Saturday 31 March 2018

Time to make some more shopping bags

Hello. What a dull day it has been. I took Bailey poodle out this morning, Ken his regular walker is on holiday, and when that job was done I was straight back home and haven't been anywhere else.

I am having an arty interlude at the moment, until the next project pops into my head. I remembered I had cut some fabric out to make shopping bags, from the last lot I got from the Scrapstore. A good idea to get on with the job. Might as well make a video as well, not a full and detailed tutorial, but just to get people motivated to have a go and make one for themselves, and to get the message across that we need to stop using plastic bags.

I haven't finished them all so no photo yet. They can be sold on our cat stall at the Summer Fair in June, and I will give some away when I go shopping.

Is anyone else making them? I don't spend time decorating them, or adding pockets, or patchworking them together with smaller bits of fabric, it's too time consuming. Plain and simple, two large pieces, back and front, and two handles. They are meant for grocery shopping so are going to get thrown around from supermarket trolley, into the car boot, then into the house, and back again.

Crikey, it's wind down time, so I'll put the big computer on and watch some yooootoooob. I'm hooked on Money For Nothing at the moment, I love to see what they will make out of any old rubbish that they pick up at the dump. I like Norman's creations, Josh and Ollie come up with some amazing ideas, and the two newish presenters are good fun. Haven't seen Bex the Blacksmith for a while, she makes me laugh.

Don't forget what day it is tomorrow. IT'S THE 1ST of APRIL, check in day for the International Walking Group. I love the way everyone is putting their name in the box before posting their comment. Now I know that you are all on board I can zap those pesky Anon spammers in double quick time. They are coming in thick and fast now, as soon as I see that word down the right hand side of my screen it's bye bye sunshine, off you go.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Friday 30 March 2018

Doodling on stones

Hello. It's very quiet here, I think a lot of people have gone away for the Easter holidays. That's why I went last week, to avoid them. I prefer taking my holidays when the kiddywinks are at school. 
I've been doodling on stones. First painted them with acrylic paint, then added detail with felt tip pens. The two bigger ones are 2.5 inches across, and the small on 2 inches across. They needed two or three coats to build up the colour, because the detail soaks into the base paint. The colours have not come out right in the photos of the first one, the blue is actually green. Don't know how that happens. 

This one is all paint, except the outlines of the flowers which is black marker pen.

Not bad for a first attempt. I'll be looking for stones now when I am out and about, ha ha.

Thank you all for putting your name at the top of your comments in the previous post. It means I can check through them a lot quicker and weed out the rogue Anons and dump them. It also makes the blog look a lot more tidy and easy to read. Be gone, those horrible Anons.

Time for dinner. I am using up what I already have in the cupboards and freezer, will probably go shopping at some point next week when the shops won't be so busy, hopefully.

Thank you for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

Thursday 29 March 2018

An experiment.

Hello. Right, Debi has got it, she can now put her name at the top of her comments, which helps me to sort out the Anonymous genuine comments from the Anonymous spam comments. Here are the instructions on how to do it, let's see how many Names we can get in boxes.

The Comment form at the bottom of every post. Write your comment in the Enter your comment ... box as normal. Next to my picture it says Comment as, and there is a little downward pointing arrow. Click on that arrow.   

It will open a drop down box with a menu, with eight options. Click on Name/URL to highlight it.  

This box will open. Put your name, real or user name, in the top box. Don't put anything in the URL box, leave it empty. Click on Continue.

Proof read before you click Publish so you don't need to use Preview. Next click Publish and it is sent to my Awaiting Moderation box. It will appear when I have read it. Your name (not Joe Bloggs), will then appear on the top of your comment in bold black type.

Let's have a practice day. Send a comment using this method, and we'll see how many Anonymous's we can get rid of. Trudy, and Sharon, and Jean, and Debi, are already doing it, so thank you.

It's late so I'll say Goodnight. I'm still coughing and sniffing but not quite so bad. I did a two mile walk around the village, that was enough. By the time I had stopped to talk to several people I was ready for a sit down. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Getting back into the swing of things

Hello. An easy day for me today. I had a wander up the garden to check the temperature outside, thought I might go for a little bimble around the village. Oooh, too cold, I'll wait until tomorrow. It's been raining a lot as well. I've been amusing myself on yoootooob, watching arty crafty videos to get back into swing of things. Some were about painting stones, I have some in a drawer so got them out and made a start on them.

