Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lunch in Banbury, dinner in Eynsham

Hiya, here I am in sunny with the odd shower Oxfordshire. It's been a fabulous first day. I didn't set off untill 10.15, a late start meant I had to do 70mph down the motorway instead of taking the leisurely scenic route which I had planned, but that's me all over, a proper faff. I landed at Banbury just after 1pm when the phone rang and Tony asked where I was. I said, give me two minutes and I'll get out of the car. Good timing, we arrived within five minutes of each other, easy for him he only had to drive the three miles from home, ha ha. It was great to see him after a gap of about fifteen years, he used to be my union representative when I was trucking.

There was a lot to catch up on, and as he has recently retired we were able to compare notes on how we were both enjoying not having to go to work any more. We met at one of those Toby Inn type chain pubs, where the food is quite reasonably priced. We both had a veggie meal with a help yourself buffet style to as many vegetables as you like, for £6 per head. Tony was the perfect gentleman as always and wouldn't let me pay for my own. Before we knew it three hours had gone and it was time for me to carry on my journey. I don't know if I will ever get to see him again, but it's nice to know I have friends I can call on even though the get togethers are years apart.

It was a short drive to Eynsham near Oxford, where I went to visit Jane from Techno Billies. The map print out took me straight there, and Jane greeted me like we were the best of friends, which is not surprising as we know so much about each other through blogging. I felt completely at ease as soon as I stepped through the door, it was as if we had known each other for years, we never stopped chattering. I can vouch for Janes home made scones topped with strawberries, they are the best ever. Jane has the cutest little dog. Fergus is like a small white curly haired teddy bear, don't ask me what breed, but his little face is so pretty, he is gorgeous.

Janes husband came home, and I was invited to stay for a meal, I was delighted to be asked. Although she said it was something she had thrown together, it tasted delicious, just the sort of meal I like. I really feel that our blogging friendship has turned into a real life friendship. They are in the process of selling their house and have plans to move to Spain. I am looking forward to reading all about it on her blog, it will be very interesting. Hubby is good at taking photo's.

The visit was over all too soon, and I had to get to my B & B at Burleigh Farm Cassington before it got dark. This is my room, nice innit.

I have asked for breakfast for 8.30 in the morning, looking forward to having a bimble round the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Base station closing down

I'm almost ready for the off in the morning, I hope to get away about 9ish. The car is half packed, just need to decide which clothes to take. I will be sort of self catering, trying to keep the cost down a bit, but allowing myself some treats. I'm taking a few tins of basic food, and will buy the rest wherever I happen to be. I still can't bring myself to eat out so I will be popping in some supermarkets for my provisions.

The kitties have gone now, safely housed at Sue's. I went to see them today and they are fine, though one of them is hiding at the back of the pen. Hopefully she will be brave enough to come out soon. They really like their upstairs bedroom and they have lots of toys to play with. Mum cat Heidi is getting used to the routine here now, but she is off her food a bit at the moment. She goes outside and wanders back in again. I'll see if she fits in with the other two, up to now there is no fisticuffs. Mayze is not too keen on her, but she might come round.

I took Rocky a walk this morning, and again tonight. He smells a bit and needs a bath, I'll do that when I get back.

Anyway, must finish packing. This base station is closing down, I'll catch you on the satellite hub tomorrow. Toodle pip.

PS. Sarina, Fishcake Random, and Crystal Mooncat, if you want to meet me please email me asap. Address on the side bar. Sarina, you said you had emailed me but I haven't received it. Crystal I have your mobile number, I'll text you. Fishcake, I can't find your email address on your blog.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I'm glad

I'm glad that I have a common sense down to earth attitude.
I'm glad that I don't have any airs and graces.
I'm glad that I don't have a hidden agenda.
I'm glad that I'm a bit rough round the edges.
I'm glad that I don't take life too seriously.
I'm glad that I make people laugh.
I'm glad that I have the confidence to think for myself.
I'm glad that I can think outside the box.
I'm glad that I can come up with some good ideas.
I'm glad that other people like my ideas.
I'm glad that I inspire some to copy my ideas.
I'm glad that people join in with my blog.
I'm glad that people add valuable comments to my blog.
I'm glad that I can share my ideas.
I'm glad that I'm me and not somebody else.
I'm glad that you are reading this.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Heidi went walkabout

Today was the day when I let mum cat Heidi have a look round the garden. She has been here five weeks now with her kittens, and she is longing to go outside. The back door is open and she is wondering what to do next. Oooh look, shall I go or not.

