Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Village community.

I'm coming towards the end of my June photo's now, time to open another folder for July. I'll post these while I think about it. I have driven past Austerfield twice now on my way to Misson and Shireoaks. The first time I saw this I didn't stop, but on the way back the second time I thought I had better take some pics.
The railings and gates of the cemetery are covered in crochet flowers. So pretty, and what a marvelous effort by the community to brighten up their village.   
They have attached a plastic mesh behind the railings and fastened the flowers onto that so they stay in place and don't slide down to the bottom. It must have taken several volunteers ages to fasten them all on. 

There is another telephone box mini library here as well, thought not as tidy as the other one. People have dumped bags of books onto the floor. The shelves are full. It needs a tidy up and a sort out. 
The garage man didn't come today, he got stuck in a hold up on the M62 motorway. The inspection is rescheduled for tomorrow. 
Don't forget, it's check in day tomorrow for the International Walking Group. How are you all doing? Let us know. We are at the halfway mark, are you ready for the next six months? Catch ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Bimbling in Brigg

My dentist appointment was for 12.35pm. I was there for 12.30pm and I had to wait outside until they were ready for me. Once inside I had to sanitise my hands, and she asked me a couple of questions. Have I had any covid symptoms, and have I been mixing with a lot of people. No to both. She walked me to the treatment room and asked me to put my bag in a plastic box outside the door. 
The dentist was very nice, we got off to a good start. His surname is the same as my mothers first married name. He has shortened his christian name, which is very similar to my mothers first name. Similar, not the same. I asked him where he was from, I didn't recognise his accent. He is from South Africa. 
After a good prod around, and two x rays, the verdict was, all is fine. I have to ring for an appointment in a years time. 
While I was in Brigg, that's where my dentist is, I thought I would walk down the main street and take a few pics. There was a strong smell of cooked food wafting from some of the shops. It was very tempting to get some chips, but I didn't.  
A phone box, with a real phone inside. 
The clock tower on top of the Tourist Information Centre. 

This building is called, The angel. It is home to a library, a cafe, a small museum, and a function room. 
Lots of hanging baskets dotted around. 

The River Ancholme runs through Brigg. It looked a bit murky, full of weeds. 

There are some narrow passages with small shops. 
And a row of small cottages right in the centre of the town, tucked away down a narrow street. 

I had a spot of lunch when I got back, and as the weather was warm and sunny I went off to do my five mile walk. There is an old gentleman I sometimes see, and today he was out with his dog. He told me he is 90 years old, and his dog is ten. 
I'm going to have the last hour relaxing and watching some videos, so I'll sign off now. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

My turn now

 It's a rainy morning but I don't care. I'm going off to see the dentist today, the first check up in 19 months. It will be a new man who looks into my mouth, and by an amazing coincidence we could almost be related. His name is almost identical to my mothers first married name, only two letters difference. I look forward to meeting him. 

Yesterday I removed the wooden doors from the garage and took them to the tip. Had to saw each one into three pieces to fit them into the car. Someone is coming from an asbestos removal company tomorrow to survey the job and give me a price. They will take it all down and take it away. Yes it's costly but I have saved up for it. 

Now I'm going to have breakfast, then have a scrub up in the bath. Need to smell sweet when someone will be leaning over me. My friend has told me what to expect, she has visited her dentist during the restrictions. I had to complete the health check form online so that should shorten the time I will be there. I won't be going anywhere else, straight there and straight back. I don't do dawdling around shops any more. 

Cheerio for now. Catch ya later.   ilona 

Sunday, 27 June 2021

It has to go.

Here is a before picture of the garage which is coming down. Doesn't look too bad on  this side because I covered the horrible grey walls with paint, and allowed the ivy to grow over it. It's an absolute wreck inside and the roof is caving in. I wasn't going to do much in the garden this year, it was a snap decision, this has got to go. 
First job, remove all the ivy, I made a start. 
I used a saw to cut through the thick trunks near to the bottom. It should start dying now. Two on this side. 
And two on the other side. 

The back of it is looking a bit bare now. 
I was working late last night to strip it off the the roof. Just got the last of it down at 10.30pm. Inside it's almost empty. Next I will take the doors off and take them to the tip. That will be as much as I can do. I have to find someone to dismantle it. The wall panels and roof need to be wrapped in plastic. The man at the skip hire firm said it has to be double bagged. 

Today we had another village boot fair, I put my tables out similar to last time. It was also the Open Gardens as well, so more visitors were expected. Opening time was advertised as 9am and I was ready. 

We got the usual folks dashing about in cars looking for the bargains. They weren't village people they came from further away. They snap up anything that is cheap so they can sell it on to make a profit. Three cars pulled up at the same time, they were in a hurry, quick look, I'll have that and that, hand over the £1, and off to the next one. My sales weren't very good and I wonder if it will be worth the effort to do it again. I got rid of some of my own junk that I didn't need any more. It helps with the de cluttering. 

I packed the stall up at 1pm, it went quiet, no one about. After lunch I took Billy dog out. We had a nice walk through the woods and along the river bank. 
The start of another week, and almost the end of the month. Three more days of walking left. I have gone over the 500 miles which marks the half way point. Last chance to top up your miles if you are taking part in the challenge. 
Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Shireoaks Hall

Just outside Shireoaks there is a pond and a Hall marked on the map. The path I was on took me straight to it. I wandered around the pond, there were two men fishing, I stopped to chat. I wanted to ask them about the old ruin that I could see, it looked like a big house. It was behind a high wall so I could only see the top floor of it. I asked if there was a way round the other side of the wall where I could get a closer look. They made reference to a male person, but didn't say whether he lived there, or somewhere else. 
I decided to go and explore. I walked through what might have been a walled garden many years ago. Now it was overgrown. Closer to the house were some stone steps which had been distorted and moved out of line by all the weeds pushing through from underneath. 
And there it was. The ground floor windows were boarded up and it looked as though the upper floor was just a shell without a roof. 