The cats have been demanding my attention. Mayze was so pleased that she had someone to sleep with last night, and wanted to snuggle up on top of me. I can't sleep like that so moved her to one side. This morning Mayze was the first one to sit on my knee while I was drinking my mug of coffee, much to the disgust of Heidi who was looking daggers at her. Heidi gets most of my attention anyway because she sits next to me on the computer desk.

I made this little video while I was away, just uploaded it this afternoon. It was from Day 3, Burnley to Haworth.

My walking total now stands at 309. The target for the 1000 mile challenge for three months is 250, so I am ahead at the moment. This means I have some miles in the bank so to speak, so I won't need to do my three miles every single day.

So how are you all doing with your walking challenges? It will be the 1st of April on Sunday, that is the day to report in with your miles. I have opened up the comments to include Anonymous. If you are using this please include your name with your text, so I can see at a glance that it is a genuine comment from a genuine reader. It will make it easier for me to sort out the spam rubbish.

I'm still coughing and sneezing but it is easing off a bit now. Chuffin cold, haven't had one for years typical that I should catch one at the worst possible time. I blame the lad on the train who was coughing a lot just across the aisle. I should have moved seats.

That's me done for tonight. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Monk Fryston to Newland. Day 6.

Hello. I didn't have a very good night, my cold got worse, throat was sore, and I couldn't stop coughing. On top of that, the nose was running like a tap. I wondered whether to carry on, but I thought things would improve once I got some lung fulls of cold fresh air inside me. 
It was drizzly rain when I set off at 9.30am, and I had to get the brolly out when it came down a bit heavier. The forecast said it wouldn't last so I wasn't too bothered. It was a bit cold though. I had it in mind to go straight across on minor roads, the footpaths over fields would have been very boggy. I was heading for Howden, I could probably get a bed there, or a bit further on at Eastrington. 
If anyone is following my route, I went through Hillam, Gateforth, West Haddlesey, Chapel Haddlesey, Temple Hirst, Hirst Courtney, Carlton, then Newland. I was coughing and filling up a wad of tissues with my germs, all the way. I reckon I might have got this from a lad who was on the train just across the gangway from me. He coughed a lot. I never get a cold.
There wasn't much of interest to take photo's of, so the camera stayed in my pocket. I like the way they have made good use of this redundant phone box. A mini library, the books were all good quality. 
The landscape is not very interesting in these parts, acres and acres of flat agricultural land, mostly ploughed fields at this time of the year till the crop growing season starts.

 I stopped for a bite to eat at a childrens play ground, I remember sitting on the bench there before when I was walking in these parts. It got to about 2.30pm and I was getting tired, it was becoming a drudge, and I was not enjoying it. All of a sudden I decided to go home, but I was in the middle of no-where and it was going to take me another hour and a half to get to either Howden, or Goole, where I would seek out public transport.

I sent a 'help', text to Janet to ask her to look up train and bus times out of these two places. She rang me back with a couple of alternatives, depending on what time I could get to these places. I thought I was on target to make the 4pm train at Goole, if not then definitely the 5 o clock.

About ten minutes later I arrived at a junction and needed to cross the River Aire. I had walked into a dead end and was trapped. Where I thought there was a crossing, there wasn't, oh no. There is a corner between the Ouse and the Aire where there is no way out apart from a massive detour. Not too bad in a car, but my feet were not going to make it. I decided to knock on a door to ask for advice about what to do, which was the best way to go.

A man came out and he said it would be unwise to scramble up a bank and continue along a busy elevated road with fast moving traffic. I was desperate to get to the station at Goole so I thought I would take a chance. Then completely out of the blue the kindly man offered to take me to the outskirts of Goole in his car. By this time I had had enough of walking with sore feet, and coughing my heart out, so I accepted the lift. It was quite a distance, I would never have made it and would be stuck with no-where to sleep.