Oh go on then, I'll just pop out for a few minutes, the kids will be ok in their room.

Hmmm, interesting. Wonder what's through there.

Five hours later she came back. Think she's got used to the place now. After tea she went back in the room with her babies.

Now, dinner tonight. I'm running down my food in preparation for going away next week, there isn't much left. Some scabby carrots, bought just as they went out of date 12 days ago, should be alright. There's enough for two dinners, I'll have the rest tomorrow night.

Cut off the black bits.

Add some potatoes, also out of date, two onions, and the last bag of dead cheap peas I bought and froze, the ones in the pods. Steam them in a pan and add two grilled Quorn sausages, on special offer £1 for eight. So, a dead cheap meal.

I've had three emails from bloggers who might be able to meet up with me next week on my way south. One's a definate, I'll be popping in to see Billy Jane from Techno-Billies, she's just outside Oxford, I'm looking forward to that. The other two who have shown an interest are near Portsmouth and Worthing. I'm hoping we can get something organised. If there is anyone else who wants to meet, please email me, address on the side bar.

I'm going to have a full week of it, this is how it's looking so far. Meeting a friend for lunch at Banbury on Tuesday 1pm. Meeting Jane later on for afternoon tea, and home made scones, yummy. Booked into a farm B&B near Woodstock Tuesday night. Wednesday walking, Woodstock area and Blenheim Palace. Wednesday night at my friend Carol's near Alton Hampshire. Thursday morning she drops me off at Farnham Station where I get the train to London to go and see my yacht, ha ha. Back to Carol's for a second night. Friday morning drive to Portsmouth and have a look round. This has been cut to a one day visit instead of two, after stealing a day for London. Friday teatime drive to John's of Don't unplug. Camp for two nights there. Sunday and Monday are two walking days. I am booked into Arundel Youth Hostel Sunday night and Monday night. Tuesday I was plannming on going home, but my dentist appointment on Wednesday morning has been postponed till a later date, so I could stop an extra day or two. I'm leaving it open at the moment in case anything comes up. I might go back to Portsmouth if I missed some of it the first time, or I might go to Chichester, whatever takes my fancy.

Just off out with Rocky now, catch up with you tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.

The hairy monster :o)

Hi, here's a quickie post for you. Wean asks how do I manage to wear dark clothes without getting covered in cat hairs. Easy answer, I don't. Wean said she would love to wear black sometimes and darker shades, but can't do it because of her feline friends.

Wean, I walk about my village covered in cat hairs, and I don't give a monkeys. People have to accept me for what I am, a cat lover, I come with cat hairs on my clothes. I also greet every dog I meet in the street with lots of patting and fussing, adding even more hairs to my clothing, and a bit of dog slobber into the bargain as well, ha ha.

If I go out anywhere else I don't wear my slopping about the house clothes, I get changed, but even then there are always some cat hairs on me. I really don't care.

This is a sign I have in my front porch, anyone who crosses the threshold knows they will probably pick up a few cat hairs while they are here. If they don't like it they don't have to come in. 

Wean, why worry, wear your cat hairs with pride.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Gentle washing for posh clothes

Most of my clothes are pretty basic and plain. I wear a lot of dark colours, made of fabrics which don't need ironing. I hate ironing. The washing machine goes on when I have a full load, it's either a dark wash or a light wash. I never change the settings on my washing machine, there are far too many choices I don't need them all. Everything gets washed at the same temperature, 30c for one hour. I don't weigh my load either, I stuff in what I think is the right amount. I only wash things that are visibly dirty or smell a bit whiffy, that keeps my water and power usage down to a minimum. And I only do a wash on a good drying day. Things have been known to hang around in my dirty linen basket for several weeks before I get round to washing them.