There was no one about so I took some pics. 

There are a lot more pictures on the Urban Exploration web site.  taken three years ago. 
Close by is a pub, The Hewitt Arms. It wasn't open. A notice on the door gave the opening times. It opens three days a week. 
Canada Geese enjoying the sunshine by the pond at the back of the pub. 
Time to go back to the car, which was a ten minute walk. It was a lovely day, smashing walk, lots to see, strangers to chat to. 
Today I've been getting on with stripping the ivy off the garage. I filled four big bags with it so I went off to the tip. There was some old rotten wood to chuck and some bits of very old lino and an old carpet from the garage floor. 
I kept popping back indoors to check the computer. There was a big Freedom March on today in London and people were filming and live streaming it. It was good to see everyone all enjoying the party atmosphere. Smiling faces all around. I see Mr Handycock has gone. It had to happen. 
Right, I'll sign off now, and we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona 

Friday, 25 June 2021

Beware low flying aircraft.

Some more pics from Tuesdays day out. I was walking through a corn field not far from Thorpe Salvin, when I heard a buzzing overhead. Aha, Netherthorpe Airfield is close by. 
Quick, take a picture. The camera is in a pouch around my waist, always at the ready. 
There it goes, into the distance. 
The track I was on came out on a road, so I walked towards the wind sock at the entrance to the airfield. I found a viewing area with a picnic bench. A good place to sit and eat my crisps and watch the little aircraft coming and going. I wouldn't mind going up in one of those. 

I've had a look at the web site, it costs £80 for a trial flight. Sheffield Aero Club offer lessons for those wanting to get a licence. This has to be booked in advance of course. 
I made a short video of an aircraft taking off, please excuse wobbles. 
It's been raining today so I have not been able to get outside and carry on with the garage project. I am getting on with the sewing. It keeps me busy. 
Have a nice weekend. Catch ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Passing through Thorpe Salvin.

It's getting a bit late so I'll just put these four pics on from Tuesday's walk. When I got off the canal towpath at Kiveton Park I did a u turn and took the road back towards the car. This took me through Thorpe Salvin, a pretty little village. The church is in the centre. It's got narrow streets and stone cottages. There are some big posh houses too. 
This is Thorpe Hall, an Elizabethan Manor House, built in 1570. Only the front remains standing. Here is some information if you want to know more. 

This is Coronation Garden. A small flower bed at a junction where two roads meet. A bench is there if you want to sit down.

There is a well stocked mini library in the old telephone box. All clean and tidy, someone must be looking after it. 

More ivy removal from the garage today, and a Billy dog walk. Thanks for popping in. Catch ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Chesterfield Canal, the video

Here we go, a video to go with the previous post. 
It's been a nice day to start removing the ivy off the garage. 
We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona

Chesterfield Canal walk.

Hello. I will divide the photo's up of yesterdays walk, too many to put on one blog post. I parked my car next to the Church at Shireoaks just outside Worksop. I am tending to make a decision on doing a walk a day or two before, depending on the weather, not planning these in advance. The church is quite close to Shireoaks Railway Station, with the canal next to it. They both run alongside each other to Kiverton Park Station. This is the board at the entrance to the canal. 
At first I headed off towards Worksop because I wanted to see the Marina. I think some of these will be permanent moorings. There are a row of sheds behind some of the boats, and lots of planters dotted about. 
The bridge over in the left had corner you see there is where the boats come in off the canal. 

I took this shot to show how close together they are parked. I am not sure I would like to live that close to my neighbours. 

I carried on a bit further along the canal towards Worksop. The first lock I came to. 
The people chatting over there and blocking the path, are oblivious to me waiting for them to disperse. Four people and two dogs. I was getting fed up so I started to edge my way towards them, hoping that they would realise why I was waiting. It was only when another couple came along and walked ahead of me, that they then broke up and moved on. I saw that couple later on further up the canal, and had a lovely conversation with them, not blocking anyone and keeping our distance. It can be done.  

When I had gone under the railway bridge near Worksop I decided to turn round and go back. At that point I was at the edge of my map, I don't want to wander along blindly. Most of the locks are in the other direction. 

Pretty cottages. The sign said, please walk quietly past our houses. 
The only boats I saw were moored up, Didn't see any moving at all. The canal looks very overgrown, and it is very narrow in places. I think it would be difficult to navigate. Perhaps most boaters would steer clear of it especially when it means going through so many locks in quick succession. 

This little family spotted me. There was a bench nearby, and I was ready for a sit down. Mummy swan brought her brood to where I was sitting. Ah well, I didn't get much of that cheese sandwich. What else have I got in the bag. No you can't have all my custard tart. They waited in anticipation. I shared that as well, they had the pastry, I had the filling. I think I had better save the crisps and biscuits for later. 

The start of many locks. 

Instructions for boaters on how to go through the locks. 

There was also a sign on how to go through a Treble lock. It gets complicated. 

After the locks there was a long and pleasant walk past Old Spring Wood, and Hawks Wood. It was like going through a tunnel with all the overhanging branches. I was glad to get out into the sunshine as I approached Kiverton Park Station. This path is part of the Cuckoo Way,  a long distance path of 46 miles long. Here is some more information.   I have a little video of this, I'll get it uploaded to the toooob. 

Time is getting on, and I want to get out into the garden. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more pics. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona