Saturday 30 April 2011

Yes or No? Help! I don't know

My poor little brain is pickled. We have an important decision to make this week, and I've been trying to get to grips with FPTP v AV. I've read the book sent by The Electoral Commission, riveting stuff, ha ha, and I've been on the website and watched Victor the Voter explain how both systems work. I've read forums to find out what other people think about it, and I'm still non the wiser.

Alternative Voting sounds very complicated, it's going to take ages to count the votes if we move over to that system, and it looks like a lot of mistakes could be made and a lot of recounts will be needed. First Past the Post is simple enough, the person with the most votes wins.

I'm in two minds what to vote for, YES or NO. Is it a case of 'Better the devil you know', or, Let's have a stab at a new system and see what happens'. Oh dear, I'll go to bed and think about it, still got a few more days to decide. Help, somebody please tell me what to do! Goodnight

Friday 29 April 2011

By Royal invitation ;o)

Phew, here I am back from the wedding. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier but I didn't get my invite till the last minute. A letter from Her Majesty no less. She said she saw me on the TV, and she is most impressed by my money saving tips, and as she is in dire straights herself she is going to take my advice and have a rummage in Phill's undie drawer, next time she has to chuck a pair of her own baggy kecks out ;o)

You wouldn't believe the crowds, my feet are killing me. I took my camera, but, I forgot to charge the battery, so I only managed a few snaps, silly me.

Here is one of Vicky's hat, why it was hafway down her face I do not know. Get out of the way you plonker, bloomin bloke has messed my picture up.

Sorry, they wouldn't let me in the Abbey, so I missed all that, and I had to fight my way through the crowds to get these. As I was snapping I overheard little bits of conversation.

'Just a minute Miss, your frock is stuck on a rusty nail, don't pull it or you'll tear it'.

'You've got your ruddy great foot on it now'. Oh dear things don't seem to be going too well.

'Well that's it Willy, you're stuck with me now, a few more waves and we can go for a cuppa'. 'Oh blimey Katie, do I have to'.

'Here's the gang, keep an eye on that Harry with my sister, don't want any shenanigans going on today. One royal in the family is enough'.

'Come on, give us a snog, you know you want to'. 'Oh alright then, can we go now'.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Aaah, such a lovely couple. I hope I am still around to see you on the throne.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Pants v knicks

More details are required about my pants, so this post is for She dragon. My hips are 36"- 37", depending on how much I have eaten, ha ha, and the label inside says Tesco, age 13 - 14 years, waist 72cm or 28 and a half inches. These are briefs so they don't come up to my waist. They are a snug fit, don't go baggy so don't fall down. I like to feel properly covered and decent.

I bought them in a pack years ago for about £1.50 - £2, can't remember. I've just had a look at the Tesco web site and they have similar but different colours, for £4 a pack of five pairs.

Then I looked at the ladies briefs for something like it. They have a pack of four ladies biggish knickers for £4, cotton, but they don't look very robust at all. Can't see them lasting as long. They also have single hipster briefs for £3 - £4 a pair. They might last a bit longer but I would expect the frilly bits to become a bit frayed over time. So for five pairs of ladies briefs at either £15 or £20, it's worth considering boys pants if you can get into them ;0)

I am a Super Scrimper

Well I have just watched myself, looks as though I haven't brushed my hair, but that's how I always look. I should have worn something with bolder colours but was told not to weat stripes or spots, and I have a lot of stripey tops. That's the pants thing over and done with then, think I shall always be remembered for my pants, ha ha, but I'll say it again, boys pants last a lot longer than womens knicks.

With the juice clip, I wasn't allowed to say the juice was out of date, January 2011, which makes it a lot cheaper at 50p a carton. Diluted, that's a lot of drinks for 50p. If I want a warm drink, I pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Good to see Euen from Wales on there, with his candle making, another Tightest Person contestant. And lovely to see the young lady, having different ages take part makes it more appealing to a wider audience.

The programme is getting better week by week. I think it would be a good idea to continue this series indefintately, because there is a need. We have to remember that not everybody has the required skills needed to live within their means, as it has been shown. In fact all this should be taught in schools, the youngsters would benefit by being guided by the more experienced, to put them on the right path for a good life.