Today I went back to the old way of washing clothes, boil a kettle and do a few items in the sink. These can't be put in the washer, they need a more gentle treatment. I don't normally buy clothes made of delicate fabrics.

I remember washing all my clothes like this years ago, it was very time consuming and very boring. These five items are best washed by hand, I don't wear them very often so they don't get washed very often. They are all from charity shops except the dress which I bought new about 25 years ago.

Dry clean only it says on the label of the 100% silk blouse, I don't think so, it will go in the sink with the others. The secret is not to bash the living daylights out of them and screw them up, a gentle swishing around in the soapy water is enough to get them clean. No wringing them out or scrunching them up, gently does it to minimise the creases, and they will last a lot longer.

So, three kettles of hot water and two tablespoons of wash powder and they are all done. Hanging them out sopping wet to dry in the breeze will keep most things crease free.
The silk blouse had a few wrinkles around the seams, so I gave it a waft over with a slightly warm iron. I love this blouse, sometimes I wear it over the top of a vesty type teeshirt, with the buttons open to the waist. I call it my artyfarty look, ha ha.

All clean again, and as I don't wear them very often it will be a few more years before I wash them again. I'm sure if I tried I could make them last forever.

Toodle pip.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Free clothes from the garage

I spend a lot of time sitting on my office chair. It's not the most comfortable chair in the house, so sometimes I put a pillow behind my back for support. I thought I would try one of these mesh Lumber Support doofas from Poundland, not such a lot of money wasted if it doesn't work. Lo and behold it does work, it's made it quite comfy. All I've got to do now is to make some padding for the arms :o)

I got some free clothes today, two pretty nighties and three black teeshirts, they are black not grey as in the photo, don't know why black never comes out as black.

How come they were free? I was rummaging as usual. The colours caught my eye, they were in a carrier bag of clothes in the garage where I take my car for servicing. It didn't need a service today I just called in to get the fluid levels checked and topped up as required. I know, I'm a lazy sod, I should check them myself to save money, but I can't be bothered. No matter, Simon Deeks did this little job for me for nothing, because I take my car to him for any other jobs that need doing. That's the beauty of using an independant one man band type, they look after you better.

Anyway, whats that got to do with these clothes. The thing is, they have a customer who regularly drops off a bag of clothes and other household linens which they no longer need, to be used as cleaning rags and polishing cloths. I was amazed, these erm 'rags' were ten times better than the rags I walk around in. I don't throw my clothes out untill they are falling off my back. Anyway, Mandy, Simon's wife said help yourself, take what you want. To be honest I would have taken the whole lot, because everything in the bag could be used, but I felt it was a bit mean to leave them with nothing, ha ha. Next time I'll take some of my old rags along for swaps. It's not every day you take your car to the garage and come away with free clothes.

I thought I would get my rail ticket from Farnham to London for next week, from our local station. I checked the times and prices on the internet so I knew what I wanted, just a matter of collecting the ticket and paying. The girl on the counter tapped a few keys on the computer and looked a bit blank, she said what time will you be travelling. I said I don't know yet, I want a day return and they run every half hour. She checked the screen again and said sorry can't do that, computer says no. Apparently because it's on a different network. Oh for goodness sake, how daft, I thought. Don't all computers talk to each other? Apparently not at British Rail.

The rear tyres on my car were starting to look a bit low on tread so I took it into Central Tyres, where I normally go. The man said they're only just legal, but I thought, in view of this long trip I have coming up they've got to be right, so I got them changed. I remember that last time I had two tyres changed, on the Focus, not long after a taxi driver wrote it off. I hope this is not a bad omen and the same thing happens again.

I think the kittens will be moving into the pens at Sue's soon, I'm waiting for the phone call to bring them over. Yesterday I got two big boards out of the garage and blocked off the stairs, then closed the door to the living room, and left the back door open so they could come into the hallway, kitchen, and front porch. It was so funny to watch them.

They crept in very slowly at first, nervously exploring every nook and cranny. Then when they realised they had a lot more space to play in they were charging about like crazy. They looked like lambs when they leap two foot into the air, then they were jumping on each other and rolling about. It was hilarious. After nearly hour I fed them back in their room, then they crashed out, they were knackered. They've been in again today for half an hour while I made my dinner. One of them managed to climb the step ladder and get up the stairs, it was a heck of a job to catch her in the bedroom. Anyway, it's almost 10pm and they are waiting for their last feed before bed time, got to go. Toodle pip.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The name game

It's been an exciting day here at Tightwad Towers, the holiday plans have been re jigged to fit in a day trip to London. Not a good place to be going to at the moment because of all the security, and masses of people. My friend Carol went last weekend and she said it was horrendous, millions of tourists, chocablock everywhere. But this is a day out I have to do. It's the only time I am going to be able to see the Super Yacht Ilona in person. I will never have another chance to do this, so I have to go.

I checked the location of Ilona on the Port of London website, and sent an email to ask  how long is it going to be there. They very kindly sent my email on to the London Waterways Administrateo at the Canal & River Trust. I had a lovely reply from a young lady who said it is due to leave on the 8th, and I would be able to get close enough for photographs. Whooopeeeeee, I'm going to London to see it on the 2nd. Won't that be just brill, I'm so excited. If I see someone pottering around there I will ask if I can go on it for a little look inside. Don't suppose they will let me, but if you don't ask......

I thought it might be fun to dig out all the bits and bobs I have collected over the years with my name on. When I was a little girl I was always disappointed that I couldn't find anything in the shops, when all my friends bought things with their name on. I hated my name because it made me look different to everyone else, and made it much harder to fit in. No one had ever heard of it before, no one could say it and no one could spell it. I cursed my mother for giving me that name.

Then eventually I began to like it. It was still a pain though to have to explain to everyone how to pronounce it. I say it with a German accent you see, because that's how mum taught me.

So here is my collection. I bought a set of chrome letters to put on the front of my truck. I mounted them on a board and bolted it to the grille. If I had to drive different lorries I would put the plastic number plate type in the windscreen. 

I have five books. The first one was found by a friend as she was rummaging through a box of books at a car boot sale in Southampton. This was the first I knew of a book called Ilona. Luckily it was in English so I could read it. Although I am half German I can't speak the language. I looked on ebay and found the other four, now I have three in English and two in German.

This is a book of poetry given to me by a boyfriend many years ago. I'm not telling you his name, ha ha.

I put Ilona into ebay search and found this cd. She is a young singer from Italy I think, it was recorded in Naples. Not my cup of tea but the cover is nice, ha ha.

I was at a craft fair once and there was a man cutting names out of wood. Of course I had to get mine done. The little yellow badge I used to wear when I was a coach driver.

This is a little notebook, someone gave it to me. Here the letter I looks very much like an H when it is crossed like this. It's a common misspelling.

I've had my little dolly for many years, found her in a shop when I visited Germany. The box is looking a bit battered now.

The key ring on the left was given to me by a friend who visited Germany, and the purpley one from another friend who brought it back from Holland. The bottom one is one I made.

Three mugs with my name on. The Calamity Ilona one is about 45 years old, I bought it from a stall at the seaside. They could put any name on you wanted. The other two were gifts from friends. I have never used them.

Here is a bit of silliness for you. Toodle pip

Kitties.. List of vets

Good Morning. As requested, here is the link to the Cats Protection web site, where you can find a vet who will neuter a kitten early. Enter your postcode to find the nearest vet to you. Kittens can be neutered at four months old.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bred to death. Patsy's Rant

This post is about cats, lots of them, too many of them in fact. Cat rescues up and down the country are full to the rafters with unwanted cats. We are a small rescue but we get lots of phone calls from people wanting to pass their cats on to us, for whatever reason. We can't take them all in, so I imagine some of them must get abandoned and be left to roam the streets and fend for themselves.

The situation is now well out of control, we have too many cats in this country. People see them as money machines and will breed from them to line their pockets. Then they get passed on to other people will not take responsibility for them and get them neutered and spayed. I won't beat about the bush here, back street breeders of any animals be it cats or dogs, are the lowest of the low in my book. If I had my way they would be closed down and prosecuted. They are the cause of thousands of unwanted and abandoned animals.

