same in my area it really gets me down. I can't even blame youths there are TV and old beds to name but some in our woods. I have a feeling its adults that are doing this shame on them.

  19. Hi there Debbie here. Was just about to write what Fiona said. Its not really young people that are causing the problem around by us. Its fly tipping, mattresses and household junk. As our recycling centre is in fact an excellent and easy to use facility it's a bit of a moronic thing to do. Thank you for caring about your area. I wish I was there to help you.

  20. Perhaps the yoofs were making a statement if the land belongs to sam cams family, good for you clearing it up though.


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