Saturday, 30 June 2018

Inspiration from the clever ladies at Embroiderers Guild.

Hello. Beware, this post is picture heavy, so many lovely things to snap away at. I went to the Scunthorpe Branch of the Embroiderers Guild today. They had an exhibition on of all their work. Lots of ideas and inspiration. Some of the members remembered me from previous visits, it was nice to have a natter and talk about arts and crafts.
This exquisite little gem is a different take on painted stones. It's covered in felt which has been embroidered on with beads and fancy stitches, and pulled tight over the stone. The bottom of it has a circle of felt covering up the gathers. Isn't it beautiful.

And another covered stone, just as beautiful.

I'll let you browse, if you want bigger pictures, click on one and you will get a slide show.

A novel idea to decorate men's ties. and arrange onto a wall hanging.

There were lots of pictures, some framed, some on a canvas, and some mounted on a board without a frame.

This was a cover around a large glass vase.

Have a look at this. There were a lot of home made books on a large table. To get started everyone joining in starts with the same size book, they can chose a theme if they like, or put anything they like in their book. Then it gets passed on to the next person on the list who takes it home and adds their work, and brings it back to the next meeting. And so it goes on. Each book should have twelve art pieces at the end of the year.

Some close ups so you can see the clever stitching.

This is a bag that someone has made to carry their book around in. 
I enjoyed my afternoon with the ladies looking at all the beautiful work on display, a good excuse to scoff coffee and cake of course, ha ha.

Don't forget, it's check in day tomorrow for the International Walking Group members. Have you reached your targets? I am a few miles short of the 500 :o(  so I must make more effort next month.

Thanks everyone for continuing to use the 'Name' option when sending your comments. The amount of Anonymous crap coming through is increasing, most of it arriving overnight from far away countries. A lot of them can't string a few words together to make coherent sentences.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Dogs in the sunshine.

Hello. Another scorcher today, they say we are going to have another week of hot sun. Not much to do in the garden because nothing is growing. 
A lovely start to the day with my two little pals, it's my turn to take these two for a walk. Bailey poodle, and his girlfriend Maisie. Trying to get them both to look at me at the same time, oh well, best take two photo's then. Coooeeeee, look at me. They walk so well together. Maisie is a little sweetheart. 
We saw people to talk to, and I found two pairs of spectacles which I handed in at the shop.

I've just scoffed this for my lunch. Veggie burger, Quorn nuggets, oven chips, iceberg lettuce, potato salad, beetroot, pickled onions, and a slice of bread. That will keep me going.

I could do with going shopping, if I can be bothered. Not out of food just yet, but I might make what I have last a bit longer. Might go tonight, might be a spur of the moment decision. I'll sign off now and get on with some sewing. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Another use for a plastic bag

Hello. Another hot day, I did my walk early to avoid the afternoon heat. I'm a bit behind, doubt I will make the 500 miles by the end of the month, only two days left. I now know the problems our walking group members have living in a hot country. 
I've been indoors sewing, want to get the multicoloured tapestry finished, not much more to do. 
I remembered a plant that needs a bigger pot so when I had a bit of shade in the garden I went outside to do that job. I don't have a bigger empty pot, but no matter, there are ways to get round that problem. It's an evergreen and there are two plants here. I decided not to pull them apart, they can spend the rest of their lives together in wedded bliss. 
I've had this dry dog food bag since Rocky days, it's thick and strong, too good to throw away. Cut drainage holes in the bottom and roll down the top. Makes a great planter. They have more room now to grow bigger.

I know you can plant things in just about anything, I've seen things growing in toilets and baths and sinks, and boots and welly boots. What unusual containers have you seen planted up, have you anything quirky in your garden? Pass on your ideas. Anything free that had a previous life as something else.

My friend has given me a load of beer bottle caps, she was going to make wind chimes with them but now she doesn't have time. Let's see what I can come up with. First I think I have to knock holes in them. I like something new to play with.

Now I must go and water Angela's garden and my own, hope it has cooled down a bit. Don't forget, it's check in time on Sunday the 1st of July for the International Walking Group members. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Come on, own up, was it you.

