Monday, 31 August 2020

Coffee chat. The new look and hello Cedric

Hello. I recorded this video yesterday, it's now live on yooootoooob. I seem to have quite a following on there, Here I am introducing my new friend Cedric.  
We had a good laugh this morning at Crafty Club, several of us were reminiscing about our childhood, and how it had an impact on our later lives. I used to spend the summer at Grandma's house, she lived in the sticks, and I spent all day roaming the fields and lanes. Funny how I am still doing that now. My mum used to bath all three of us in the kitchen sink because the bathroom was too cold, and we couldn't afford to heat the water for a bath. I still wash in the kitchen sink now. Old habits and all that. 
Don't forget, it's the first of the month tomorrow and it's check in day for the International Walking Group members. Let us know how you are doing. Are you hitting the targets? 
Thanks for popping in.  Toodle pip.  ilona

It was time.

 The new hair colour. The blond ends and mousy brown roots have gone. Now I am a carrot top. I like it. Cost £5.75 for a box of colour it at home hair dye from Boots. I don't normally go in Boots because it's more expensive than the discount stores, but it was quiet when I went. Time to ponder the colours without dodging other people.  

Coffee time, there is a coffee chat in the pipeline for later.

Going to Crafty Club now, catch ya later.   Toodle pip.  ilona

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Book collection.

I was having a tidy up of my cupboards and drawers when I came across my book collection. Aaah, there they are, I knew I had some somewhere. 
I started to read one of these quite a while ago, got a few chapters into it, and then got distracted. I think I might give it another go. Would probably need to start again at the beginning because I can't remember much of the story. Something to do on a miserable winters day I think.
Enjoy your Sunday. Toodle pip.  ilona

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Something for the weekend.

This makes me feel very emotional, and goosebumpy. Let's keep it going, let's play it over and over again. Pump up the volume, open your windows and sing along. Let's celebrate what a great country we live in. Let's all be nice to someone today, and every day.
"Land of Hope and Glory" is a British patriotic song, with music by Edward Elgar written in 1901 and lyrics by A. C. Benson later added in 1902.
Have a great weekend. Lots of love,   ilona

Friday, 28 August 2020

Lovely grub

 Hello. What a miserable day it has been today, almost none stop rain again. Best to stay indoors then. 

Here's a question, how many of you are secret nibblers. I am usually quite hungry when I make myself a meal, so I nibble something as I am making it. This is what I can't resist at the moment. It is the tradition to have crackers and cheese after a meal, I always thought that was a bit daft, the meal should fill you up. I have my crackers and cheese before the meal. The Cheese Thins from Aldi are lovely, and not that expensive, and the Mini Roule just tops them off perfectly. They also make a pineapple variety which is nice, but I like this garlic and herbs better. 

My lunch yesterday. I love the pasta and spinach with pine nuts. My kind of meal, straight from the fridge. Raw mushroom, cucumber, potato salad, lettuce leaves, and Wensleydale cheese with cranberries. Yum, perfect. 

Today I made a big pan of vegetable soup, enough for three days. 
I took the cover off the sewing machine this afternoon and made two strips of bunting, using up some cotton fabric scraps. I will give one set away, and put the others in stock for a future sale. If and when we can start doing normal things again. 

I will go shopping tonight, I'm not sure of the opening times over this Bank Holiday weekend so I'll do it tonight at 8.30pm. 
I don't go out when it's Bank Holiday, too many people on the move, the roads are too busy. I'll wait till next week. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Coffee chat. Looking at the news.

