Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Working out the puzzle.

Board number seven. this one was quick and easy to make. The word 'puzzle' came into my head and something clicked. Yes, I have three small puzzles, maybe I could use some of the pieces. The normal way to start a jigsaw puzzle is to find the four corners then put aside all the pieces with a straight edge to make up the outside, filling in the middle last. 
What about going against the rules, doing it the other way round, and putting the four corners in the middle. Then play around with what's left to make up a new picture. So what that the colours don't match up, and the pieces are not a snug perfect fit, isn't that a bit like life? 
Sometimes things didn't fit together in my life, sometimes it went a bit off course, so I looked for a different direction. Finding my way was a bit of a puzzle, I got a bit lost at times, so I looked for a different way of doing things. I was able to solve my puzzles by changing direction. 
I like this puzzle, it has dead ends, but if you turn something inside out there could well be a different outcome. Always worth a try. 

I have been given tons of fabric. A neighbours grandma has passed away and she had a massive hoard of all things fabric and wool. Luckily people round here have heard about my re cycling and re using endeavours, and my keen interest in saving things from landfill.

This came in four very full and heavy plastic bin bags. I have sorted it and folded it and put it into boxes. I have been told there is more to come. Bring it on, I will find a good home for it. 

Some will be shopping bags, I've made ten here, some will be given to friends at Crafty Club, and some will be donated to the Scrapstore. 
Today is the last day of the month, that means it's check in day for members of the International Walking Group, tomorrow the 1st of August. Are you ready for it? I am ahead of my target due to the extra walks in Yorkshire. Let's see how everyone else is doing. Has the weather been against you? I went out this morning because rain is expected later. Good luck everyone. 
Toodle pip.  Ilona 

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

No flower power here

Another board finished, but I'm not overly chuffed with this one. The object of the exercise was to create something different, to stretch my imagination, and explore different methods of construction and materials. With this one I have copied something I've done before, taken the easy option. I have made felt flowers as tree decorations, and done a big wall hanging covered in them, so this is nothing new. 
It's the comfort zone thing, not wanting to make an effort and try something else. When new ideas are not forthcoming it's easy to back pedal and continue on as before. Turn round and go back. Forward is the way to go. I haven't spaced them out very well either.

The next one is more interesting. Just one word triggered the idea, 'puzzle'. Sometimes that's all it needs, one word. Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 29 July 2019

A little bit of weaving

Here is the next one in the series 'What can you put on an 8" x 6" board'  After watching a few of Lana's weaving videos, see previous post, I thought I would have a go. I wrapped some string around the board, top to bottom, and did a simple landscape background with blue and green wool.
Then made the tree and stitched it on. I used a curved needle because I only had the front to work from, couldn't push a needle from front to back.  
Add some loose green French knots.

The back. I used a dab of superglue to keep the two ends attached to the board.

I'm trying to keep these ideas simple, trying not to get carried away and spend hours on it. The whole idea is to stop the thought processes in a shorter time and not procrastinate. When it's done it's done, move on. 
Off to Crafty Club now.  Toodle pip.  Ilona 

Saturday, 27 July 2019

The White Horse in Yorkshire

I was hoping to do another 12 miles walk on Tuesday, but it was not to be. It was so hot I had to give up after 4 miles. I left my car at the B & B and set off walking towards the White Horse. Up through the wood at the back of the church. It was a lovely morning, but not even a whisper of a breeze. 
That's where I'm heading. I decided not to take the footpath from the car park at the bottom, but to go slightly to the right and pick up the track up through the woods to the gliding club, then do a left turn and come back down the footpath to the horse. 
It was a long hard slog up High Town Bank Road, even though most of it was through woods to give me some shade. I trudged on sweating buckets and wondered whether to give up half way and go home. No, I had got this far so I slowed my pace and took my time. Out of the woods and across this field. It was very hot.

The stile at the bottom to get onto the road was well hidden. Had to fight my way through the ferns. 

I followed the tarmac road until I came to a junction and did a sharp left, and arrived at the gliding club. There were a few people about checking gliders.

There is a building with a viewing area. I went inside to get some shelter from the sun, thinking it would be cooler. It wasn't, so I sat at a picnic table outside and there was a gentle breeze. Time for a snack and a drink. Every ten minutes a small light aircraft took off pulling the glider behind it.

It was downhill from now on and I arrived at the top of the White Horse. There is nothing of the horse to see from up here. Nice views over Yorkshire. 
Halfway down the steps to the car park. Looks like the vegetation below it has been cleared away.

Zoom in, it needs some maintenance. Weeds coming through, more white chips to cover up the weed suppressant. The White Horse is not white, it's a muddy grey.

Cutting the walk short and going back to the car. It's too hot to do any more. For more information on the White Horse of Kilburn look here.

The gliders are still gliding. Wonder if it is as hot up there. I went in a glider once, it is a lovely experience. Floating like a bird with no sound, all quiet.

I was back home by 4.30pm. Cats are fine, thanks to Janet. Sun is nice, but too much of it is draining. 
As I write this on Saturday morning it is bucketing it down outside. A big thunderstorm is passing over. Another reason to stay indoors. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.  ilona 

Friday, 26 July 2019

Kilburn, Byland Abbey, Ampleforth, a walk

It's Friday already and I haven't posted about what happened on Monday yet. A bit of catching up to do. This is Church B & B at Kilburn, my room was top left overlooking the cottages on the other side of the road. When I got there on Sunday evening I found a note on the front door telling me which room to go in. Carol runs it, everything was perfect, lovely room, nice and clean en suite, and a very reasonable price. Check the web site if you want to know more. 
The cottage opposite the church. 
After a hearty breakfast off I went with snacks and plenty to drink, it was going to be a hot day. Up a shady lane past the cows.

Through a wood.....

And into the village of High Kilburn.

I followed the sign for Byland Abbey.

It's an English Heritage site, free to go in. I wrote about this on a previous trip five years ago. Additional photo's of the Abbey and Kilburn here.

I had a wander around, trying to imagine how it might have been all those years ago. It's a very big site.

I took footpaths and roads through Wass, to Ampleforth. Typical of the cottages round here.

Fantastic views. It was windy but I was glad of that, it kept me cool.

The good thing about visiting villages at this time of the year is the abundance of flowers everywhere.

Walking with a skirt on again. The wafting around my legs is more comfortable than shorts, and keeps the sun off my legs.

There is a village shop at Ampleforth so a Magnum ice cream was in order. I tried a raspberry one this time, very nice. Then it was time to turn around and head back. I chose a different route, through woods, mostly on roads, arriving back at Kilburn at 6pm. 12 miles walked. It was only because it was windy that I was able to walk that far. Another walk planned for tomorrow. It's supposed to be even hotter, have to see how it goes. Toodle pip.  ilona

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Yarn bombing in Thirsk.

This has to be the best yarn bombing I have ever seen. The people of Thirsk should be proud of themselves for making their town look beautiful. The bollards surround the market square, some parking is allowed on the cobbles, and there are traffic free seating areas on both sides of the main road going through it. Places to shop and eat and no litter to be seen. I like it here. Rather a lot of photo's, couldn't help myself, had to snap them. Enjoy.  

Thirsk Yarnbombers have a page on the Tourist Information site. Check it out for more information. 
They also have a visitors book on their Facebook page

Phew it's hot again today. I've done my walk early and won't be going outside again, far too hot for me. How are you coping? Luckily my house is cool. Plenty to do inside.

More holiday pics tomorrow. Toodle pip.  ilona