If anyone is considering buying a cat or a dog, please don't go to a breeder, there are thousands of perfectly lovely abandoned pets waiting for a second chance in a new home. Neve never never hand over your money to a breeder, you are only making the terrible situation ten times worse. We try and do our bit in our rescue, this week we have rehomed two six year old cats, who have been together since birth. Thankfully we have found a nice couple who have taken them into their home.

Janet found this open letter on a web site recently, which says it all. I have contacted the Rushden Persian Rescue to ask permission to copy and paste it here. I am happy to pass the message on. It's called Patsy's Rant

As many of you know, we are primarily a PERSIAN & PEDIGREE Rescue, but we do take non pedigrees (space permitting) and we (like all Rescues at the moment) are INUNDATED with unwanted cats/kittens (and not just 'moggies' !!!)

We neuter EVERYTHING adult & Kitten that comes through our doors. This not only protects them from being bred from, but also stops a large proportion of their offspring ending up in rescues and the hands of 'Back Yard Breeders' in the future !!!!!!!!

I am BEGGING breeders AND owners to early neuter your kittens to help stop perpetuating the misery these cats endure

Common practice is to wait until they are 6months of age, but we know from personal experience that this is too late and kittens are coming into 'season' or males mating at 4-5months of age and so adding to the problem of unwanted kittens.

I know MANY responsible breeders already neuter their kittens before they go home at 12-14 weeks, but too many young cats ''moggies and pedigrees'' sold as ''pets '' are coming in either pregnant or bred to death !!!! Even those sold as kittens from LAST YEAR are on their 2 nd litters already and we have a 2 year old Persian in who has had FIVE litters already! !!!

I feel breeders should take the responsibility to ensure their kittens get in the right hands and '' pet kittens'' should be neutered so they don’t end up as '' breeding machines'' , crated from 13 weeks old until their 1st season to then pop out litter after litter and then 'mum' is got rid of at the age of 4/5 years old ''not neutered'' , only to go to another back street breeder to be bred and bred until they die of neglect or a slow and painful death.

This is going on all over the place now because people wanting to make a fast buck, and you only have to look on some of the 'Pets for sale' sites to see pages of pedigree and 'half pedigree' kittens being sold ( MANY Pedigree kittens offered are un registered with no papers i.e the ''parent/s'' were sold as 'pets' and were NOT registered for breeding ! ) ... and VERY few state 'already neutered' and so the misery continues

We have been early neutering our kittens now for 4 years and have not lost a kitten yet. They come out of the operations and are eating and up and running straight away.

Yes i know some breeders say 'My vet won't do it ' but The Cats Protection League have published a list of vets that ARE willing to early neuter (there are 700 across the UK)

CLICK here for a list of 'Early Neuter Vets'.

so there is NO excuse !!...... The 'cost' can be added to the price of the kitten so breeders will not lose out and this one action will safeguard their 'babies'and help the Rescues too !!

Please Please consider early neutering .We need to stop all these cats and kittens pouring in every year

Letting a cat have ''just one litter'' doesn’t make them a better cat - its an old wives tale .... it just adds to the rescue population and puts them at risk of Felv/Fiv if left entire .

We are having 14/16 week old kittens coming into full season. With 'global warming' there isn’t a kitten season in the UK anymore ( it used to be between March to September ) but now days kittens are bred/born all through the year

Please do 'your bit' to help and EARLY NEUTER your kittens

Thank you


I'm not sure if the links work here. You can look at the Rushden Persian Rescue site, but beware there are some very upsetting photo's of cats that have been neglected and ill treated.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 23 July 2012

I wish I was rich, or do I?

A comment on my post yesterday from Gill, has prompted me to write this post today. Thanks Gill for the idea. She says the super yachts, like those moored in London at the moment, are 'such a waste of money'. I feel I have to put my own slant on this statement, as I see it differently. What one person regards as a waste of money, another would see it as a desirable object to own, largely depending on whether the person has the means to pay for it or not. If a super yacht gives pleasure to someone and they can afford it, I don't see it as a waste of money. It does not matter to me what they spend their money on. If I was filthy rich I might buy one myself.