Hello. People have asked for more coffee chats, so here you go. Sorry it's a bit long, but you should be used to my waffle by now. Scroll on by if you can't be bothered. Unlike a lot of yoootoooobers you wont hear me asking you to hit the Like button, or Subscribe, because quite frankly I don't care if you don't like it, and don't mind if you take a look without subscribing. I felt a bit of humour is needed for this one. 
We've just had a massive downpour here. I'm glad I didn't go camping this week. I got a bit of hedge trimming done in the garden before the rain came. My new picture is coming along, I've added more paint. First I wanted clean sharp edges, now I have sprayed it with water and smudged them. Still not 100% happy, I think I want a mixture of both, sharp edges and smudges. I'll dab a bit more paint on. I was going to do some stitching over it, now I'm not sure if that is needed. 
I see my bloggy followers list has increased, welcome new people. 
Thanks for popping in, Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 26 August 2020


 It rained all day yesterday, I didn't go out at all. Last night I went to bed at 10.45pm, I couldn't get off to sleep, I wasn't tired. Five minutes later I got up again. It was boring just lying there. I looked out of the window and it had stopped raining, so I got dressed and went out for a walk, my three mile walk around the village. It was after midnight when I got back, that's better, straight to sleep the second time.

I've been a walk today, my usual five miles. Then I did a Billy dog walk. Don't think I will have much trouble going to sleep tonight. I like to collapse into bed completely shattered. 

The nights are drawing in now, shorter days are not good for camping. I will maybe have one more trip before the autumn and winter comes. 

My bank statement came today, I still get a paper one in the post. I like to see it all written down so I can keep it for reference. I don't seem to be spending much just lately. Nothing to spend it on. Nothing I need, nothing I want, except food and to keep a roof over my head. 

I am starting to yawn now, so I'd better get up those apples and pears. I am hopeless at writing a blog post this late in the evening. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Fabulous florals

 Good afternoon. The weather is going from bad to worse today. Pouring rain this morning, now it's very windy, with showers. I did think I might go for a walk, but I will stay in, and maybe do a later walk around the village. 

The flowers are done, I won't make any more, need to move on. There are 15 in total. The stalks are different lengths so they can be arranged in a vase. They are wire wrapped with green wool. The leaves are made of snooker table green baize. 

This one has three layers of petals.

The messy back is covered with a circle of felt.

Two Suffolk Puffs in the centre, and a button.

Here comes the rain again. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

PS. Just had an email from my dentist. My appointment for a check up in November has been cancelled. That's nice, now what. Wait till my teeth drop out. 

Monday, 24 August 2020

Coffee chat. Tooooo risky.

It's been a lovely day today. We had some jolly banter at Crafty Club. I went to the Post Office, I made this video. I made a pan of soup. I've been looking for a camp site but no luck, they are full. I did a load of washing. I did a bit of dysoning upstairs, and I trimmed up a tall conifer in the garden. 

I will do a late village walk tonight. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona


 Multi tasking. Breakfast in the bath.

Catch ya later.  Toodle pip.  ilona

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Sunday with Godfrey

In the absence of anything meaningful to say, I hereby hand this space over to Godfrey.  
Brain is taking a day off. Not many visitors come here at the weekend anyway, people won't notice if I am not here. Bye for now, Toodle pip. ilona xxx

Friday, 21 August 2020

Crazy windy walk

 Did I mention that it was windy this morning? It has been extremely windy all day. Next door but one's gazebo has blown down. They aren't meant to be permanent structures, it's been up several weeks, not sure why. Anyway it's collapsed. 

I thought it would be fun to go a walk, so after a nice salady lunch I set off. It was hard going leaning forward into the wind trying to stay upright. It whipped across the fields on my right, and roared through the trees and into the woods on my left. The blades on the windmills were whizzing round. It was crazy, but fun. 

The horses were waiting patiently for their owner to come and serve up their dinner.

I took shelter for ten minutes on the bench behind the church. I made a short video, uploaded it onto the computer and now I can't find it, so you will just have to imagine me in a wooly hat. 
I thought I was seeing things as I walked through the village, this looks just like John Bain hanging around outside a posh house. Must be a scarecrow event going on around here. 
Here's another one. Not sure who this looks like, but it's cute.

