Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Easy way to make crisps

I thought I would give this a try, making crisps in a microwave, thanks to Grannyof4 at downthelane.net forum. Take one large peeled potato, you don't have to peel it if you dont want to, and one slicing gadget thingy.

Granny says put the slices in a bag with a drop of oil, and shake to coat them. I didn't, I put about a teaspoon of oil on the microwave glass plate and spread it around with my fingers. Then arranged the slices, they must be thin.

Microwave for about 3 minutes, but it's best to keep your eye on them. It will steam up a bit so open the door and wipe the condensation from the inside, so you can see when they are ready. Keep checking them, don't walk away, and this is what you get, delicious crisps. The plate by the way is a breakfast plate not a dinner plate, but still quite a lot for one potato.

You can use flavoured oil if you like, I sprinkled garlic granules on some once, before they went in the microwave, they were yummy. I prefer them without salt. Very tasty, real crisps without all the nasties.


  1. I'll have to have a go at that, I love crisps but do not buy them inless we are in France, their crisps (the call them cheeps) are gorgeous and I could eat a whole bag full if OH would let me. The batgs are huge!!!

  2. OOH I'm liking that, (especially as we dont have an oven and are relying on the microwave), also if you are on a low salt diet, these would be an excellent sub for "real crisps".

  3. Nice idea! Must try that myself!

  4. They look very tasty. DH cooks thinly sliced potatoes on the barbie, very tasty as well:)

  5. I shall make some and 'posh them up' by calling them 'Game Chips' :O))

  6. BTW, the verification for my last comment was 'outurars' and I think that's disgraceful!
    Disgusted of Cheltenham.

  7. Ha ha, Jane. took me a few minutes to work that one out.

  8. Yum Yum! I loved your crisps Ilona (courtesy of Granny of 4, bless her!) and tried them with garlic, fabulous! I enjoy all your recipes and thanks to your inspiration I have learnt how to live well and cheaply over the past 6 months or so. I have even managed to ditch MOST of the junk food I used to eat. However, my big weakness now is BUTTER although I do try to use less, nothing beats the taste of butter for me.

    Ilona, how about you and Granny of 4 putting together a book of recipes to beat the recession? I am sure your book would sell like hot cakes during these hard times. I just love spuds and anything I can make from them. I enjoy potato, carrot and parsnip mash with a bit of milk and butter mixed in, salt and pepper and grated cheddar on top. Very warming, cheap tasty and filling. Feel free to include that recipe in your book. Any donations from the sale of the book gratefully received. HA HA HA! :)

    Love and hugs from a grateful follower of Meanqueen Cuisine. Sounds grand that! XXXXXXXX

    P.S.: Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, eat your hearts out!

    Having said that, I do enjoy watching Nigella Lawson's cookery programme (on tonight at 8pm, BBC2 - don't miss it, she will be making GRASSHOPPER PIE!! The mind boggles!) only because she has a nice smiley face and seems like such a kind, sweet person whose presence cheers me up. For the same reason I watch Jamie Oliver's programme because I like his personality. Call me a Saddo!! many do!!:O