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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Phew, it aint half hot mum :o)

Wow, it's been a hot one today, and I've been out in it, painting a fence. Remember my friend H, that's Helen to me and you, and Pack Leader when we are out walking dogs, ha ha. She has bought a house to rent out, and I have been helping her with the garden. Well she has only gone and found tenants, had the notice up in the window for two days, and Bob's your uncle, the people want to move in on the 19th. She will have to get her finger out, (get on with the job). The radiators have yet to be installed, the shower and bath has to be plumbed in, and the carpets laid. She's got her work cut out and can't afford to take a day off. Anyway, I didn't quite manage to do all the fence and will go back tomorrow to finish off. Then there's the other fence to paint and the garage door needs a coat as well. It's all go now, no slacking.
I haven't done any sewing today, but I have prepared a few more patches. Here are the big squares joined up. The next step is to put a border all the way around it in red. Then it will be a matter of adding more borders to it until I get it to the size I want, but I'm not sure what that is yet.   
The poor sunflowers looked a bit droopy when I got home, they are drinking a lot. First job was to water them, now the leaves have perked up a bit. It rained last night, but the garden soon dries out during the day in this heat.

I've started a new Food Diary today, the link is at the top. Thought I would resurrect it being as food prices are on everyone's mind these days. It's been two weeks since I did a Tesco Shop and I am finding I can get by with buying a few fresh items from wherever I happen to be passing, to top up. I passed Aldi on the way home this afternoon and called in for some fruit and veg. Spent £3.60. I buy on price as always, so whatever is the cheapest and best value is for me. I don't buy oranges because they aren't always sweet, and I don't like faffing around peeling them. I don't buy apples because they are too hard to chew. I bought peaches, grapes and bananas, and broccoli, must have lots of broccoli. I am going to update the diary every time I buy food. I will still be posting about my meals, although you might get bored with that, because they are mainly steamed vegetables. Tonight I had carrots, broad beans, swede, broccoli, courgette, spinach, with a quorn burger. Exciting eh! but delishus.
Toodle pip


  1. When I'm on my own I can eat really cheap. A tenner this week and that's included shell on prawns and ice cream treats x

  2. Oh my, painting goes SO slowly on a really hot day! I hope the paint dries properly. Fantastic that Helen found a tenant so quickly - hope all goes smoothly preparing :)

  3. Regarding your comment about 'Pull your finger out' - my daughter was talking to her husband about a walk and said (in broadest Lancashire) 'It's nobbut a cockstride' - meaning it's a very short walk. Mr B took it literally and felt verbally abused!

    One of her pals down the Mother and Baby clinic said that daughter's accent was just like Jane Horrocks (Bubble from Absolutely Fabulous) well, said daughter, it would... she used to play out on my street as her Auntie lived up at the top!

  4. I loved "It Ain't Half Hot,Mum" you remember the sheet folding scene?
    Jane x

  5. I really like those squares Ilona, simple but so, so effective, they are going to look brilliant when put together.
    It's b hot here as well, we did have a thunder storm this morning but its done nothing,I drip in this weather literally, its not nice, roll on the Autumn.


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