OK, who did that? They look suspiciously like pigeon feathers to me. Eee, I don't know, to look at these kids you wouldn't think butter would melt in their mouths. Was it you Mayze, or was it you Heidi, or was it Micky, or the other cat that wanders in and out of the garden? Come on, tell the truth. And what happened to the rest of it? Did it get lucky and escape, or have you scoffed it? I can't find any blood and guts, or remnants of a dead bird, so I am hoping it flapped it's wings with such ferocity that whoever decided it was a good idea to jump on it was so alarmed and dropped it in fright. I hope it escaped.
Too hot today, hot again tomorrow. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Village showtime

Hello. Here's me playing catch up with the blog posts now. Pictures from the Summer Fair on Saturday on the village green. The usual array of stalls, charities fundraising, games to play, tombola, groups promoting their activities, bouncy castle, burgers and hot dogs, ice cream, school children singing and dancing, and independent traders selling their wares. 
It was a bit slow in getting started. We are always there early putting up our cat rescue tables. I have them stored in my shed so it's only a matter of putting them on a trolley and dragging them across the road. Then Janet and Sue turn up with a couple of car loads of things to sell. So here are three general shots of the activities. The weather was just right, warm but not too hot, a hazy sun masked by the clouds. 
The tea and cake tent always does well. A day when all villagers can get together and relax with a cuppa and chat.

I skived off the stall for twenty minutes or so to take a look at the WI exhibition in the Village Hall. It was well laid out, with plenty of room to view the beautiful pieces of arts and crafts. I love the work they do, they are very talented. This bead work is fabulous, someone has a lot of patience.

Beautiful machine embroidery.

Hand embroidered pictures, clever ideas.

What a novel way to display stuffed hearts.

Exquisite gold work and bead embroidery.

There was an art exhibition in the church but I didn't take any photo's because the lighting is poor in there, and there were only a couple of artists showing and selling their work. It wasn't the type of painting which excites me, mainly landscapes, still life, and portraits.

Janet and Sue worked wonders on the cat rescue stall, the sales were up on last year, thanks to the kind friends who donate stuff to sell. Some of my shopping bags and cats beds sold. They usually do a few car boot sales throughout the summer months when they have time, which all helps.

It's another hot day today, too hot for me outside. If I do go into the garden it will be in short bursts. I need to trim the front hedges. Then I must go to the mobile library van before Stan disappears at 3pm to go to the school. I'll get off my bum and get on with some work now.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Monday, 25 June 2018

Lots of visitors

Hello. Looks like I caught the sun yesterday, red arms and red neck. The day went really well. It started off a bit slow, the first visitors were my friends Janet and Paul, they wanted to do half the gardens before the football, and the other half after the football. I think others had similar ideas. There was a road closure through the village in the morning for the 10k race, which probably delayed some people getting here. 
An early visitor was blog reader Liz, she brought two friends with her from Nottingham. She kindly gave me a big box of  fabric, which will come in useful for some of my projects. Thank you very much Liz. I haven't a photo of her, she took one of both of us on her phone, but I completely forgot. 
Another blog reader visited, this is the second visit for Nick. Very nice to see you again. Love her outfit, fabulous skirt. 
This gentleman is not a blog reader, but he tells me his wife is. Tall Paul was very chatty, and tells me his wife has picked up all my money saving tips and they are saving up towards moving north for a cheaper lifestyle.

I tried to talk to everyone, at one point I wondered if a bus had discharged it's passengers outside. Quite a crowd had all arrived at the same time. I'm afraid I couldn't give them all the attention that I would have liked, so they were left to wander around for themselves.

I put all the painted rocks around the garden and told people to take one if they see one they like. Many people did, and at the end of the day I only had a few left. This morning I left two of them in the village as I walked through to Crafty Club. When I walked back later I noticed that one of them had gone. This afternoon I saw Ken in town and he said he had picked up one of the rocks to give back to me. He thought someone else had taken it and left it there. I had to laugh.

I had to take a photo this morning, this is Mayze cat saying, 'you might want to get up early, but I don't, I'm staying here'. She always lies in longer than me.

Heidi prefers the window ledge, hidden behind the curtains.

Six o clock in the morning and there are two little faces looking up at me.

I've got to catch up with the walking, it's too hot during the day, so I'm going out now. It's not long to the end of the month and I am a bit behind due to being busy with other things.

Thanks for popping in, I have some pictures of Saturday's Village Fair so I'll put them on tomorrow.
Toodle pip