Sunday, 13 September 2015

Off we go to North Norfolk

Good morning, and it is a good one, the sun is shining. I had a mixture of weather for my hols, thankfully no heavy rain, just a couple of days of mizzle, a bit windy and drizzly. There was sun as well so I had my shorts on every day. I've just totted up the miles walked, it works out as 67 in total. It was going to be four days of walking, but I cut it to three and a half, and had a couple of bus rides to fill the gap. According to the YHA site there is 17 miles between the hostels. It seemed like further and so it was, I think they must be using main road miles. Hunstanton to Wells was 22 by the coastal path, and coming back along mainly tarmac roads was 20. Wells to Sheringham was 17 and the half day Sheringham to Holt was 8 miles. I'm pretty pleased with that total. Driving miles from home to Hunstanton, Hunstanton to Martham near Yarmouth, and back home was 350. 
So let's start at the beginning. I left home on Sunday morning and had a couple of places in mind to visit on the way there. Castle Rising is a few miles north of Kings Lynn, not far from the main A149 road. Built in 1140 AD, it is in beautifully maintained grounds close to the village. Car parking is free, there is a reception building with a gift shop where you pay to enter. £3.30 for seniors. Walk over a wooden bridge and through the archway. A link to the Castle Rising web site.   
Then it's a pleasant walk around the perimeter with views to all sides. The re enactment crowd were there for the weekend, giving an insight into the clothing and lifestyle from that era.

The back view of the castle.

There is no grand entrance, just an ordinary door at the corner of the building and up some stone steps.Plenty of walkways and rooms to explore.

You can see here how thick the walls were built in those days.
There are steps up to the higher levels.

I think battle is about to commence. They all came out of their tents, heaven knows how they managed to walk in those heavy metal costumes, never mind fight the enemy.  
A bit of sword practice going on here.

A little bimble into the village, lots of quaint cottages like this to look at.

My next plan was to take a look at the Sandringham Estate, web site here, would be nice to see where Her Majesty hangs out. I found the car park next to the Visitor Centre and picked up a leaflet with a map at the shop. The main entrance to the house and grounds is close by, with ladies waiting to relieve you of some spondoolies. I did not feel .like paying £8 when I only had about an hour left to spare, so sadly I did not get to see the house. 
The church however is a few minutes walk away, and free, so at least I could see where the Royal Family have their Christmas service. Of course it's immaculate, inside and out. 
The silver alter is beautifully polished.

The ceiling is magnificent. Link to the church of St Mary Magdalene here. 

Time to move on and get myself to Hunstanton. Hilary, one of our lovely readers came to meet me, and we had a walk along the sea front and enjoyed a drink and donuts in the sunshine. We had a right good natter, it was great to meet her. She gave me some lovely hand made gifts, a perfumed gingham heart, a needle case, and a specs case. Thank you Hilary, I love them. 
Time to check in at the hostel. This is not a YHA hostel though you can book it through the web site. It is now independently owned. I was sharing a four bedded room with two young German girls, which was good fun.They chatted on in their own language but was able to speak enough English to understand me.

There was time for a stroll along the promenade before bed time, and watch the sun go down. This is the only town on the east coast which faces west, so the sun sets over the sea. It was just beautiful. The promenade was busy with holiday makers, all watching and waiting and taking photo's.

A good start to the holiday, tomorrow is walking to Wells Next the Sea along the coastal path, wonder what that will bring. Back tomorrow with the next installment. Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip.


  1. Oh my gosh! Absolutely beautiful! Sweet gifts from Hillary, too.
    Ilona ... Can you tell me what time the sunset was?

  2. Lovely photos Ilona and so pleased you enjoyed Norfolk. Might be worth checking some of the campsites for next year as this would be a good area to take Rocky as nice and flat for his buggy. I believe there is even an independant hostel which allows dogs and has a campsite too. Kristel

  3. Beautiful, it looks like you had a lovely time. You find some fantastic places to visit xx

  4. Hi, glad you enjoyed your holiday. the pictures of Castle Rising took me back to when I was part of an English Civil War re-enacting group and we did a re-enactment there. I was thinking about you and the weather. Sorry couldn't meet up but everything went ok.

    Pat in Norwich

  5. Hi Ilona,
    Glad you made it back OK. Hope you enjoyed North Norfolk. I love it here, have lived here about 5 years and cant imagine living any where else but who knows. Glad you liked the pressies. A friend and I do a craft fair every so often and these are some of the things I make.
    North Norfolk is very dog friendly, the camp sites love them and you can go in most of the pubs with dogs.
    Let me know if you are coming back this way so we can meet up again.

  6. Gosh, that was a long way to walk between hostels wasn't it, they obviously didn't' take all the twists and turns into consideration when measuring the mileage. Glad you got a couple of bus rides anyway, that backpack was rather heavy!

    1. I don't know how she does it!

  7. What a terrific start to your holiday: nice weather, meeting a new friend and lovely sites to see! Can't wait to see more.

  8. Loved seeing all the lovely photos including that nice one of you and Hilary. Can't wait to hear about your walk along the coastal path and more photos.

    Take care.

  9. What a wonderful day to start with!

  10. What a lovely start to your holiday. Castle Rising is interesting and certainly very old. Great that you were able to see some of the reenactment.

    The Sandringham church is so elegant and ornate inside, not at all what you'd expect looking at the exterior.

    That's great that you were able to meet up with Hilary. And what a gorgeous sunset.

  11. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Great pictures. I almost feel like I am there! Looking forward to the next part of the journey.
    I missed your posts while you were away. Cheers. Joinoz

  12. Hi.The overall distance you covered walking is amazing and always inspires.How nice to meet up with Hillary,too.Beautiful photos of grand old buildings and mother nature at her finest.Thank you for sharing them and the info,it was enjoyed very much.The history and beauty of your country continues to impress me.Bye for now,D.


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