There will probably be more clips from me in the next programmes, because they filmed such a lot, three more to go I think. I'm sorry my overseas readers cannot access it, as Joyfull pointed out, it probably has something to do with a licence agreement. Youtube is not global, there are restrictions. I don't know how to get round that, there will be some coding in there to prevent distribution. Perhaps one day we will not be allowed to view TV programmes in this country without some kind of licence, though I don't know how they could implement that. Hopefully it won't happen yet and I can still view online for a few more years for the price of broadband.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Buy it when it's cheap and freeze it

While you have been watching me on the box I have been sorting my shopping out. I went to the other end of town today, in search of Felix cat food on special offer, and found some at Pet's At Home. This is not a shop I would normally buy from as everything is too expensive, but on my cherry picking expeditions sometimes they have got exactly what I want. I will not pay more than £2.50 for a box of 12 pouches, and there is always one of the big shops or supermarkets who will have it at the right price. So I stocked up enough for when I go on my hols.

Right next door to Pets At Home is Morrisons, so a look in there for reductions on food about to go out of date. Bingo, some good buys on the bread counter and the chiller cabinet. I got four family size packets of Tortelloni, down to 45p each. Was £2.29 each. That's a massive saving of £7.36.

I split them into 16 individual portions, and now they are in the freezer. Add some steamed veg to these and I have 16 very cheap meals.

As you can see by my till receipt, most of the items are reduced, that is my weekly shop for £10.91, and £3.78 of that is for cat items. The Value cat litter which I mix with the special offer Tesco litter, and four small balls for the kittens to play with.

My freezer is full and I have a swede, onions, carrots, and bananas left from last week, so I don't need to buy anything else.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Screen Queen

Looking back on the filming last week, I am begining to wonder which bits they are going to include in the programme, I don't know myself untill it goes out. A lot of people would not offer to take part in anything like this, for whatever reason, but when they asked me, I thought why not, a bit of fun. Why not step out of my comfort zone, grab every opportunity, and embrace every experience. Life is for living, and it is better to have tried, than to go your grave with a list of things you wished you had done. Ok, so I have been filmed before, several times, I had a pretty good idea of what it's about, but I have no idea what will be shown on the screen. I took a chance, my life in their hands, my choice.

Filming was a long days work, non stop except for ten minutes break for lunch. As soon as the crew arrived it was straight to it, the camera was set up on the pavement in front of my house and all I had to do was look into it. That took about an hour.

Once inside, I could see that the producer had a long list of scenes she wanted to shoot. All the research had been done on the phone, so she could forwarn me about any props that were needed. Exact positions were essential, backgrounds have to be pleasing to the eye, scenes have to be set, and important words have to be spoken to get the message across. Their job is to produce something polished, artistic, and professionally made.

As the day was going on I found myself having to do several takes of the same scene, a bit like the out-takes you see on the comedy programmes. My brain was slowing down and processing information was becoming more and more difficult. I am a morning person and at my most energetic before mid afternoon. After that I start slowing down, not good when the pressure is on to get all the scenes in the bag by the deadline, because the crew have to catch a train back to London.

Several people have asked if I get paid for it, and the answer is no. I am at the point in my life where I can afford to do things for nothing, because I don't need to earn money, I have enough. Whatever I do now is because I want to, not because I have to. People might think I have been taken advantage of, I don't see it that way. I had a choice, I could have said no.

It was fascinating to watch the crew work, the producer giving instructions to the camera man while scrutinising my every move on a small screen she held in her hands. Her own creative flair told her exactly what she was looking for, and she had to convey the image she had in her head to the man holding the camera. The reason that so much is filmed and so little is eventually shown is because every tiny error shows up big time, so it has to be perfect. I can understand the need to strive for perfection, if I can't do a job properly I'd rather not bother at all.

Anyway, I gave it my best shot. I do know one thing though, I could never be an actor. I could never learn thousands of lines, and I could never pretend to be something or somebody I am not. I am me, what you see is what you get. I was on a chat programme on TV once, and found doing it live was far easier than being filmed, because I was in control. I can stand up and speak to an audience of two hundred no problem, again because I am in control. I feel comfortable ad libbing because what ever comes out of my mouth spontaneously and off the top of my head, is often funnier and more entertaining than words practiced over and over again.

Anyway, you are free to judge me for yourself.

