Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Shopping around for the best prices

Hello I had a lovely start to the day, I watched the third and last episode of  Cilla, a drama about Cilla Black's early days from typist, to singing in the Cavern in Liverpool, to her first television series. The amazing Sheriden Smith played her, what a fantastic actress she is. If anyone has missed it you can see it on ITV Player, possibly not available in other parts of the world though. It is on Yoootooob, but the quality of the first episode is not brilliant. It brought back many happy memories for me, I had a ball in the swinging sixties. Here is a clip of Sheriden singing Anyone who had a heart. She sang all the songs herself and I must say she sang them brilliantly. 

It was MOT day for the car today. I was undecided where to take it. Last year it passed and the tester man put an advisory note on it. Apparently there is a tiny hole in the middle section of the exhaust. I remember taking it in to a garage I have used before for my repairs, and they said it wasn't urgent, and drop it in when I had time. Well one year on and I still haven't had it done, so I expected it to fail on that. 
I didn't know whether to take it back to the same place for it's test, but decided not to. Although he is a bit cheaper than most places at £40, he doesn't give you a time, just asks that you drop it in first thing in the morning and he will get round to it sometime during the day. Not very convenient. I looked on the internet yesterday and found that Halfords do an MOT for £30, looks good, the only proviso is that you book and pay online. I don't normally buy anything on the internet, don't like putting my card details into the computer, but I thought I would give it a try to get the special price. The site was easy to follow, find your local branch, insert the details of the car, and name and address etc. Halfords is conveniently situated close to the town so no hanging about waiting for it, I can drop it in and do my own thing. 
I was in Poundstretcher when they rang to say it was ready. When I got back I had a nice surprise, it had passed. The notification of the exhaust leak was still there, still not urgent, plus another notification of brake pipes starting to corrode. Replacing them is not urgent, and I was told they would probably be ok until the next MOT test in a years time. The man at Halfords said he would put a note on his file to send me a letter in six months to bring it back for a visual check. That will do nicely I thought. I left with a big grin on my face, yipeeee, it's passed, and only £30 spent. I was in two minds whether to get the exhaust repair done before I took it for test, I'm glad I didn't now, it can wait a bit longer. 
I had a bimble round town while the car was being done, and went to the 20 21 Arts Centre to see what was new. This is what I found in the main exhibition area. Scaffolding, laid along the floor and through and over that door at the far end, with a tall pyramid tower in the middle. Now who in their right mind can call that art. I was gobsmacked, well almost.  

Here is the blurb about the so called artist. I couldn't resist putting something in the visitors book, and I can tell you it wasn't at all complementary. I managed to control my language, just. I saw that a lot of comments before mine were along the same lines. Apparently Ms Ellis was supposed to provide another piece of artwork, which according to the picture in the brochure, look a lot more interesting than this. There had been some kind of hitch in getting the piece ready, so the scaffolding was brought in instead. They needn't have bothered, the empty space would have been better. 

I visited five shops while I was in town to pick up bits and bobs, mainly pet food. Found some Ribena reduced to 50p as it was out of date by one month. I like Ribena but never buy it because it is usually quite expensive. My cats have taken a liking to Ultima dried cat food and I found some in Wilko for £1.75 for 750 grms. It's a bit more expensive than the Whiskas dry so I ration it.

Aldi is close to Halfords so I popped in there, to pick up a few items that I had run out of.
Carrots 1kg 65p
Bananas 1kg 68p
Quiche £1.19. This will do for four meals with veg added.
2 x soft cheese with garlic @ 49p each
6 x large free range eggs 99p
2 packets cream crackers 28p each.
Also Bugsy likes their small trays of gourmet food, at 20p each.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to see Helen at her house. She has a new sewing machine and has started going to sewing classes. She has asked me to help with zips as she is struggling to get to grips with them. Also she is not sure how the machine works. That will be fun.
Welcome to the new readers, hope there is something of interest here. I'm just an ordinary pensioner  trying to make the best of my life.  
Toodle pip.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday Night Natter

Helloooooo, is there anybody out there. We've had some beautiful sunsets just lately, the best ones are when the clouds partially cover the sinking sun. I managed to get this shot the other night, the river along the bottom, looking out over Doncaster way. This afternoon this same view was shrouded in mist with the wind turbines in the distance barely visible. What funny weather we're having. 
 I did a swap today, at lunch time I microwaved a home made veggie stew out of the freezer, something I would normally eat at dinner time about 6pm. Then tonight I just fancied spaghetti and scrambled egg on toast. Half a tin of spag 12p, two eggs 34p, two slices of bread 5p. dinner for 51p. Quick and easy, can't be bothered to cook sort of meal.

This morning I went to the craft club, and had a natter with the ladies. I am still working on the patchwork cover for my sewing machine. I seem to have three projects on the go at the same time here at the moment. Very confusing switching from one to the other.

Well I had a false start to this latest picture, but luckily I didn't get too far into it to abandon it and start again. I think I'm on the right track this time. The base layer has gone onto the frame, It's a bit like a watercolour wash if you were painting onto canvas, only my base layer is fabric. Yes, you can see the cords through it, but be patient the reader who pointed this out to me, they will disappear the more I add to it. There is a long way to go yet.

I've had a lovely email, thank you to the reader who sent it. She said I have inspired her to have a go at making a quilt. I hope she doesn't mind if I quote a bit of her email here, I am dead chuffed to get it.

I just had to write and let u know what you have inspired me to do... I've made my own quilts!! 
After winning a lovely bag from u(forgot to say I comment as "simplesista" on your blog) and having been a long term admirer of your quilting I decided to have a go myself! The thing I love about your methods is that u don't say "buy this, that and the other" or give a million instructions- which I find a bit intimidating if I'm honest.you just say "use what u have, give a go and see how u get on". So I decided to make a scrap quilt for my daughters birthday. I used bits of material I already had and other pieces of fabric that were important to her.
They were all just random sizes so I tried to order them a best I could- It's not the most evenly sewn patches u will see on a quilt but it's the first one I've made and I'm actually rather proud of it! 

I've made another more organised one with fabric I found in my cellar.

You make a very valid point, I think a lot of the yoootooob videos nowadays are promotional videos made by companies trying to sell you their products. They go to great lengths to tell you about the equipment they are using, the machines, and the fabric which they also sell, when all you need is a pair of scissors, a tape measure or ruler, any old machine, and lots of used clothing that you can cut up, and a spare bed sheet or two. You don't even have to buy batting, a flannelette sheet will do. Most people have these things in their cupboards, or they can be found at car boot sales and charity shops. 
Your pictures show lovely quilts, ss, the colours are great. I am so pleased that you have had a go, and that your children love their new quilts. 
An update on the skip finds, the toys and childrens clothes have gone, they have been picked up and are on their way to children who need them. Ten boxes and two big bags of soft cuddly toys.

I'll get off now, going to relax with a book or two. Toodle pip. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Amazing voices

Hello. The only excuse I've got for not writing a post tonight, is that I've been watching old videos on yoootooob. My computer is my entertainment, and I love watching the golden oldies, much better than all the modern tosh they churn out now.

Remember Demis Roussos, wasn't he just wonderful. I like this video which shows the young man and the old man, singing the same song to perfection.

One more, remember Lena Zavaroni. Such a wonderful singer, such a tragic loss. It's approaching  the anniversary of her death, 1st October 1999.

Think I'll go to bed now, goodnight.

PS, I did read all your comments, thank you for sharing with me.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Get off me chuffin taters!

