Monday, 7 June 2010

The mines of Botallack

The day after. Not so far to drive today, but I must get off earlyish because I want to meet Brianna at her place in Hale. I was in her kitchen having a cup of tea with her and her family at 9.30am. First we went a short walk from her house, she is lucky that she has fantastic views on her doorstep. Time for a photo or two.

I have just added this one, Brianna set the timer and took it with her camera, clever eh :o)

Then we came back and set off in her car. I have been reading about the old tin mines at Botallack and thought this would be a good place to visit. I was right, it was fascinating.

It is situated in the St Just Mining District, one of the most ancient hard-rock tin and copper mining areas in Cornwall. Most of the principal sites lie within a spectacular coastal belt of 3.5 miles long and 1.25 miles wide. Some of the shafts have been drilled so deep they level out underneath the ocean bed.

It's very peacefull here now but at the peak of mining the cliff tops would have reverberated with noise of crushing machinery and the bustle of miners going about their daily tasks. Mining was the life blood of the St Just area and hundreds of families depended on this ancient industry.

These are the Crowns engine houses built on the cliff edge.

In the distance is Pendeen Lighthouse. Time was getting on so I didn't think we had time to walk there.

I love watching the sea crashing down on the rocks, the colours are beautiful.

As we headed back in the car we made a short diversion to Pendeen to see the lighthouse. Sadly it was not open to the public, but our treat was an ice cream from the van parked there. A smashing end to a great day. Thank you Brianna.

My next hop is to Lands End Hostel. Strangely it isn't at Lands End, but at St Just, not far from where we have just been. I checked in at 6.15pm. Lots of interesting people to talk to here, several that are about to attempt the long journey to John o Groats. A young 18 year old lad walking on his own, two young men cycling, and a bit older man on his moped. What a plucky lot they are.


  1. I am enjoying the pics thanks for sharing.

  2. What gorgeous scenery and how lovely to meet Frugal Queen. Your post title made me laugh, 'The meeting of Queens' lol.