Monday 25 April 2011

Re using whatever you have lying around

When you have a little job to do around the house or garden, I like the idea of recycling materials that you might have lying around in the shed or garage, instead of going out and buying new. It's easy to jump in the car and dash off to B & Q for your screws and timber, or whatever you need, it's far more satisfying if you can rummage amongst the stuff you have scavenged from skips, or what people have given you.

When the job is completed and it has cost you very little, it makes you feel good. Like the raised beds and greenhouse I made out of pallets and scavenged timber. The materials are all out there if you look for them.

My temporary cat shelter has mesh up at the door. I have used four wire shelves from a mini greenhouse which are the exact width to fit across the frame. The rest of the mini greenhouse is stood against the side of the garage awaiting it's covering of shrink wrap, it is ideal for growing tomatoes in so the shelves are not needed for that.

With some hooks screwed into the frame, the shelves hang perfectly on it, and can be secured together with clips I already had from when I had a market stall.

To get in and out is easy, unclip the two middle panels, lift them off the hooks, and climb in.

With these kittens being so small I thought they might be able to get out between the bars so I put a piece of hardboard across the bottom.

Mum cat has started to become curious as to what is going on in the outside world, and climbs up the wire to look over the top of the board. I felt a bit sorry for them, that they couldn't see anything and they might think they are in a prison. So I thought, I need a piece of glass instead of the board.

I have a collection of glass in various sizes, picked up whenever I saw them lying around. They come in usefull for protecting seedlings. I suddenly remembered I had taken apart an old stereo system which someone gave me, which was in a glass fronted cabinet, and I kept the glass. It was in the pile behind the greenhouse, so I fished it out and cleaned it up. A perfect fit.

Now the pussies can see what is going on outside their door, should make life more interesting for them. You can see the reflection of the camera looking in.

Sunday 24 April 2011

I need a free door, please.

Thank you all for enquiring about my sore hand. I can't grip with it and had difficulty opening a can. The gadget I have is a bit old fashioned, plunge the blade in and lever it around the top edge. I've just attempted to have a look under the cotton wool under the plaster, and the skin is stuck to it, so I'll soak it off tonight and put a fresh dressing on.

My right buttock is a bit sore as well, though no bruise has appeared yet, I haven't much padding there. If I was a bit older I might have broken my hip. I really must be more carefull, I am rather hoping that I can see out my life without having a hip replacement op.

Here's something that has broken, my back door looks in a sorry state with a big chunk dropped off the bottom. Luckily it is the outer back door and I have another one inside the passage which is secure.

It has panes of glass in the squares, I got fed up of cleaning them so I painted the whole door red. Do you like my cat flap, just kick the bottom pane out, easy peasy, ha ha.

I've measured it, this is my next challenge, not to go out and buy one, but to find one for free. I've looked in Freecycle but there's none there. I will look in every skip I see, and ask everyone I know, till I find one. Wish me luck.

The outside doesn't look too bad, yet. Only a matter of time before the whole of the bottom crumbles away though.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Accidents will happen

I've got a bloody hand, ooops, not swearing, it really is bloody. I was walking past a row of cottages in the village, and tripped over some lumps in the tarmac, went @rse over t1t, and put my right hand out to cushion the fall. This was followed by my right buttock hitting the deck. Don't you feel a right nellie when that happens, me and my clumsy feet.

A man came out of his house and helped me up, he invited me in to wash my bloody hand under the tap, and his wife found some savlon and a dressing. I came over all funny, on the verge of passing out, so his wife brought a chair out for me to sit on. I put my head between my legs, it's supposed to stop fainting, so I believe. Then a nurse came who lives a few doors down, she was most concernd because I had gone a deathly white. She checked my pulse and wanted to call an ambulance. I said I would be alright in a few minutes. After a drink I began to feel better, and the nice man took me home in his van. Such nice people in our village. Happily I have made a full recovery. I might take this dressing off later and wash it again, it flippin hurts like hell where all the skin was scraped off on the tarmac.

Can't sue anyone because it is an unadopted road. Never mind, I must learn to look for lumps and bumps in the road, and pick my flippin feet up.

I fancied an ice cream this afternoon, but I couldn't be bothered to go to the shop, so I had a look in my cupboard to see what I could have instead. Aha, a packet of Butterscotch flavour Angel Delight. No I didn't buy it, I never buy these instant packet mix pudding thingys. My friend gave it to me, along with a lot of other food items, after a house clear out. I also had some cows milk in the fridge, something else I don't buy, the film people left it behind. So why not give it a go, it is free after all, even though the packet is over a year out of date.

