Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 5. Holmfirth to Barnsley

Hello. Here we are at Sid's Cafe in the heart of  'Last of the Summer Wine' country. They finished making the popular sit coms years ago, but they still live on in Holmfirth. It was one of my favourites and I still watch them on Yooootooob. The last time I was here they had a life size model of Compo stood outside the cafe, looks like that has gone now. 

Opposite the cafe is the church.

As I set off to head up the A635 Barnsley Road I came across a display of owls in a small park. Had to take a photo of this beauty. 
The snowy owl didn't want to look at the camera so the owner was trying to attract it's attention.

Nope, I don't want my picture taken, oh alright then, but I'm only showing you one eye.

The signs say it is a rescue, and they are asking for a suggested donation of £3. That's a bit cheeky I thought, a donation should be anything you can afford, or want to give.
Off I trundled, out of Holmfirth, through New Mill, coming off the main road to take a minor road through  Lane Head, then getting back on the main road through upper Cumberworth and Denby Dale. This is the viaduct that crosses the road at this point.

A bit further along the road I came off again to take a footpath into Cannon Hall Country Park. I sat down at the picnic tables and had a bit to eat, a bit of  quiche left over from last night. The place was very busy, the fine weather had brought everyone out for a day in the park.

I walked past the lake and out of the park into Cawthorne village. This old timbered building is a museum. No time to stop today.

Which way? Errr, left to Barnsley. 
Back on the main road, I marched pretty quickly. Only three miles to go. Someone must have been busy with a paint brush. They look nice don't they.

Coming into Barnsley I picked up some supplies at a Tesco Local store, not much in the way of yellow stickers. 

This building looks mighty impressive. 
It was a school, I wonder what it is now.

A reminder that Barnsley was at the heart of the coal mining industry.

Wow, this building is magnificent. I haven't been to Barnsley in many years, and even when I did come it was always to a concrete making plant with a load of cement, so I have never seen much of it.

Time was getting on and I needed to consult my maps and decide what my next move would be. It was 4.30pm still time to do another one and a half hours walking, but which direction? I found the bus station and used the conveniences, planning to sit down for ten minutes and study the next map. There was a few people about waiting for buses, and what did I see, a bus for Doncaster, and the driver was in it. I checked the time table, he was due out in five minutes. What did I do? In a split second decision, I got on it, ha ha. I was laughing my little socks off.

It wasn't the distance left to walk that influenced my decision, I could easily do another couple of days. It was the fact that I would find it very difficult to find a bed. Which ever way I walked out of Barnsley, and indeed beyond, I would be passing through villages with almost nil B & B's. I could have probably found a bed in Barnsley, and Doncaster, but they wouldn't be spaced the right distance apart and I would have been forced to have shorter days, which would have meant an extra overnight stop. Common sense told me there's no point in stretching it out, just get off home.

I got off the bus in Doncaster Interchange and walked to the railway station, and within ten minutes I was on a train to Scunthorpe. Janet picked me up at the station, and here I am back home. Today's total was 15.5 miles, so instead of doing 130+  in seven days, I have done 92 miles in five days. Sorry to disappoint the readers who were following me, but don't worry, the last bit wouldn't have been very interesting.

Thank you for joining me on my trip, I'll catch up with you tomorrow.
Toodle pip


  1. I enjoyed following you on your walk. Well done indeed. Loved all your photos and descriptions. Glad you got on the bus and safely home. I was wondering if you weigh yourself before and after your long walks? It would seem you might lose some weight after all this walking. You don't seem to eat a lot of extra food.

    Again many thanks for letting me follow along with you.

    Sandy (USA Midwest)

  2. I have enjoyed your walk immensely Ilona, thank you for all the lovely pictures.
    I am pleased that you are home safely, I am sure your four legged family were pleased to see you.
    You brought tears to my eyes with Sids Cafe and the Denby Dale viaduct. I know them so well. We lived in Denby Dale for a while whilst we were waiting for a house to be built. It was a very happy time, my son was pre-school age, we did lots of walking and exploring, precious memories, thank you for reminding me.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

    1. Pam, we live just down the road from Denby Dale, if you take a look at my blog, you might recognise some of the scenery
      Twiggy x

  3. yes, you did the right thing. commonsense. I was surprised how difficult it was to get a bed for the night. You can cuddle up in the best bed tonight....your own. Very well done. I've enjoyed your photo's and writing covering your walk.

