Friday, 4 March 2011

Everything's coming up roses

There are no snowdrops in my garden, but......there are a lot of roses, ha ha. Don't they look pretty. Carrying on with the theme of throwing perfectly good stuff away, look what I found in the church wheelie bin. Two bunches of artificial roses on short stalks tied up with wire and ribbon.

Brightens up my front garden a treat.


  1. They have brightened the garden up no end, what a shame to throw such things away x

  2. Well it's made me laugh anyway!
    We have a neighbour who wouldn't plant anything in his bare earth regardless how much he was cajoled, so a few of my other neighbours waited for him to goaway for a few days and filled his garden with all sorts of disguarded silk flowers, he seemed impressed as he left them there for a good few months!

  3. It made me laugh too. They look real in the pics ;-)

  4. Ah! you seem like the type of person I can take gardening advice from!