I scoffed the lot and I'm still alive to tell the tale.

Have a nice Easter.

PS. I have just noticed I have some new readers, thank you for popping by. Now I'm off for a nosey, I want to know all about you, ha ha.

Friday 22 April 2011

A cats and dogs day

I can't stand going any where near supermarkets in the run up to a bank holiday weekend, so I went to Tesco last night at 7.30pm. That was a good move because I got a lot of reduced stuff and missed the crowds. I spent £18.77 and there was £3 for cat food there, so my food for the week cost £15.77. I got lots of veg, two pieces of fresh salmon for £1 was £4, and some Value items. So far so good. Then I bought some petrol, £39.91, and it's not quite full. It will last me a while because I am going nowhere for three weeks.

Another nice day today, aren't we lucky. A walk in the woods with Henry first thing after breakfast.

There are a lot of steps, it's quite steep in places.

Come on Auntie, can I have a paddle in here? No Henry, don't you dare jump into that mud!

Later on at 11.30 we met my friend Julie, and Jessie blind dog, at the lake. We walked two circuits and both dogs loved playing in the water. Jessie stayed on her lead but wasn't too sure about getting out of her depth. She was running in and out having a wonderful time, it was lovely to see her having fun.

After lunch Sue and Janet came to visit mum and kittens. We have called her Flora. They are starting to gain a bit more confidence now, and run around the room playing.

It's been a lazy old day, I haven't got any work done at all. Never mind, it's a bank holiday. I hope you are having fun.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Not as dotty as I look

Getting involved with this filming lark, and explaining my money saving tips has made me wonder if my money saving ways are a little too extreme for most people. I sometimes surprise myself with some of my ideas, and don't know where they come from. I think it must be down to the way my logical brain works, and my reluctance to follow what is percieved to be normal behaviour, and go my own sweet way. I have never been one for following, but would rather strike out on my own voyage of discovery. 'Thinking outside the box', is a well used buzz phrase, and that's what I do.

Ok so a lot of tips are well known and have been around for years, it's good that people are using them, but when I read of how others save money, there is always something in there that I can shave even more cash from.

These are a few examples I have picked out from a forum.
Idea. To make plant labels cut strips from old plastic fabric conditioner containers.
Save even more by not buying fabric conditioner, you don't need it, use margarine tubs instead.
Idea. If you have cooked too many vegetables put them in a plastic bag and freeze them rather than throwing them away.
Save even more by getting your portions right and cooking exactly the amount you are going to eat for that meal.
Idea. Use own brand baby wipes as disposable cleaning wipes for the toilet seat and surround. They are sold as cheaply as 14p a packet.
Save even more by not buying them and using a wet cloth to wipe your toilet.
Idea. Buy own brand nappy sacks to use as dog poo bags. These are really cheap.
Save even more by not buying them at all, use the plastic bags you get free with your food purchases.
Idea. Cut up old Christmas and birthday cards to make gift tags.
Save even more by cancelling Christmas.
Idea. Cigarette ash combined with a bit of spit cleans silver brilliantly.
Save even more, stop smoking, and how can you afford silver?
Idea. Freeze your grated cheese ends. You have to defrost before using it for cooking.
Save even more, by not filling your freezer with bits of this and that which might be fogotten and never used. Pop the cheese in your mouth and eat it.
Idea. Use disposable plastic knives as plant labels.
Save even more by not buying plastic disposable knives. Use plastic bottles and cut them up.
Idea. Use a recycling crusher to reduce bulky waste items to save space. Buy one from the web, eco crusher.
Save even more by putting on a big boot and stamp on bulky item. Logical eh!

I have to say though that there are also a lot of good money saving tips about as well. So read up and cherry pick the best for yourself.

I am expecting to get the micky taken out of me when my mush appears on the box. Last time, when Tightest Person was shown, there were people who who poked fun at me, they rubbished my ideas, they said they could never live like I do. But I say each to their own. My way of living works for me, it is all down to the figures on the bottom line.

If I want to wear boys pants because it saves me money, (I still haven't bought new for absolutely ages by the way), it's up to me. If I can clean myself by having a strip wash in the kitchen in a bowl of water, that's up to me. I am living proof that my money saving methods work for me, and I am proud that I can live the life I want to live, on a pension. So I am ready for my critics. This dotty old woman is making a damn good job of organising her life.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Pussies in need of a helping hand

It's life back to normal today, I've put the house back to how it was, after yesterdays shuffling things around. Me and Henry choc lab have been swimming, well he has not me, ha ha. And look who has arrived......

This puss was found in a shed with her four babies, no one knows where she came from. They are now temporarily housed in my lock up brick out house which is attached to the main house just outside the back door. There is a wire mesh up at the door so the door can be left open. I can pop in and out to check on them.

Aren't they just adorable. Mum is all colours and the kittens are a mixture.

Eyes down chaps, time for nosh. They all tuck in together.

Mum watches over, them from inside the cupboard without doors.

Well that's me stuffed, I'm off to bed. And so they all go to sleep after their food.

Sorry the photo's are not a very good quality, but I took them without the flash, didn't want to frighten them.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

All scrimped out

Well that's it then, job done. Eight and a half hours, and my head is buzzing. Sorry, I can't tell you anything about it, but they say I won't be on till next week. I need to go and lie down.

Monday 18 April 2011

Twinkly lights for you to make

This post is for Little Blue Mouse, and anyone else who wants to have a go at making a tee light holder. It's dead easy. First take a drinks can, tall ones are the best, or you can use those super slim ones, energy drinks I think.

With a pair of nail scissors, cut the bottom off. As neat as you can but it doesn't have to be perfect. Now be carefull how you handle it and don't cut your fingers.

Next get a big pair of scissors and cut strips straight down, all around the can. Narrow strips are best but not too narrow because they can break off.

This is what you end up with.

Then get a small knife, or the nail scissors, and pull each strand between blade and thumb. You must use your other hand to hold the bottom of the strand or it will break off. I couldn't because I was holding the camera. The tighter you squeeze the strand the more curly it will be. You might like to vary the pressure so you get tight and loose curls. This is how florists curl their ribbon.

And this it it finished. You need to flatten the ring pull, or pull it off altogether if the bottom will not sit flat on the surface. I had the flash on for this picture.

And then took this one without the flash. A lovely warm glow reflecting in the metal.

You could make lots of these and dot them round a garden if you are having a barby, only if it's not windy though. There is another version where you leave two opposite strands intact to form a handle so you can hang it in a tree. To do that, in the first step you cut the bottom off in two pieces, and leave a piece going across the middle. Have fun making these.

Well I'm just about ready for tomorrow, they have told me what we will be filming, so I know what to expect. I think you will see a bit more of me than what's on here, ha ha. Not letting on you will have to wait and see. It might be a quick post tomorrow night, as I think we have a busy day. It's a hard life being a movie star, ha ha. OMG what have I done.

Sunday 17 April 2011

The early bird gets the bargains

Twas an early start for me this morning, I stirred in my bed at 4.30am and decided that was a tad too early for the car boot sale. I pushed the cat out of the way and turned over for a little bit more snoozing. It was 6am when I got up. The place was buzzing when I arrived, I began my methodical way of scrutinising every stall. Up and down the rows, being careful to remember exactly where I had been so as not to miss anything. I had a couple of things on my mind to look for, but you never know what gem you might find so you have to look at everything. There was a pile of fabric laid out on a plastic sheet, it was the 20p each, six for £1, that caught my eye. The young girl said it belonged to her grandmother, who had too much and was having a clear out. I picked out my six for a pound, the pink and the red spotty pieces are very big.

One of the things I was looking for was a saucepan to replace the grotty one on the left in this picture. The handle has fallen off and I managed to boil it dry and have never been able to get rid of the mess in the bottom. Don't worry, I have never put food directly into it, I have always used it to steam vegetables, with a baskety type thingy in the bottom. This enamel pan was given to me years ago so I haven't done too bad out of it, but it is time to chuck it. Look what I found, a stainless steel pan with lid exactly the right size. It looked a bit stained, but it was only 50p, but with a good scrub it has come up a treat. Now it's like new. If the stall holders made a bit more effort to clean up their stock they could make a bit more money. 50 flippin p eh! I'm well chuffed.

My home made wooden, plastic covered, greenhouse, doesn't have a roof at the moment. Here is my roof. A roll of shrink wrap for £1. Magic!

I like it when women want to get rid of their clothes, some of them haven't a clue what to charge and say the first number that comes into their head. You can tell the ocassional booter as opposed to those who are running a little buying and selling business. I only browse car boot sales about two or three times a year, and every time I come to this one there is a woman I know. One day I said, 'you must have a lot of stuff in your house', she said, I've just had an aunt pass away so I am clearing her house out'. She has been booting for at least ten years to my knowledge. I don't buy from her as she always has antique type stuff that I don't need. A bit further along the line I found these teeshirts two for 50p. Thank you very much, I'll have four.

I love it when I see a basket with an 'Everything 20p sign on it', I'm diving straight in there. This is what I found in the bargain basements. Bits and bobs for crafting and bag making, even the scissors were 20p, and they cut perfectly. I'm pleased I went to the boot sale today.

Here is my boy Bugsy, think I'll go out in the sun and join him.

Saturday 16 April 2011

Doggy paddle

I think this is funny.....both have their tongues out at the same time.

I took the boys for a swim in a big lake today, they loved it. It was hot and they seemed bored, so I thought they would like to cool off. Ollie, the one standing, swam right out to the middle. He was looking for a piece of wood he thought I had thrown, but I hadn't it was still in my hand. Alfie didn't go out quite as far, he is older and has a bit of arthritis. They are great fun.

Let me treat you

A fabulous Saturday morning here, I went for an early walk. I can't lie around in bed, once I am awake I have to be up and about. Thank you for all your comments, I read them all. I would urge everyone to, because there are some very valid points and ideas coming out. So I would say, click on the comments link just to read them, even though you might not want to add one yourself. They are a welcome addition to my posts.

Walking gives me chance to gather a few thoughts, and ponder about what has gone on in the past few days. A few ideas for posts pass fleetingly through my head and inevitably go out the other side, ha ha. I really must take a note book with me. No, don't tell me to take a little dictaphone, I tried that and felt a proper fool, couldn't get the words out.

Anyway, this morning I was thinking about the phone conversation I had with Jo, the researcher for the programme. I got onto the subject of treats, how often we should treat ourselves, and why we think we deserve a treat, and most importantly what is the cost of the treat.

I mentioned the bag of chips I bought a few days ago. Now most people include a visit to the chippie as a regular activity, even as often as once a week. I limit my intake of fried food because I don't think it is healthy to consume oils and fats on a regular basis. Sorry I don't mean to preach, it's just what I think, each to their own. So my twice yearly bag of chips was a treat, I wasn't even thinking about buying them. I was out at a local shopping area and my stomach was rumbling. I could dash home and get something, but then remembered there was a very popular posh fish and chip shop nearby, and thought, go on, treat yourself, so I did. They were delicious.

A naughty treat once in a while is fine. I mentioned the cost of treats, and by that I don't just mean financially, there is another cost which you may not have thought of. With food and drink, it is the cost to your health and fitness, and whether the short term pleasure is going to be worth the long term pain, as in foods that are going to damage your body. Any way, I am going off on the wrong track now, as always, I start writing these ponderings never knowing which direction they are going. Let's divert. Treats.....

I want to know, how often do you treat yourself, and why, and also why you think you deserve a treat. Never mind the cost, we are all at different levels. I think these questions are important because the answers will give some indication about how we feel about ourselves. If we have lots of treats is that because we need more stuff to make ourselves feel good? The next step is comfort eating and that can be a very bad habit to get into. Perhaps if we need very few treats, we are happy with the way our lives are going? Or maybe this can turn into a deprivation anxiety.

Mum used to treat us kids when we behaved ourselves, and helped out in the house. If we were naughty we didn't get anything. I cried, but of course she was right. I never expected anything to be given to me unless I earned it, maybe that's why I struggle to find reasons why I should be allowed a treat now. I still have to earn my treats. And by being a good girl and saving up I can have a bag of chips or two.

The best kind of treats are those which are very simple, like watching a programme on the iplayer at whatever time it suits. Or soaking your feet in a bowl of hot water, while sitting in an easy chair with your eyes closed. Or picking a few flowers and putting them in a pretty vase on your window ledge. Or calling in to see a friend and having a coffee. Or a stroll through the woods or along a canal side.

Right, that's it then, I'm off outside. See you later.

Friday 15 April 2011

Photo's of a crafty night

A big thank you to Charlotte for sending me these photo's from last night.