  4. A lot of lovely flowers along the route today. Also, the viaduct fascinates me.

    I'd say that five days and 92 miles is an impressive walk and why not take the opportunity to use the bus and train to head home. I enjoyed the journey with you, Ilona, and I'm glad that you are safe and sound at home.

  5. Another lovely day! Another great walking trip! That last building is a stunner. And aren't Owl's gorgeous?

  6. Thank you so much for the pics of the cafe from Last if the Summer Wine.
    It has been my favorite show in England for years.. It's so nice to see the places you go to in England thru your camera and eyes ..Thank you again ..Teri in Tennessee USA

  7. Really enjoy your blog, you have such a zest for life! I enjoy your walking trips and all the lovely photos. susan h.

  8. Thank you for taking us along your walks. So happy to see you back safe and sound.
    I was thinking of you last night as I was watching "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon. Solo hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail!

  9. We once cut a camping trip short. We took the tent to the Isle of Skye and spent 3 days in July wearing 4 layers of clothes and getting soaking wet. Our small son and our dog were with us. On the fourth morning, I woke up to drip drip dripping on my sleeping bag. Enough! The tent was leaking like a sieve and it was time to pack up and go home. Only upside of it all was that it was too cold and wet for midges. And we did see a minky whale, a basking shark and golden eagles so it wasn't a wasted trip at all. I've loved following your holiday - thanks x

  10. I've really enjoyed reading all about your trip. It must be exciting to be able to just go day to day not being quite sure what it will bring. I hope you are now putting your feet up and enjoying a well earned rest. X

  11. Thank you for sharing your holiday, such lovely photos too. You are much braver than me travelling alone. It's lovely to go on holiday but nice to get home to one's own bed, isn't it :)

  12. Loved seeing that little café. Just the same as it was on Saturday night when I watched the program. I love the old British sitcoms, no smut and fun to watch.

  13. All is beautiful, especially the little cafe. Love the old "School for Girls" and it's gate also!

  14. Thank you for sharing photos of Barnsley town hall and the old girl's high school My dad did want me to go there, but I wanted to go to the local 'comp'! I won!!! (They had horrid grey and red uniforms at the high school and NO BOYS!!) I think they turned it into apartments. Never had 'apartments' in Barnsley when I lived there!!! Hope you've recovered from your trip. Could you go to Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington next please? I'm sure you plan your trips just to please your readers!! Linda J

  15. Thoroughly enjoyed your walk, I was right there at cannon hall last week. It's a lovely place. Well done on all that walking-respect! Xxxxx

  16. Pleased to hear you are safely home Ilona, its been a lovely trip especially around Elland area, I used to have a small terraced house in Elland many years ago, all stone built and cosy. There is some beautiful scenery in that area. I dare say Rocky was tail wagging when he saw you and usually cats take a day or two to make friends again, mine used to be huffy with me for a few days but soon got back to normal.

  17. You should lobby Youtube to change its nane to Yooootooob - so much better!!

  18. Caught up with your blog when I got home today. A great walk and brilliant photos - really enjoyed the ones of the boats and once again sorry I didn't get to Todmorden in time to walk with you. I think finishing the walk early was the right thing to do especially after the expensive night in Hebden Bridge -ouch. Glad you are home safely. Kristel

  19. Hi.Another beautiful day and great weather for "bimbling".( for you)So interesting to see the sites and read the info through your eyes.The owls are gorgeous and what an unexpected highlight,to me.I'm impressed by the architecture,especially the aqueduct,and the lovely floral plantings.Glad the bus came by at an opportune time for you.You did fantastically well ! Home sweet home beckons with the furry family and cozy bed.Bye for now, D.

  20. I'd say that you did the right thing by going home, its got to be more frugal going to the Barnsley/Donny area in your car than paying for a B&B when you're so close to home.
    I like the canal walks, you give Julia Bradbury a run for her money.
    I quite fancy the idea of cycling on the towpaths, i'll have to get my bike sorted.

  21. Love your blog and your zest for life! Very inspiring.
    Margaret (USA)

  22. We were in Denby Dale on Sunday, taking some rubbish to the tip - ooo the glamour, glad you enjoyed your walk


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