What a star eh! We chatted like we were old buddies, it goes to show there are some decent kind people out there willing to help. So, if you are reading this Stuart, thank you for the lift, it was very much appreciated. I got the 4pm train, changed at Doncaster, and arrived in Scunthorpe at 5pm. Lovely friend and cat sitter Janet was there to pick me up. What do you think Puddy Tat, that was one hell of an adventure wasn't it. Are you glad to be going home. By the way, Stuart is a cat person, which makes him a good guy in my books.
I walked 15 miles today, making a grand total of 110 over six days. I think that's quite good. Now I rest.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Monday 26 March 2018

Leeds to Monk Fryston. Day 5.

Hello. I didn't quite make the distance I wanted to do today, it took a while to get through the centre of Leeds. I was aiming for Selby, but I only made it as far as Monk Fryston, so I have got to work harder over the next two days to make it up. Thinking about it, perhaps Selby was a bit too optimistic, I finished on 17 miles, and Selby is seven miles away. It would have been doable if I had got through and out of Leeds a bit quicker. 
I was trying to follow the National Cycle network signs, but lost them at one point as they don't put them on every junction. Then I followed the road signs for Selby, and picked up the cycle route again. Part of the route was missing as it went close to a massive construction site, so I was back on the road signs again. 
The hotel I left this morning. Brilliant sunshine again. 
 A few pics of walking through Leeds. Everyone was busy, going to work, going to meetings, dragging wheelie bags and cases, walking about with their phones pressed to their ears and juggling a cup of coffee.

This building was gorgeous so I stuck my nose inside. The Corn Exchange houses a lot of small specialist shops and coffee chops, and eateries.

It's very ornate, a lovely atmosphere. Very quiet at ten o clock on a Monday morning, the shops opening up for the days trading.

The building next door has an interesting mural on the side.

As with a lot of these period buildings the best part is the upper floors, lots of interesting architecture.

Aha, that's where I am heading, Garforth. I roamed around the back streets for a while trying to get my bearings. The mobile library man was helpful with some suggestions.

Time for lunch at Garforth. I found a bench in a pretty memorial garden. I needed to change my socks, for the second time. I thought two pairs of fresh socks would be more comfortable, wrong, the first pair were better so I changed back again.

I went under railway lines and over them, under motorways and over them, trying to keep off the major routes with no footpaths. From Garforth I went to Micklefield, then Newthorne, This is Steeton Hall gatehouse, zoomed in from the road.

I stopped in South Milford to ask some people sitting on a bench if there was anywhere I could get a bed. The only suggestion they made was Monk Fryston Hall, but it would be expensive. I decided to carry on anyway because there was a pub marked on the map, maybe they had beds. No, they didn't do rooms, but the bar lady told me to ask at the Post Office because they did B & B. I looked at the long driveway opposite, to the Hall, and thought that would be a last resort if I couldn't get anywhere else. Bingo, it was my lucky day, they had a room in the barn next to the Post Office, and it's blooming lovely.

The people were ever so nice, large assortment of drinks and biscuits, and they made me a pot of tea  with a cake, on a tray. I don't very often drink tea, but I was thirsty.

Look at the fabulous bed, it's massive. The room is newly decorated, the bathroom is gorgeous. Lucky me. It's costs a bit more than the Holiday Inn, but hey, I'm worth it, ha ha.

The Barn at Monk Fryston.

Now it's time to study maps, to find a bed somewhere at the halfway stage of the rest of the trip. I had a couple of places in mind, but that might not work now because of the extra miles I have to do. Running total is 95 miles, about another 35 left to do.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Sunday 25 March 2018

Haworth to Leeds. Day 4.

Hello. Have you been enjoying the walk up to now? The best day for weather has to be today, it started off sunny, and stayed sunny. I even had to change out of my trousers and put my skirt on, my legs were sticky hot. The mileage is back up again because it was mainly flat walking, so 20 miles done today, making a running total of 78.  
I took this photo from exactly the same spot when I was last in Haworth still a lovely view. 
Today was going to be a canal day, the easiest way to get to Leeds. I followed the road to Harden and to bypass Bingley I cut off down a really narrow road only meant for local traffic to gain access to houses. Beck Foot is a tiny hamlet with a big ford. The water is quite deep I wouldn't want to go through it with anything less than a big 4 x 4 vehicle. Luckily there is a narrow footbridge for pedestrian access. I was a magical spot with the sun bouncing off the fast flowing water.

I went past a school and over the main road and railway line to join the Liverpool Leeds Canal. 25 minutes to Saltaire. The canal goes through Shipley, but I didn't get off it, I carried straight on.

The first of several locks I saw. Hardly any boats on the move, surprising because it was such a nice day.

The sun has brought everyone out, the canal towpath was very busy with walkers, families, joggers, kids, dogs, and loads of cyclists. It was a bit too busy at times.

Leaving Saltaire, one of my favourite places, but no time to stop and look today.

More locks, two together this time. A boat was navigating it's way through them, which brings people to stand and watch.

 A small Marina.

Canal walking sounds like a really nice thing to do, and it is, for a while, but mile after mile can be a bit monotonous. A short stroll for a couple of miles is enough. Another thing I noticed that with so many people about, and not many hidey holes in bushes, it was not easy to find cover for a pee, ha ha.

I got off the canal at 6pm, almost in the centre of Leeds. I thought I was making good progress and might go further on, until I got a phone call from Janet, when she reported in that the pussies were fine. She reminded me that the clocks went forward overnight and I had forgotten about it, bother, I had lost an hour, so time to stop. I had it in mind to go to the Holiday Inn yet again, and was very pleased when I saw the big sign on the top of a tall building over to my left. Luckily there is a mini supermarket across the road so I was able to buy my picnic food to have in my room. All's well that ends well.

Hows the old body shaping up? The leg muscles are not so stiff now, they are getting used to the daily slog. They are only stiff when I sit down and get up again, so it's best to keep going. The blisters aren't a problem, stick a needle in them and release the fluid and smother with Germoline. The sniffles and sneezes have not got any worse, must be all that fresh air. Day three is usually the killer, and that has gone now. I'm more than half way, and the rest of it should be a bit easier.

I'm going to chill in this nice hotel room. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Saturday 24 March 2018

Burnley to Haworth. Day 3.

Hello. Not quite as many miles today, 16 from Burnley to Haworth. The terrain at times was pretty taxing, when off the road and on the moors it was quite boggy, with hidden rocks protruding, loose scree, and deep ruts full of water. It was not a day to make good progress. I am happy with the mileage though.
After a hearty breakfast I left the hotel at 9.00am, and headed out on the A62, then on to a monor road, passing the hospital, and carrying straight on up Halifax Road. It was a long and arduous climb to start the day. 
I have no idea what this building is, but I think it's beautiful.

As I got out into the countryside,I looked over yonder, this is where I am heading for. I went through Haggart, and Lane Bottom, and past the horse riding school.

I thought this was a good idea. This bin looks like it has been out on the front for a long time. Like a permanent stop speeding sign.

Time to get off the road and go across the moors. I am choosing a wellused bridleway so I don't get lost. The Pendle Way and the Bronte Way are part of the Pennine Bridleway.

Must do a selfie. The weather is holding out, it's a perfect day for walking. Very little wind, some cloud but no rain.

Suddenly hoards of people were coming towards me, they seemed in a bit of a hurry. No one spoke, heads down looking where they were putting there feet, they were surely on a mission. Fell running is a popular sport, personally I don't see the attraction. You get filthy, sweaty, don't see anything of the scenery, and some of them looked like they were in agony. I would rather walk a hundred miles than run ten miles through rough terrain.

 I took ten minutes to sit by this bridge watching and listening to the water tumbling over the rocks. Very relaxing. By this time I was completely alone.

Back on the road again, and a pile of household rubbish that has been dumped on the grass verge. Over the last three days I have noticed that there are increasing anount of litter about, such a shame. I would like to see all fast food takeaways closed down.

Walking alongside Watersheddies Reservoir.

I took a break sitting on a wall and snapped this picture of Ponden Reservoir. That's the direction I am heading.

 At last I was in Haworth. I was surprised to see hoards of people crowded into the main street and wondered what was going on. They were waiting for Paul Hudson and colleagues from Look North, a BBC local television news programme. There were due to push a sofa through and were collecting money for Comic Relief. I didn't hang around as my feet are sore, and my legs ache, so best to keep going till the end. I picked up some food from The Spar shop.

Tomorrow I'm on my way to Leeds. I'll see you there. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.