The yachts themselves will have provided many people with an income, from the architects who designed them, to the engineers who built them. I don't begrudge anyone earning a living from supplying the rich with toys to play with. The yachts will continue to provide employment to people for as long as they exist, and probably after they have been de commissioned and broken up for scrap. Maintenance work will need to be carried out on a regular basis, giving work to engineers, painters and decorators, and cleaners. The crew will be paid to move the boats around the world. Suppliers will be making food deliveries, and catering staff will be cooking it.

They may be sold on several times during their lifetime, giving employment to accountants and members of the legal profession. With each change of ownership there will be refurbishment and upgrades, giving more people jobs.

I see them as things of beauty, not ostentatious symbols of capitalism as many people might think of them.  True only the rich can afford them, and in a way, it does seem unfair that only the priviledged few get to play with toys like this. I would like to see a fairer society where wealth is more evenly distributed, but it just isn't going to happen.

Then there is the question of how some people come into great wealth to be able to afford such luxury. To be honest I don't care and it is none of my business. Some people are gifted enough to make money, others are not and that's how it will always be. Wealth does not guarantee you happiness, as most of us know. Some people say they wouldn't mind being rich and miserable, at least they would be comfortable. My preference is to find happiness with what little I have.

Even the wealthy have their ups and downs. Relationship problems, family disputes, poor health, (some of it self inflicted), businesses collapse, leeches who pretend to be friends, divorce, not to mention the hell that the paparazzi vultures give you. Having money does not make you immune from whatever crap others may throw at you. Yes you may be able to hide yourself away in your multimillion pound yacht, but you can't escape the turmoil in your own head.

As usual there is the barrage of negative comments coming out on the Mail article, from those who are envious and bitter. Heaven forbid if someone is actually enjoying a lifestyle which they can well afford. Envy is a destructive emotion which can eat away at your soul. Envy can screw your brain up so that you are no longer able to recognise what is really important in life.

I feel no animosity whatsoever towards rich people. I have no interest in how they accumulate their wealth, or how they spend it. If Frank Lowy wants to buy a super yacht called ILONA, I am happy for him to borrow my name, ha ha.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A bit of a cat fight

At last we have summer, let's hope it is here to stay. It was a beautiful morning for an early walk, curtains were still closed as I set off, why are they still in bed. Sunday is traditionally a 'lie in' day, I can remember lying in untill my mother called me for lunch at 1pm. Good grief, what a lot of time I wasted in bed. Now I am up with the lark, and looking forward to whatever the day brings.

After the walk, Sue and me went off to do a home check, we weren't quite sure if the house was in a good place for cats to be because there is a long straight road out the front. But the fact that it is in the middle of the countryside with no other houses near, and they have a lot of land, was a plus point. The people were experienced cat lovers, so we matched them up with the best cats for their situation. We had two six year old cats who are not bothered about leaving their home comforts, and now these two are starting their new life in a new home tonight.

Hey, look at my hand, I am injured. How did this happen. If you have ever tried to give kittens worming mixture with a syringe, you will know how they struggle. Janet came round and we did it between us, what a kerfuffle. Ouch :o(

Tonight I have cleaned out the kittens room, I chucked them out into the passage and shut myself in with the Dyson. That's better, there was cat litter everywhere, and cat hairs all over the carpet. Now it's nice and clean.

Anyway, it's almost 9.30pm and I've got to go out and water the veg before it gets dark, as we haven't had any rain today. Also got to sort out the cardboard wheelie bin, I have too much so I need to cut it down so it all fits in. Best get on with it then.

STOP PRESS. Janet has just told me about this. It's my yacht, the Ilona is moored at Canary Wharf for the Olympic games. OMG, I want to go and see it.

Read about it here...

Toodle pip.


Oh dear, no time to post yesterday, things was a bit busy. Sometimes I have nowt to do, then I have loads, I have to spread myself around a bit. Some people get big chunks others get little chunks. That's how it goes.

Someone is coming to collect a wardrobe which I am giving away, so that had to be dug out of a corner in the spare room. After emptying it I now find I have some junk to get rid of, so that will be another trip to the dump sometime this week. Why do I keep so much polystyrene and cardboard packaging. It seems a good idea at the time, I might have a flash of inspiration and make something usefull out of it, but if it is still hanging around years later I might as well chuck it.

