Monday, 30 September 2019

Hello Michael.

I have mentioned Michael before, he is an artist. He works from home and also has a studio at The Ropewalk arts and crafts centre in Barton. I went there on Saturday to visit the Open Studios. He was busy as usual, a steady stream of visitors always turn up to chat to Michael and Helen. 
In a quiet few minutes he gave me a drawing lesson, it was brief then someone else arrived. 
He is working on a life size statue at the moment. It takes a while because there are so many different stages it has to go through. There was a temporary blip when work ceased for a few weeks. The continuous welding sent his electricity bills sky high, so a new price had to be negotiated to cover the cost. The legs are done, hands almost done, now he has to put the ears on the head. All this is being done from photographs, as the subject passed away a few years ago. This is his memorial to stand in the town centre. 

Lining the walls of the Artspace at The Ropewalk is an exhibition by Sue Stone. She is an artist from Grimsby and this exhibition is all about memories. Mostly textiles and painting, on canvas. The stitching is so intricate, the details so precise, I have done some close ups so you can see the detail. Click on a picture for a slideshow and to enlarge. It must have taken an age to complete this exhibition. It's on until October the 20th. 

There is a bit more about her here. 

Thank goodness the rain has stopped. Can I go out now. Don't forget tomorrow is the last day of the month, and Tuesday is check in for the members of the International Walking Group. Those who are doing 1000 miles, the target is 750 for the nine months, only three more months to go. I am slightly above the target but not much. I was hoping to add a few more miles but I am not trudging around in the rain. So how are you all doing, let us know on Tuesday.
Toodle pip.  ilona

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Keeping dry

It's hardly stopped raining at all in the last week. Getting a bit fed up of it now. The cats are fine though. Oscar is staying indoors a bit more often, his favourite spot at the moment.

I've lost my comfy office chair again to Mayze. She doesn't get up until almost lunchtime.

Heidi still prefers to be upstairs in her favourite window sill. The heating is on, getting a bit chilly now. 
This plant is doing really well, it has doubled in size since I took it on. I was given it by Joyce's family, it was the last small personal item to leave her house. It loves it's new home, at the top of the stairs in the window overlooking the wet back garden. 
I am getting stuff ready for the talk I am due to give at the sewing shop on Saturday. I will be showing how to make Suffolk Puffs, and explaining how I made my artworks. Looking forward to that.

I went to the Ropewalk at Barton yesterday to visit the Open Studios event, as I do every year about this time. It is usually over two weekends, but this year it's only one weekend. Had a smashing chat with Michael and Helen, and took photo's of a really good exhibition. I will put pics up of that sometime in the week.

Time for coffee break. Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 27 September 2019

A new tapestry for the church.

We have a new tapestry in our village church. It was designed about two years ago by the children from the village school. Someone started it, then it got put to one side, then it appeared again. Ann our Crafty Club leader brought it into our Monday morning meeting and asked if anyone could help with it. There was still a lot to do. I think the idea was that we could do it as a group project. 
Some of our members don't sew, they knit, so that narrowed it down a bit. Some members have other commitments and wouldn't have the time, so that narrowed it down further. 
I had to admit that I didn't want to get involved in a project, especially a group project, that was going to drag on for a long time, I didn't want the commitment. Others felt that way as well. I can't work to someone else's  pattern I have to make my own up as I go along. After discussion Ann said she would take it on. And now it is finished, one year later, with help from Carol who put the backing on. 
It looks very nice hanging in the church, Ann has done a good job. 

The Children's Corner.

When I took these photo's on Thursday they had tables set up for a coffee morning and service. Good idea. I like having a look inside churches when on my travels, but I don't go to services in our village church.
Toodle pip. ilona

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Look after yourself.

I have been thinking about how many people are becoming victims of bag snatchers. It is happening in town centres, anywhere in fact, thieves are looking for opportunities to rob people. It has never happened to me yet, thank goodness, but it could, it can happen to anybody. I made this video to show the different bags I use, and how I try and keep myself safe.

I am still waiting for the winner of the button competition to send me their postal address, so, PJ Kincaid, where are you?

Toodle pip. ilona

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

A few random pics

Looks like we're in for another day of rain, musn't grumble, at least we are not having it as bad as some parts of the country. Not a lot going on here, except erm….sewing. Camera always at the ready, here are a few pics.

My breakfast on Monday morning. A big wedge of seeded bread, topped with mushrooms, couscous, spinach, an egg, and beans. Then I went to Crafty Club where someone brought in a big bag of unwanted embroidery silks. There was plenty for everyone and what was left over was donated to the hospice charity shop. It was full house, our group is growing.

There was I walking along the North Yorkshire Coast last week, when I spied something white in the hedge bottom. First thoughts were someone has chucked away a piece of clothing which is damaged. Maybe dirty or has holes in it. I picked it up. It looked almost new, sparkly white, mostly clean with a mark on the sleeve. I'm having that I thought, ha ha.

I hand washed it, the mark is mostly gone, and it fits me. Looks like some kind of cycling or walking sportswear. Found it on MMD site for £20. Pretty good eh, keep your eyes open you never know what you might come across.