Hello. My teenage delinquent Heidi cat strikes again. She is always on the lookout for a new place to sleep, I never know where I am going to find her next. Oh my, in the corner of the worktop I have some baskets for the fruit and veg, she has decided she rather likes to curl up and doze on the potatoes, next to the bananas, apples, and onions. Can't be that comfortable, all the lumps and bumps, even though they are wrapped in a tea towel. 
Old boy Bugsy has been sunbathing by the back door. He doesn't come down stairs very often now, preferring to spend his time in the bedroom. I have had to cut lumps out of his fur which was starting to get a bit matted. He doesn't wash himself as much as he used to. He isn't keen on me grooming him either, so I have been tidying him up bit by bit while he has been eating. His coat is looking a lot better now.
I had a busy morning this morning, washed the bedding, cleaned the kitchen, washed my hair, and took Mishka for a walk. Her usual dog walker is having a few days off, so I stepped in to fill the gap. She is a big girl, Greyhound/German Shepherd cross. Quite easy to walk, if you don't mind going at 90 miles an hour, ha ha. Keep a look out for any cats, though, she nearly dragged me through a hedge when she caught sight of one in someone's front garden. Oh, and be prepared to dive out of the way when she lunges forward to give you a big sloppy kiss full on the face. She can leap six foot into the air without warning.

This afternoon I went back to The Ropewalk at Barton to the Open Studios event, to visit the artists that I missed last week. I took a friend with me from the craft club. We had an interesting time, really enjoyed it.

Afterwards we popped in Tesco next door, I wanted some yogurt. I wasn't planning on doing any shopping till next week, but when I saw the lady with the yellow sticker machine I had to see what she was marking down. Here is my shopping list, I spent £6.32.

Tomatoes reduced 59p
2 tubs houmous reduced 60p
4 pack small yogurts reduced 25p
Pack chicken pieces reduced 86p for the cats
Tub cottage cheese reduced 30p
Small cheesecake reduced 18p
Multipack dips reduced 59p
Value plain yogurt 45p
Box Tesco cat food pouches £2.50
So the cats food cost more than my food, ha ha.

I've found quite a good web site for all you textile artists out there. It's a place for art enthusiasts to be inspired, learn from the best, promote their work, and communicate with like-minded creatives. Check out TextileArtist.org   There is an interesting article on how to write an art blog, the tips and advice could be applied to any blog really. It covers attention grabbing titles, identifying your target audience, adding depth to the post, and encouraging interaction. Here is a quote from the site.

The comments section of your blog is the perfect place to have conversations with your audience. How do you get them to leave comments? Ask them. Calls to action (Leave a comment to let me know what you think about…) are the most effective way of inviting your readers to be active participants in your blog, rather than passive bystanders.
Asking for their opinion is also a great way of making them feel valued; and you should value them – they can offer incredible insights and feedback that will help you grow as a blogger, artist and person! But try to make it a win/win; think about what’s in it for them!
Read the full article here.

So, I've got to ask you a question. Erm.....Did you have a busy day or an easy day today? Now that's not too difficult is it. Answers in a comment please, but only if you feel like it. You don't have to if you don't want to, or can't be @rsed, but it would be nice if you did, because I like reading them, if I have time. If I don't have time I won't bother reading them. Oh please yourself, I'll leave it up to you.

Thank you for popping in. Hope you have a nice Sunday.
Toodle pip

Friday, 26 September 2014

Going the wrong way

Hello, I'm going in the wrong direction, have you ever thought that? You start something and part way through it think hang on a minute, this is not right. Is it best to blunder on in the hope that it might eventually turn out ok, or is it best to backtrack, undo what you have already done, and make a fresh start? When you think about it, everything you do has a beginning, a middle, and an end. From a task that takes an hour or two, right up to the biggest task you will ever face, life itself. 
I try and break things down into segments, try and put some thoughts into the task before I start, then reassess the situation at regular intervals to check that I am going in the right direction. Ok, so impulse comes into it at some point, do something rash and it can all come crashing down, or it can be the best thing you have ever done. Life would be pretty boring if we didn't take chances.
Take life for example, do we constantly monitor our every action every step of the way, no we don't. We cruise, float, stumble, drift, march, wobble, and on occasions bulldoze, our way through it. We don't always get it right, so what do we do, carry on regardless and keep on making the same mistakes, or do we say oh fiddlesticks, I got that wrong, I had better change it or I am heading for disaster. Each and every one of us has the power to change direction, and as I am writing this I can go in whichever direction I choose, I like that. 
I woke up this morning and took ten minutes to sit up in bed and gather my thoughts. I made a start on the new artwork last night, an idea came and I ran with it. This morning, after a good nights sleep I wasn't feeling so enthusiastic, there was something lacking, I was not getting the buzz. What could I add to it, or change, to make it better? 
 For me, creativity is all about vision, when I look at it what do I see? What is it telling me? Often I have a complete blockage and it tells me nowt. I can study something for a month or more, and see nothing. Then without warning a light comes on and it suddenly dawns on me what to do next. Even then I may not have the complete answer, but at least I have a starting point. 
This is not working for me. First of all I saw blocks of colour on a vertical structure. Maybe separated by bright coloured strips of fabric, and dotted in sparkly beads and sequins. Like a mosaic. Maybe that would work, but not at this moment in time.  

