Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday - a day of bimbling

It's been nice weather today up here in my corner of North Lincolnshire. I could have done without losing the hour though, the day seems to have whizzed by rather quickly. Me and Henry met Karen and her four dogs on the hills this morning and they all had a romp about together, it was bedlam. On the village green we have a host of golden daffodils, and some anti social, brain dead, yob type imbecile, has broken some of the flowers off. They think it's funny to go around kicking them. So rather than leave them lying on the ground to wither and die, I picked them up and brought them home. They look pretty in my kitchen window sill.

There was some signs of movement inside this tent this morning. It was down the bank in the woods, at the place where I fished out all the rubbish the other day. Goodness knows how they managed to sleep last night, drunk probably. I wonder if they pitched it at the top of the bank and it slid down to the bottom during the night, ha ha, that would be funny.

I potted up some more seeds this afternoon, Henry was mooching around the garden. I think he must have disturbed my resident frog, as it suddenly appeared. Looks a bit fat I wonder if it's pregnant. I always have a few frogs, strange though because I don't have a pond. Perhaps they come out at night and take a dip in the frying pan/bird bath on the lawn.

Making a bid for freedom, lovely frog.

This afternoon me and Henry walked to Normanby Hall. He likes it there because they have a duck pond and he likes to jump in for a swim.

Just got to throw a few things in a bag and I'm ready for off. Don't forget to put the light out and lock up when you leave.


  1. There was a big hoo ha here in Dorset recently over some children picking daffodils in a local park. The police were called. Ever since I keep seeing lots of daffodils in various places around the area. Some people think the parents do not look after their children properly and some think its a step too far getting the police involved. Google it if you want to was national as well as local!!

  2. Daffodils are my favourite flower and I might even treat myself to an 89pence bunch when I first see them as it's heartening to see one of the first signs of Spring.

  3. We get that problem here too, with snapped off daffs everywhere. I have sen parents allow kids to pick them, they dont want to carry them, so they just throw them down, what a shame.

  4. can't wait to hear about your latest adventures. great pix here, as always!

  5. I could be wrong but I don't remember you saying you are going away, I hope you are ok :)