Vicki gave me some veggies from her garden, some of it has been turned into soup. Cooked in a pan, zapped with a stick blender in the pan, eaten out of the pan. Minimum washing up. A second portion for lunch today. Delisssshus.

My little sweetheart Mayze makes me laugh. The table outside the back window comes in very handy when the pussies want to come back in. Mayze and Oscar both use it, but Heidi hasn't got the hang of it yet. She waits by the back door to be let in. Or if she is at the front she will be under the car. Then I let her in the front door.  
New small arty piece started on Sunday. Strips of tee shirt fabric woven onto a small fridge shelf. It's been a year since I found it on the tip at Orkney. At last I'm doing something with it.  
That's it for now. Still raining so back to the sewing. Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 23 September 2019

Putting a call out......

Two shopping bags have been sent off today to Vintage Crafter and Simone. I still need two addresses, one for the winner of the button guessing contest, and the other for a runner up prize. PJ Kincaid, and Kim, please give me your postal addresses so I can send you the prizes. Thanks.

Me and Vicki walking in the Yorkshire Wolds..

Twas a fine day for a walk last Thursday when I met up with Vicki at Huggate, in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Rolling hills, gentle slopes with a couple of steepish climbs. We have been trying to find a date suitable for us both for a while now. I'm busy, Vicki is busy, sun too hot, or raining. At last we did it. 
We were using a walk from the Country Walking magazine. It was nine miles, with written directions. We both had Ordnance Survey maps as well. It's not a good idea to just use the guide as it doesn't cover a wider area if you need to adjust the route and add a bit extra, which we did. 
Two other walking groups had the same idea as we did, and parked in Huggate. At one time three people were behind us, then later we came across another group going in the opposite direction, but most of the time we were alone. A beautiful day for a walk. 
I have come across this type of bench before, very arty, curved pieces of wood fixed to a metal frame. 
We walked through Wold House Farm, a very big farm, which I noticed was neat and tidy, no rusty old wrecks lying around here. 
Onward through the Great Plantation.

At this point we decided to add a bit extra to the magazine walk, it was too early to head off back to the start. Best make the most of the lovely weather while we have the chance. 
Vicki checking the map and deciding which path to take.

Part of the route we were following was the Yorkshire Wolds Way, the last bit was the Minster Way. Back at Huggate we went for a drink at the tea room there, not inside but sitting out in the sun. Vicki had tea and I had coffee, and erm.....cake. Eleven miles walked today, that has given our mileages a boost. Vicki is beating me. I am pacing myself month by month, Vicki is surging ahead because she may want to ease off a bit when winter sets in. Very sensible. 

I've just eaten a massive humungous breakfast. Beans, egg, mushrooms, couscous, spinach, on a big wedge of seeded bread, that's set me up for the day, now off to Crafty Club. Toodle pip.  ilona

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Fab coastal walk. Saltburn to Staithes.

Monday morning and it's time to leave the hotel and go for a walk. The plan is to take the coastal path, The Cleveland Way, and walk to Staithes. If I get on with it I might have time to walk back as well. It's about 8 miles each way I left my car at the hotel, and set off. Up the road to get on the path. 
Climbing up to the top, there is a big stone marking the route. 
Looking down at Saltburn. 
Along the cliff top are several of these stones with messages on them. Some of them have the phone number of the Samaritans on them. It is pretty high up here, with nothing to stop someone going over the edge. 
The metal sculpture, it's still here. Check this previous blog post from my last visit and you will see the same picture. In fact you will see copies of other pictures as well. 
I arrived at Skinningrove and sat down for ten minutes, knowing I had to climb these steps.
Made it. I like looking back at where I have come from. That cliff over there in the distance is where the path goes. 
Down there is Skinningrove.

Keep going, onward and upward. Not far to go now. sign at Boulby.
Still looks the same after six years. The houses are all crammed together on the side of the hill. There is no parking for visitors, unless the property you are staying at has a small space next to it. Holiday makers and some residents have to park in a designated car park at the top of the hill, and walk down to the old town, and walk back up again. 

This cottage looks like it has had a fresh coat of paint. It's got a bit more foliage around it than last time I saw it. 
Staithes has two sides, the footbridge links them.

After a look around, I found an arts and crafts shop, I realised I hadn't got enough time to walk back. I went up to the bus stop on the main road. Ten minutes later I got on the bus, they run every half hour. Through Easington, Loftus, and Skinningrove, getting off at the next village, Brotton. From there I walked back to the car. 
Time to drive back home. I thought I was going to be too late at Tesco for the yellow stickers, at 8pm, but luckily the trolley was wheeled out with some bargains to choose from. A good end to two days away. 
Writing this on Saturday morning, it looks like another sunny day. My walking miles are on target so I don't need to go for another walk, except a short one around my village. Ten days left of this month, plenty of time to squeeze a few more miles in. I did a walk with Vicki on Thursday so that has given me a few extra. Some pics of that to come. 
I was out in the summer house yesterday, so I'll probably do that again today, after a bit of garden tidying. Just got an idea for a new artwork. It will be smaller than the last one so shouldn't take so long to do. I have started planning for the talk and demo I am giving at the sewing shop in two weeks time. need to get on with that. Enjoy your weekend. 
Toodle pip. ilona