Well that five miles certainly blew the cobwebs off me. It was quite exhilarating actually.  Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

It's the little things which amuse me.

Sometimes it hurts my head to have so much common sense. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious to other people. 

The grass cutting team are out today. Not sure if they are Council employees, or private contractors. The work was put out to tender I believe, and changes were made to how the job would be carried out. So far all is well. The grass is being cut to a good standard and not left to grow too long. The intervals between cuts are just right. 

The team are in the village this morning. There are three workers, one on the sit on mower, another carrying the strimmer to tidy up the edges, and a third was this chappie. He is carrying a petrol driven blower, generally used for blowing leaves away, but on this occasion, blowing the grass trimmings from the pavement, (sidewalk if you are across the pond), back onto the freshly cut grass. 

So why am I amused? Because it's blowing a hoolie outside. The trees are bending, the hedges are dancing crazily, and the shards of grass are blowing everywhere all on their own. The chappie marched up and down the road following the mower, going through the motions and waving his tube about, to create the illusion that he was actually doing something. Did someone in the transport office look out of the window this morning. 

Have a nice day. Toodle pip.  ilona

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Morning coffee chat. Life is what you make it.

Hello. The shopping trip to Aldi went like a dream last night. Once again, at 8.30pm, there was hardly anyone in the shop. I had whole aisles to myself. No dodging other shoppers, no hovering waiting for them to move. Half an hour after arriving I was out, £40 lighter, paid with cash, and everything I wanted. No hassle, easy peasy. I called in the petrol station and managed to stop the pump at exactly £20, handed two tenners in cash over the counter. 
I made a video this morning.
This afternoon I took Billy dog a walk. It has been a lovely sunny day, we went around the fishing pond, for a change, somewhere we don't normally go. He was excited, lots of lovely new smells. 
I had a chat with my friend Ken this afternoon, we had a can of a cider in my back garden. He is back in the village and is looking for a motor home to go travelling in. I've been keeping busy today. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Thank you.

Hello, and a BIG BIG whopping THANK YOU to everybody for your kind comments. You really are the bestest blog readers and followers that anyone could wish for. 
I am feeling a bit lost at the moment, trying to get used to the empty rooms upstairs where Heidi hung out. I always had to look for her because her favourite place changed that often. Window sills, inside the cupboard, in the bath or wash basin, any dark little hidey hole in the corner of a room. My duties started first thing in the morning and finished last thing at night. I went up and down the stairs fetching and carrying many times during the day. Two litter boxes to check and clean, food and water bowls to wash and replenish, now I have nothing to do. I wish she was still here. 
Mayze has been missing her, I have been giving her extra cuddles. Oscar comes and goes as usual, spending most of his time outside. Life goes on, now back to two cats. 
Today I made a pan of soup with veg that was given to me. Cabbage, courgette, celery, spring onions, potatoes, and a few peas that I nicked from the field. I whizzed it up with the stick blender so that has fed me for lunch and dinner today. It was lovely. 
Now my fridge is bare, I must go to Aldi to re stock. It's ten past seven and it's raining, so I reckon tonight will be a good time. Thanks for popping in.  ilona

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

In memory of Heidi

It is with a very sad heart that I have had to say goodbye to Heidi. Trying and failing to get through this post without bawling my eyes out. She stopped eating again, another trip to the vet, my dear friend Janet came with me. It was very difficult to make the decision, especially while standing in the busy car park next to a noisy road, speaking to the vet on the mobile. She had come out to collect Heidi, I explained what had happened, she took her inside for an examination, then rang me to tell me what the options were. 

Heidi's stomach was full of fluid, the vet had taken a sample, and said it could be either liver or kidneys. They could do a blood test which would give more information, but as such, these problems would not be treatable in the long term. At first I thought I might have the test, but very quickly realised that it wouldn't be fair to put her through more trauma, which would only delay the outcome, just for the sake of a month or so, possibly less. She had already had a lifetime of medication and vets visits due to her leukaemia. The vet told me early on that she would not live to a normal cats life. Even though I knew this, it's still upsetting when the time comes. I had to do the best for her. 

They have a private garden area at the back of the surgery, Heidi had an injection to sedate her and was brought out to us in her carrier. I was able to hold her head and say goodbye, she knew I was there as she drifted off to sleep. 

Heidi came to me with four kittens, she was found living rough. The pens were full at the rescue so I made up a room for them here. The kittens were found homes when they were old enough. 

A few pictures. Anywhere I was working she wanted to be.

She loved to look around the garden. The appointment to take her was 4.20pm, while we were waiting I carried her out into the garden so she could have an hour or so in the sunshine. This picture was taken a few years ago. She was very tired on the last day. 

I kept records, every day she had a tablet, sometimes medicine to control her sickness. 

She has a plot in the garden next to Bugsy. 

My little sweetheart is now at rest. She was nine years old. Best wishes,   ilona

Sunday, 16 August 2020

My sister Anna

Did you know that my sister is an author, she writes books, She has two out on Amazon at the moment.

My sister also draws pet portraits. 

She is my younger sister, I have only one. She can do what I can't do. I can't draw and I have no patience to write books. We are from the same stock. Our father was an artist and so was our Uncle. 

The books are historical novels, I haven't read them because I don't read fiction, and I wouldn't be able to sit for long enough to read a whole book. I am too fidgety, I would get up and walk around, I would go and do something else, then forget what the story was about when I went back to it, and have to re read some of it to remind myself before I carried on. It would take me an age to read a whole book. 

I think we have a rainy Sunday ahead, not looking too good outside. Time for breakfast. Enjoy your Sunday whatever you are doing. Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 14 August 2020

Mission accomplished.

 I've been to town this afternoon, first time in ages. Aldi is close to town, but I didn't go there today. I can last a few more days with the food I bought on the 3rd, and what I already have in. Maybe Monday or Tuesday will be an Aldi day next week. 

I needed to take my library books back today, best not hang on to them any longer. Way overdue of course but I don't think they are bothered about that, probably glad to get them back. I stepped through the first door of the main library and was about to step through the second door, they open automatically, when a woman came towards me wearing a mask. She asked if I have an appointment. I said no, I just wanted to return books. She pointed to a large barrow thing on wheels and told me to put them in there. She said if I wanted to take any books out I have to ring them first, or send an email, and they will put together a selection, and I would make an appointment to collect them. I said no thanks. I asked if the mobile library would be starting up again, and asked about Stan, would he be coming again. She said eventually but no plans just yet. 

I walked up the High Street to see what the position was at the Post Office with regard to queueing. My utilities bill arrived yesterday and I needed to pay it. Luckily no one waiting outside the shop, one customer at the counter, I waited for her to move away. I handed over the bill and £100 in cash to cover it. Easy. I do hope that my utilities company has got the message now, and will send me the next bill on time, so I can pay it on time, at the Post Office. 

There was still a bit of time left on the one hour free parking so I went to Home Bargains to pick up three items I needed. A jar of coffee, bag of sugar, and a tin of Coffee Mate. While I was there I picked up a large box of Whiskas pouches for Oscar. I'm well stocked up on cat food now. Nobody asked me about a mask when I went in these three places, and my dangly thing around my neck was tucked inside my clothes. I didn't see many people wearing masks.

Someone suggested that for my next craft project I should make myself a tin hat. What a good idea I thought, so here it is. 

Must dash, Billy dog is waiting for a walk. . Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Morning coffee chat.

Hello. I made a video this morning and put it on yoooootoooob. This has had a lot of interest. If you want to read the comments click on the youtube symbol on the bottom right of the video and it will take you there. Otherwise just watch it here. 

Six flowers made, more to come. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Live Outdoor Concerts - This Has To Be A Joke

I saw this yesterday and couldn't quite believe it. Alex Belfield has reported on it today on his channel. 

Yep, it did happen. People herded into the pens, like sheep at a livestock market. What the heck are they doing, how much did they cough up for that awful experience. Absolutely ludicrous, totally bonkers. 

Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Now that's a good idea.

 It's hot again today, it was hot yesterday. I decided to go for a walk, my usual route, a little over five miles. The plan was to go early before it got too hot. I faffed and it was 11am when I set off. Not such an early start, but I felt like going so I did. It got hotter, good job I took a drink and snack with me. The bench was in the shade so I sat there to cool off. I made a video, but after playing it back I deleted it, far too long and waffley. I need to make notes and get to the point a bit quicker. I also need some new equipment. Maybe splash out on a new camera. 

I had a little brainwave as I was walking along. I always wear my sun visor, even when it's not sunny. There it sits perched on my head. 

Why not give it another job, make it dual purpose. It could double up as a covering for my mush. That would be easy wouldn't it. Unhook the velcro at the back, re position it, and reattach it. My nose is a bit squashed, but with the peak sticking out around the bottom of my face I could take in big breaths of air. That might work, I'll give it a try. 

Seen yesterday, a field full of red poppies, with a sprinkling of white ones. How glorious is the British countryside at the moment. 

I am keeping my eye on the peas, they are close to being ready for harvesting. A snack I think when I next go that way. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Winster is a very nice village

 I didn't have time for a full explore of Winster, but from what I saw I think it would be lovely to live there. Here are a few pictures. Lots of greenery and flowers in front of the gardens, and down the sides. This footpath has been transformed with a lot of interesting pot plants on both sides. I think it is someone's private entrance to a garden. 

Just around the corner is this fabulous patio garden. The owner was pottering about and I couldn't resist stopping for a chat. This is the only space she has for a garden and she has certainly turned it into a little bit of paradise. She said she often sits outside and chats to anyone passing. 

The village shop has a queue waiting on the pavement outside. There is a table in the doorway acting as a counter, preventing anyone from entering. Tell the assistant what you want and it will be brought out to you. 

The Market House, Tourist Information, 

It was a short walk through Winster as time was getting on. Worth another look another day. I went down the road past Bank Top Farm, across the fields, and picked up the Stunstead Lane track back to the camp site. I came down that track there and was faced with a group of cows gathered by the gate. The grown ups were on one side of the gate and the three youngsters were on the other. Steady does it, walk carefully to the side of them and over the stile which is just out of the picture. Don't spook them, don't frighten them, no bother. They weren't interested in me. 

So that's it for the Derbyshire pictures this time. It's such a big county I will probably go back again. Maybe choose a different camp site, and walk another area. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 10 August 2020

I missed a turn. Lost in Derbyshire.

Part two. I was on the Limestone Way, gone through Ible, and the Bonsall Mines, now disused. That was interesting, remnants of slag heaps, holes in the ground, all reclaimed by nature. The path goes right through it, careful not to fall down a mine shaft, some of them were blocked off with railway sleepers. 
And a lovely view came into sight. I had missed a turn and went down the wrong path, wasn't sure where I was for a while, but kept going. Then I saw this village, best go and have a look. 
Cottages with flowers and garden ornaments. There was a bench opposite the Chapel, so I sat and had a bite to eat. 

The village is on a very steep hill.

I came across an elderly gentleman sitting in his gorgeous summer house, watching the world go by. I waved, he waved, what a lovely flower display.
It was a steep climb out of the village. Upper Town Bonsall Dale was the name of it by the way, if you want to look for it on the map. I picked up the Limestone Way again towards Moorland Lane, and onto Bonsall Moor. The views were fantastic.

I'll finish this post now, time is getting on and my brain has gone to sleep. I will leave you on the Limestone Way heading towards Winster. More pictures tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. ilona