Sunday, 30 September 2018

Adding a few more miles to my walking total.

It was a nice day for a walk yesterday, not so nice today though, grey and overcast. I went to the car boot sale this morning, picked up a few useful bits and bobs for my arts and crafts. 
Here are a few pics from yesterday, I did nine miles and stayed south side of the river. Painted stones are getting everywhere, these are not to be removed however, thay are laid beside a memorial bench. Somewhere to sit for a fantastic view. 

I am thinking of Rocky, we used to come up here for a little bimble.

I did a circular walk from South Ferriby, to Barton, and back along the waters edge. This is the start of the long distance path, The Viking Way. The boatyard at Barton.

No access to the waters edge here, it's deep mud.

A little bit of a beach a bit further along, I decided not to go down to it, time was getting on and I wanted to get back, so I carried on along the cliff top.

I picked up a few yellow stickers at Barton Tesco, most weren't cheap enough, and I had limited room in my rucksack. Back in time for dinner at 6pm. A quick stir fry meal of mushrooms, peas, eggs, and rice noodles.

Don't forget check in day tomorrow for the Walking Group. The target is 750 miles for nine months, and I am a long way off that. Never mind.  ilona

Saturday, 29 September 2018

A bridge not too far.

This weekend is the second weekend of the Open Studios event at The Ropewalk Arts and Crafts Centre at Barton on Humber. The artists open the doors to their studios and anyone can go along to meet them. I went last Saturday. Michael Scrimshaw is my favourite, always fun, always jolly, and a great conversationalist. 
When I arrived they were eating mungo beans, prepared by Helen, and they offered me a taste. It was lovely so Helen wrote the recipe down for me. Michael does mainly commissions, mainly large sculptures 
 Afterwards I drove my car over the bridge and had a walk along the North Bank.

The tide is coming in, which allows the barges to travel upstream to the docks.

It's looking like it's going to be another sunny day today. I've been doing some extra walking to try and catch up with my miles. Sadly it won't be enough to make the 750 mile target at the end of the month. Don't forget the Walking Group check in day on Monday the 1st of October. Let's see how everyone is doing.  ilona

Ps. Just back from my walk today, 9 miles.

Friday, 28 September 2018

This is going to be exciting ;o)

Notices have gone up, the road will be closed, for the first ever Hedgehog Half Marathon which is going to come through the village. So excited, can't wait. It will only take them half an hour to go through. I can imagine their little legs will be going like the clappers, the poor little dears will be exhausted. I hope they will have the RSPCA in attendance in case there are casualties which need resuscitation. I shall be out there waving my flag and cheering them on. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Let's get this carnival on the road.

I took the first lot of pictures inside the Art Centre, and went back the next day for the parade around the town centre. At 2pm the dancers started to gather outside the door.

Bringing up the rear were the children who had made their own costumes at the workshop in the morning. 
A large crowd had gathered in the precinct to greet them and join in the fun. People were bopping away to the music.

This gigantic costume is perched on a frame with wheels so it can be moved around quite easily.

A lot of fun in the town centre on a Saturday afternoon.  ilona

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

It's carnival time.

Ooooh, I do like colour in my life. There was an amazing splash of colour in the 20 21 Arts Centre last week. The Caribbean Arts Festival filled St Johns Church and was well worth going to see. The work that goes into making these costumes is amazing, which are mostly made up of recycled and re purposed second hand materials. I found them very inspiring. Click on a photo to bring up a slide show. 

 is a Carnival Arts Network covering the East Midlands. They provide workshops for young people, and encourage leadership to the wider carnival sector. Click on the link to see what else they do. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Staying safe

Time for another video. An important message. Theft is on the increase, crooks and thieves will steal anything if they think they can make money from it. Another elderly lady had her purse stolen from her pocket while browsing in a shop. It happened to Bailey's mum, Joyce,  few months ago, her purse was stolen out of her pocket in Aldi. Don't become the next victim, take steps to protect yourself and your belongings.

Add your comments on how you protect yourself, share your tricks on how you keep safe, out in the street or in your home. Stay safe.  ilona

Monday, 24 September 2018

Something borrowed, something a bit blue.

This is something I saw a couple of months ago at the Embroiders Guild exhibition. A pebble covered in felt and embroidery. I thought I would borrow the idea and have a go at making something similar. 
This is my version. I have covered small rings with thread and filled them in, used sequins and beads, and added lots of French knots.  
Oooops, can see some cat hairs on this close up.

I'm pleased with how it has turned out. Breakfast next, then off to Crafty Club, after I have walked Bailey poodle, then coffee with Angela. Busy Monday.   ilona

PS. Edit, how I did it.
Find a suitable stone, roundish, flatish, no sharp edges.
Choose a piece of felt in the colour you like. Not too thick as it has to mould itself to the shape of the stone. It needs to be bigger than the stone, to wrap around it, almost meeting at the back.
Collect small bits and bobs that you want to include. Sew on the biggest first, keep checking that you have positioned them in the right place by placing the felt over the stone and scrunching it up at the back.
Then carry on adding smaller bits, sequins, beads, or whatever. You might like to do different embroidery stitches. I filled in the gaps with French knots. Cover as much of it as you want to.
When it is how you want it, put the stone in the centre of the felt, trim up the edges, do running stitches around the edge, and pull the thread to gather it tight. Manipulate the gathers with your fingers to flatten them, lace up the centre, stitching across the gap in all directions. Add a small circle of felt to cover the stitching. Easy peasy, have a go.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

An act of God

This was a surprise when I walked through the churchyard with Bailey Poodle yesterday. The wind comes sweeping in over the River Trent from Doncaster, gathering speed before it hits the side of the hill. I have often wondered how the huge trees survive the battering, this one obviously didn't. 

 It's a good job it didn't fall the other way, it would have taken out the fence and demolished the conservatory on the side of the house.

Some of the gravestones survived.

This one didn't.

Now I expect there will be a costly clean up operation. Wonder if the insurance will pay out, or will it be classed as an act of God. Must go, Bailey waiting to go out, I'm on dog walking duties, finish tomorrow then Ken will be back to take over. ilona