When something doesn't look right try seeing it from a different angle, turn things around to view it from all sides. Now this is telling me something. I see a landscape with trees. The blocks have to go.

Now I feel better about it, knowing that I can change my mind at any point. Taking a wrong turn is not the end, it can mean a new beginning. That's what I like, new beginnings, new enthusiasm, and fresh starts.

Got to go, too much to do and so little time, some distractions today.
Toodle pip.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Picture the idea

Hello knitters and stitchers, I'm searching for my arty mojo again, been thinking about the chrome towel rail. Digging deep into the old grey matter, must be something in there. When I saw it I immediately thought of weaving. It would make a good frame, a decent size with gentle curves, loops top and bottom so nothing to add to it to hang it except a bit of string maybe.
I started cutting fabric last night, searching for different textures and colours. Long strips are needed, as well as wool and ribbon, and anything else that can be woven. I carried on cutting this morning, and think I might have enough now. 
I have used strong cord to add the warp, knotted at both sides and the ends brought to the middle and tied together making it double thickness. All the straggly bits will be hidden in the back of it.

I've had a little practice along the edge to check the distance between the warps and think this is about right. Now all I've got to do is think of a design, I am drawn towards blocks. Can you picture the idea?
The weaving won't be the end of it, I will add stitchery to it. No doubt I will keep changing my mind along the way. I have already thought of another idea. What about covering the whole thing in a plain one colour hessian or denim, then making small individual towels to stitch onto it, therefore keeping it to it's original use. Must write that down before I forget, a future project maybe.

Right, must make a start, will keep you posted, it will take a while.
Toodle pip.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Please join this campaign and end the cruelty

Hello. This makes rather harrowing reading, you will be forgiven if you wish to skip this post, it is very upsetting. Copied and pasted from Facebook.

Shared from Kirsty Whyte
On Saturday evening I saw a facebook post from Many Tears Animal Rescue that they had been able to rescue 65 dogs from a breeding facility following the owners death. The post asked for help from anyone with grooming training to help as so many of the dogs were matted and in desperate need, also anyone who could to help with the sheer volume of care which was needed in such an emergency situation. As I am a groomer and only lived 2 hours away I volunteered to go the following day, taking my tools to give whatever assistance I could. I woke at 4am and was unable to go back to sleep just thinking about those poor little souls so walked my own dogs, packed up the car and set off to South Wales. Sylvia walked me through, showed me where I could unpack my tools and where to work from then she walked me to where some of the dogs were. Nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting in the rescue, I can only describe it as akin to seeing concentration camp victims, I don't say this to trivialise the human experience but rather to impress the sheer depth of horror at the torture that some of those poor creatures had been put through. Riddled with lice over every square centimeter of their skin, thin, matted and soaked and burned with excreta and filth. Many were poodles and I have my own poodle at home, the comparison between these timid and poor little dogs and my cheeky happy little girl brought me to tears at one point. I helped as many as I could and so much of the day is just a blur as I think that my emotions were so overwhelmed that they just shut down and pure instinct took over. The hope comes from the fact that there were around 100 amazing volunteers, several of them groomers who came to help and do anything they could. All of the dogs were freed from their stinking rotting straitjackets, bathed, loved and cuddled. I left around 6pm, I was stony for most of the drive home until 'Dont give up' was played on the radio and I had to pull over and break my heart crying. Two days later I am still reeling and I cant believe that I haven't seen any news articles or media reports about this. We cannot allow this to be business as usual, this was a LICENCED breeder, the council approved of the treatment of these dogs. The law is failing these dogs and it will fail thousands more. I have no idea where the rescue staff find the herculean strength to get up and do this day after day, they are true heroes. We must shout this from the rooftops over and over until no one would ever consider buying a puppy that isn't with its mother in a clean and happy situation, not over the internet, not from a pet shop, not without weeks of contact with the breeder, not as an impulse. We must make dog breeding NOT FOR PROFIT. I hope you will forgive me this rant, I hope you will help shout this from the rooftops

Rant all you like, I will rant with you. I want to see any dog and cat breeders who use animals to make money totally banned, no exceptions. They say you should see a puppy or kitten with it's mother before you buy it, I say DO NOT BUY FROM A BREEDER, ANY BREEDER. I want it to be made illegal to trade in live animals, I want the purchaser prosecuted as well as the breeder. I want to see the total banning of advertising animals for sale, ANYWHERE. Not in newspapers, magazines, internet, ANYWHERE. Please join in the rant, copy and paste the link to Pup Aid, please help to get the message across. Thank you

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.

I took my little friend Rocky to Cleethorpes today. Parked at the Leisure Centre and went a walk along the Promenade. 'Can we have a ride on the train, please, my little legs are tired'. 
The blooms are lovely, come on give us a smile, and put your tongue in.

Oh alright then, I know you can't walk very far, you can have a ride in the stroller. I didn't mention it before, but his new set of wheels cost me £6 at the car boot sale on Sunday. Today was a test drive to see if he liked it, and he loved it.

'Aaah go on, let me have a ride in that big red truck'. No I don't think so, I don't have enough money.

'I want to take this donkey home, can we fit him in the car'. No, definitely not, you silly dog.

We had a lot of fun today, and put a smile on a lot of faces. He is a friendly little chap, he meets and greets everyone who says hello. A little ray of sunshine.
Toodle pip

Monday, 22 September 2014

Our clever crafty ladies

Hello, me again. I'm feeling a bit stuffed tonight, I thought I would make a veg curry with the tons of runner beans from the garden. The freezer is full of them. As per usual I cooked too much rice. I never bother to weigh it, don't have any scales, it's always a guess, big pan of water, pour some in straight out of the bag, and hope for the best. Oh lordy, it will be rice with every meal till it's gone.
For all you crafty people here are some ideas if you are wondering what to make next. Not my ideas, but from the ladies of the Craft Club I go to. This is a small trinket box, or could be a gift box. Thick cardboard is needed, cut four triangles the same size, and cover them in fabric. Cut a strip of cardboard for the sides and cover that as well. Sew all pieces together with tiny stitches and sew some braid along the edges, make it long enough to gather up at the top.  
And there you are, a little box to hold a pressie for your loved one. Cute eh!

Here's another little box, made in a similar way, but square this time. The lid has some padding on the top.

Makes a nice little sewing box, or maybe jewelry. Put some padding inside the lid and it doubles as a pin cushion.

The decoration on the lid is lots of small French knots. 
This wall hanging is a bit more complicated, sorry I can't do a tutorial because I don't know how it was made. Most of it has been very carefully sewn on a machine.

And another one from the same lady. A beautiful cushion cover.  She is so clever.

Now this is quite fascinating. These patterns have been stitched onto a piece of velvet which is going to become a cushion cover. So how come they are so neat?

You can see the tacking stitches around the edge, it is two pieces of fabric.

This is the back of it. The stitches are worked from the back, using the squared fabric as a guide. 

This is another example of the same method.

I would have to keep on turning it over to check that I was doing it right. How interesting.

We are going to be having a stall in the village hall at our Christmas market in November, to show off some of the things we have made, and to recruit more members. A new lady started this morning who has recently moved to the village. Always room for more. It's a good way to start a Monday morning.

We've had a sunny day today, I've been out in the garden, trimming the hedge. Changed some books at the mobile library, and had a natter with Stan the driver/librarian, about cars. Mine is due for it's annual MOT test soon, and he was telling me about a rogue garage he once took his to. They failed it for some trivial reasons, just so they could get the work. Little did they know that Stan knows cars inside out. He is into classic cars and does a lot of his own repairs. I got some useful tips off him.