More research on the internet for the trip. I've found a bed in a farmhouse B & B for the Tuesday night, just where I want to be. After having tea and scones with a lovely blogger friend near Oxford, my B & B will be just great for my visit to Blenheim the next day. Also it looks like I might be meeting another blogger friend down in Portsmouth, so if you are reading this, I will email you when I know the times I have free, and hope you will be free as well. It's turning out to be a real bloggy holiday, that's three I am meeting so far, any more?

The phone was hot yesterday, we've had two requests for cats and kittens, so me and Janet spent a bit of time on google maps, checking them out. Me and Sue are off to do a home check this morning as we are not quite sure if it is a suitable location. I think we'll also take a look at the second place as well while we are out.

Must dash, got things to do. Back later. Toodle pip.

Friday, 20 July 2012

If it aint broke, leave it alone

I had a phone call this morning which almost rendered me speechless. It was one of those sales chat thingys, you know, when some stranger rings up and instantly wants to be your best friend. They say, 'Hi, how are you this fine morning?' All chummy chummy like. This one was called Jason. If they catch me at the wrong time I usually answer with a brief 'No thanks, I don't want one,' or, 'I don't wish to speak to you,' and immediately put the phone down.

This morning however I decided to listen to his spiel, as he was a well spoken, presumably English person, with no hint of a foreign accent. He knew my name of course, they all do, and he spoke in a friendly manner. He asked me about my Dyson vacuum cleaner, how long had I owned it. I replied, 'Oh I don't know, ages.'

I added that I am pleased with it, and that it does the job very well. I wondered what the reason for his call was, is he about to try and sell me another one, or some other appliance with the Dyson name on it. I was intrigued as to why someone should want to chat about my Dyson.

The next line from his script revealed all. 'When did you last have it serviced, was it recently?' I nearly choked on my bran flakes. This dozy so and so was trying to sell me a chuffin service for my vacuum cleaner, I ask you, what a plonker. Does anyone get their Dyson serviced in this day of austerity, of cutting back, of watching every penny? I shouldn't think so. I have never in my life had a vacuum cleaner serviced, and I aint going to start now. There are far more important things to spend my money on, the only thing that gets serviced is my car these days.

I couldn't help myself with my reply. 'Serviced, good God, I never get it serviced. I am not one of those people who get it out every day, I hate housework. It gets used maybe two hours every month, that's enough for me. If it works it works, if it stops it stops, that's it.' Then he was stuck for words, and said 'Goodbye, thank you for your time.'

I know there is someone who is going to say I can have these sales calls barred, but to be honest, I don't mind some of them, they are a great source of amusement.

Bye the way, I've just dug out the receipt for my Dyson. It was purchased in March 2002, from Comet. So for ten years it has been working fine without any meddling from me. The book gives instructions on how to wash the pre-motor filter, apparently it should be done every six months, what a faff, I won't bother. If it aint broke leave it alone, that's my motto. Toodle pip.   

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Got anything to flog?

You never know what you are going to find when you go for a walk. This morning I took Henry to Normanby Hall, our stately home in the next village. It's a 20 minute walk across the fields. What did I find, a queue of people winding their way around the building. I'm going in for a closer look.

Aha, we have a film crew here, how exciting.

I stand and watch for a while, being nosey I want to know what's going on.

Over there on the lawn is a posh tent, with lots of chairs set out in rows.

Be patient Henry, I want to watch what they are doing, I'm interested in this filming lark.

Who's this bloke in a blue suit walking up and down?

He could be somebody famous perhaps.

He's reading his notes and talking to himself a lot.

People are waiting patiently.

Ah, here he comes, back again.

I wonder if he will fluff his lines again.

I did a bit of filming of my own.....move over Spielberg, ha ha.

Now the crowds have been moved forward, and there is more filming to do.

He's really getting into his roll now, such a pro. Go on, sock it to them.

That's it, get 'em in the tent now, I've done my bit.

A quick look over the shoulder of the camera man, might pick up a few tips.

That's it, they're all in the tent now. Me and Henry are off home.

It's not every day you come across Paul Martin being filmed for 'Flog it', a programme on BBC Television. My life is so exciting. Toodle pip.