Friday, 31 May 2019

Bimbling around Padstow

I checked out of the Beechwood House B & B after breakfast on the sixth day, and headed off towards Padstow in my car. I was hoping to take in both Padstow and Tintagel on the same day. 
When I got there I looked for a B & B for that night, but couldn't find anywhere suitable. Too much time wasted driving around and looking, so I drove on to Wadebridge where I thought I would have a better chance. As luck would have it there is a Travelodge just before the town. That will do fine, so I booked in, left my car there, and went for a walk into the town. A quick look round, I resisted the temptation of buying fudge.

Then I found a bicycle hire place next to the river, bikes of all sizes and configurations. Not that I wanted to hire one, but people were using them to cycle along the Camel Trail. It's about a five mile stretch alongside the River Camel, to Padstow. I decided I had enough time to walk it. Maybe I could hire a bike at the other end to come back, or maybe I could get the bus back.

The trail was like the M1 motorway for bikes, every type you can think of. Families were pulling trailers with little kids in them. There were special doggie trailers. Tandems, tricycles, grown up bikes with kiddie bikes attached to the back. Watching them all took my mind off the boring long straight and flat, track.

I arrived in Padstow, and it was very busy.

This ferry crosses over the river to the other side. Backwards and forwards continually. It serves as a link for those people walking the South West Coastal Path, which winds it's way towards Polzeath, and onward to Port Isaac.

I took a walk up to a monument on the hillside for some nice views.

I'm not sure what this boat was doing, but a whole lot of sludge was being discharged into the river.

I didn't fancy the walk back to Wadebridge so I checked the timetable for a bus. It dropped me right outside the Travelodge, so I went across the road to the retail park and picked up something for my picnic in the room, at Aldi. Time to head home the following day, but I have time to have a bimble around Tintagel before I head off back up north.

Final reminder to the Walking Group Members, don't forget to check in tomorrow.
Toodle pip.  ilona

Thursday, 30 May 2019

That scrubbed up well.

I don't know about de cluttering, I seem to be accumulating clutter. I have recently been helping with a house clearance, and I have salvaged what I could. It will be sold for the cat rescue, and given to charity shops.  My summer house is being used for storage at the moment. This is only a fraction of what was there, sadly a lot of other stuff has had to be sent to the dump. Now I have the task of picking through this, cleaning it, washing it, checking it for damage, and bagging and boxing it up.

 This baking tray is heavy and large, it was mucky. Here's a tip. I got most of the gunge off with a scouring pad and hot soapy water. There were still some baked on and burnt whatever it was they last had in it. I know what will shift it, I thought. I went in the shed and brought out a piece of sandpaper. It worked a treat, now it's all clean and shiny. It has a date on the bottom, 1985, a company in Wolverhampton made it.

When I first saw it I thought it was maybe only fit for use in the garden, but no, it can now be used in the kitchen. Give the sandpaper method a try if you have any burnt pans or bakeware. Make sure it's stainless steel though.

Advance notice, it's the 1st of June on Saturday, time for the International Walking Group check in. If you are doing the 1000 miles the target is 420 miles. How are you doing? With the extra miles I have done this month, I have made it. One more day to top up your total. Everyone out for a long walk tomorrow. 

Still more holiday pics to post, and more Trucking Life videos. 
Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Bimbling around Penzance.

I thought I had landed on a tropical island when I got off the bus at Penzance. This wasn't on my original itinerary, but as the bus stopped right outside my B & B at Carbis Bay, I thought I might take advantage of it. I'm glad I did, I really enjoyed the day. The bus station is right next to the harbour.
Small pleasure boats stranded in the mud, the tide must be out.

I have a fascination for anything that moves, boats, planes, trains, and anything on wheels. Must be down to my trucking life. I love strolling around looking at docks.

Looks like it's lunchtime for these two gulls. Not much left of the fish.

Checking the street map that I picked up from Tourist Information, I fancied a walk around some nice gardens. I wasn't disappointed, Morrab Gardens are beautiful. 
I could have been on a Caribbean Island on the other side of the world. A few people were strolling about but not many. Some were sitting reading, some walking dogs, some meeting friends.

This beautiful old building was a school, it was closed and fenced off. It really needs opening up and using again. It would make a great arts centre.

Can't remember what this is, the Town Hall I think. Impressive building.

Time to get on my way, I set off walking back, it's only about six miles.  I took the coastal path which runs alongside the railway track and the beach, towards Marazion. That is St Michaels Mount over there. I have been there on a previous visit to Cornwall.

I got off the coastal path to follow minor roads and tracks. I saw this sign near Longrock and went to have a look.

No one about, it is not open, will be later when the growing season starts. Huge poly tunnels. Stepping inside for a few minutes and I was sweating, and gasping for fresh air. It was so hot.

There is an honesty box for people to choose what they want and leave the money.

 A few random pictures as I walked through the countryside. It was glorious. Flowers in someone's front garden.

A trickling stream with a mini waterfall.

And an abundance of wild flowers in the hedgerows.

A relic of an old mine.

This is my idea of a lovely day out, I like Penzance. Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The most amazing voice you will ever hear.

Just had to slot this one in here. I often watch the Blah Blah's Got Talent shows from all around the world on yooootoooob. I have them on in the background while I'm doing a bit of stitching because I can carry on looking at my hands, and glancing up when a new contestant comes on.

Well this one stopped me dead. When I heard the sound come out of his mouth I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It needed my full attention. So, stop what you are doing, click play, and be prepared to be taken off on a journey to another part of the world. If the earth could sing this is what it would sound like.

Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 27 May 2019

Portreath to Carbis Bay

It was a Sunday, and I got the bus to Camborne. The bus station didn't look very inviting, a bit dull and drab, no one about. I thought I might walk to Portreath on the coast and do a section of the coastal path. I didn't have a street map of the town so I didn't know which direction to go, no one to ask. Another bus pulled in, it said Portreath on the front, that's lucky I thought.

There was a German couple on the bus, with very big backpacks, and they got off at Portreath. Then I found they were going in the same direction as me, so we had a little chat. It wasn't long before we split up though, they were going at a slightly slower pace than me and my little day backpack. We met later on, when I stopped and they caught me up. Then again later when I caught them up.

I had a bimble round Portreath, a nice little town, then set off. Looking back as I joined the coastal path.

Once again fantastic views over the rocky coastline.

It was very hilly and steep in places. The less steep path goes round to the right there, the shorter path is steeper and goes straight up.

The Lighthouse is on Godrevy Island.

Ooops, rather a lot of pictures of the Lighthouse.

I didn't take any more pictures. There was a stretch of path which went over the sand dunes, and I think everyone know what sand dunes look like, once you've seen one you's seen them all. I completely lost the official path so I went down onto the beach and walked along there, a lot easier. I was heading for Hayle and thought I might get a bus back from there.

Checking the times on the bus shelter I found there wasn't a bus back to Carbis Bay, oh dear, buses pack up early on a Sunday. I went to the train station to see if there was a train. oh dear, no trains either. Now what. Taxi perhaps.

Well I had done the stretch from Hayle to Carbis Bay before, so there was nothing else to do but to go for it. Best foot forward and start marching, and I did, as fast as my little legs would carry me. No need to check the map, I knew where I was going.

Arrived back at 7pm. 16 miles walked that day. A relief to get in the room and put my feet up.  Toodle pip.  ilona