Anyway, Heidi has just jumped up onto the table and parked herself right in front of the computer, demanding I make a fuss of her. Her head is resting on my left hand so with that I will sign off. It's not easy typing when a wet nose is nudging my hand and her legs are sprawled over the keyboard. Ok Heidi, I give up.
Toodle pip.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ideas for the 'to do', list

Brrrrrr, it's a bit chilly tonight, anyone got the heating on yet? I am changing my wardrobe round, putting away the summery clothes and getting out the wintery ones. Layers are what's needed in the evenings now. 
I had a bimble round the car boot sale this morning. Look what I found. I like to keep a few bottles of nail varnish in stock, they are handy for craft projects.  I asked how much, the woman was having a clear out, 50p for three, she said. A bargain, so I had £2's worth.  
I spotted this chrome thingy, and asked what it was. It's a towel rail, it has loops at each end so you can screw it on the wall. Now I saw something different, it could be a piece of artwork. Howzat?  Well, what if you added some string or similar, wrapped it around the bars. What if you cut up some coloured fabric into very long strips, and wove it through the string. It would make a nice collage. What if you then stitched beads and buttons and anything else you had to hand, onto it. Could get quite interesting. Hmmmm, my head is full of ideas at the moment. I paid £1 for it, and put it on the 'to do', pile.

It could be turned the other way, might work horizontal or vertical, something to think about. 
I've started another picture, much smaller this time. I have some small pieces of sample fabrics, Coloured plain ones, and green leafy ones with white flowers. 
I've sewn four plain pieces together, and placed four smaller ones on top. Then I've torn some of that green gift wrap stuff into strips, and stuck it around the edges with PVA glue. Next I'm going to add some stitchery, and beads. Not sure how I'm going to do that yet, something will come to me when I wake up in the morning. I will look at it and it will tell me. Not tonight though, the brain has gone fuzzy. 
Thank you for popping by my blog, I see we have some new people. Welcome to Tightwad Towers, I hope you enjoy your visits.
Toodle pip.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Art in the afternoon

Hello. That's very sad, I found this dragon fly on my outdoor table this morning, it was dead. I wonder how it happened. Not squashed, not mangled, all intact, no damage to it's wings. Maybe just tired out, I'll never know. These things happen I suppose. I took a photo in remembrance of a poor deceased dragon fly. 
I've had a lovely afternoon, I went to The Ropewalk, an arts centre in Barton upon Humber. It was open studios weekend, where the artists open their doors and you can wander in and out willy nilly chatting to people. I always like to go and see what Michael Scrimshaw is up to, what his latest project is. Here he is, smiley as usual. The sculpture behind him is destined for a school in Grimsby, it's not yet finished, he has got until half term next month in which to complete it. He's got muscles on his muscles with all that metal bashing.

Always a warm welcome from Michael and his wife, always a mug of coffee and a share of their lunch. They are very much into recycling and buying second hand. We laugh and talk about what we are wearing and how much it cost. Both me and Michael were wearing shoes that had been given to us. They had yellow sticker dips with their bread and cheese. Michael very kindly gave me a block of clay, it's a bit like plasticine, so now I'm going to do a bit of sculpting, ha ha.

I wandered along the corridor and stuck my nose into other studios as well. I'm like that. I like to talk to arty people, and want to know what they are creating. If you are near enough to North Lincolnshire, you might fancy going to check it out. It's on next weekend as well. Here is the Insight web site.  The event overlaps into North East Lincolnshire the weekend after, October 4th & 5th. All the information is on the web site.

I had a supadupa dinner tonight. All very easy to make, steamed veg, from yellow stickers and garden, mushrooms cooked in a little oil, lemon juice, garlic powder, slosh of white wine, and grated cheese. Simply delishus.

Now it's time to relax. Toodle pip.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Every yellow sticker helps

Good evening. I hope you are sitting comfortably, then I'll begin. Shopping went well last night at Tesco, I was there when the last yellow stickers were going on, managed to bag me some bargains. I had a £3 off voucher on a £20 spend, so I jotted down the prices when things went into the trolley. I stocked up on a few tins because I knew I would not reach the £20 with mainly reduced items. Here is the list.
Ground almonds £1.99
Carton Value apple juice 65p
2 cartons soya milk £1.30
2 packets Value sultanas £1.68
6 small yogurt £1.00
2 tins Value baked beans 48p
6 tins Value rice pudding 90p
2 tins Value spaghetti 40p
2 tins chopped tomatoes 68p
2 boxes bran flakes £1.76
Bottle olive oil £2.00
Bottle white wine £3.99
2 packs reduced prepared fruit 30p
Reduced houmous 10p
2 small packs reduced grapes 10p
2 packs reduced prepared salad 20p
fresh reduced carrots and peas 12p
Reduced bananas 4p
Reduced mushrooms 4p
Reduced crispy salad 18p
2 cucumber portions reduced 6p
Donuts reduced 30p
Sliced wholemeal loaf reduced 34p
2 wholemeal loaves reduced 40p 
Diced chicken for the cats £2.94
And then I did something I've never done before, I bought two bunches of chrysanths at 25p each. I don't have a vase big enough for all of them so I split them into three smaller ones and added a bit of greenery out of the garden. Brightens up my living room. A treat for me, I think I can afford it ;o))

This morning I took Ollie and Alfie out, the two black labs, and delivered them to the Boarding Kennels down the hill. They are now on their holidays for a week while their owner is in Cornwall. On the way back I popped in to see a friend who has had an operation on her foot. She has got a long recovery time of 12 weeks and can't do anything much, she is pretty much housebound. Can't be much fun for her.

This afternoon I went to the Arts Centre in town, then the library, returned some books and took some more out. Sewing and crafty books. I am drooling at the thought of getting my nose into them.
Inspired to Stitch by Wendy Lees.
Fabric Painting by Melanie Williams.
Free and Easy Stitch Style by Poppy Treffrey
Crewelwork by Phillipa Turnbull
Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork by Di van Niekerk
The art of Embroidery by Julia Barton.

Then there was just time for a bit of a bimble round the park before it gets dark.

Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

If you need a new table, make one.

That's better, totally refreshed after my day off. Now I'm back in the swing of things. The skip was taken away yesterday, I didn't expect it to still be here after I came back, but it was. Luckily I had a look in it before it went off on the back of a lorry. I found four bags of children's clothes and towels. They have all been washed today, and folded ready for giving away. The older tatty towels have gone to a friend who has dogs that like to jump in mucky ponds. The better towels will be given to a charity shop, and I have plans for the clothes. They will go with the toys to an organisation that provides women and children with a safe place to live, after a relationship breakdown.   
It's been a glorious day, all the washing dried beautifully. There seems to be a lot of spiders about, all busy spinning their webs. It seems pretty heartless to destroy all their hard work by walking past them, so I have been trying to walk around them. Isn't it amazing how perfect their webs are, it's fascinating to watch them. And how do they find places to hook them up to.

There is a web hanging from this guttering, coming down at an angle to a bush, just outside my back door. I have been ducking underneath it to avoid pulling it down. There must be a good six feet between the two anchorage points. How do they do that?
My garden work table was in need of a refurbishment. It's very handy to have this just outside the back door, for mucky jobs that can't be done in the kitchen, and to save my back by not having to bend down.

It's been here for six years and is showing signs of rotting. Oh dear.

I removed the top, and found some suitable pieces of wood from my stash and nailed the boards to two batons, then nailed it to the two sides. A couple of narrow pieces for each end, some extra nails at all the joins to strengthen it, and Bob's your Uncle. Job well done, a table that's good for another few years. 
After I had finished outside and put everything away, guess what I found in the kitchen. It appeared to be a spider suspended in mid air in the middle of the room. But no, on closer inspection I saw it had attached it's web to the ceiling, and across to the cupboard under the sink. Sorry spider, but I'm going to have to put you outside. There's no way I can be dodging round that one as I cook my dinner.

I'm off to Tesco now, I have a voucher for £3 off, might as well use it before it's out of date. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.