Monday, 31 January 2022

Back now

 What a to do that was. Part of the summer house roof blew off on Friday night. On Saturday a friend came round to help me put it back on. Two pairs of hands were needed to battle the wind. I didn't want to leave it exposed to the elements in case it rained. 

Yesterday it wasn't windy, today it is windy again. The roof isn't completely waterproof because I cant reach to stick the joins together with tape. I did have a big sheet of heavy duty plastic over the whole roof, but after two years it has disintegrated. 

This morning I went to see a man who makes market stall covers and suchlike. He has got just the right material to make me a bespoke piece which will cover the whole of the roof. He hasn't quite got enough of it in stock, and said he gets a delivery in about a week. In the meantime, I bought a ready made tarpaulin off him for £8. That will do the job for now. I am hoping my friend can come round and help me lay it out and fasten it down. 

While I was out I picked up a load of cat food from Home Bargains. I wanted a few other bits and bobs as well. Might as well do two jobs in one. 

Now it's coffee time. Toodle pip.   ilona

Turning a corner

 Good morning. I'll whack this one out quickly, there is something I need to deal with here. Breaking news that the Government are set to scrap the jab mandate for NHS staff and care workers. Apparently all it needs is a signature to do a u turn and scrap the plan. 

Good news eh! Let's hope that happens because to be honest, I will never believe anything they say ever again. They may have finally realised that if they go ahead with the sackings, it would destroy the NHS completely. From their actions over the last two years, I would say that is exactly what they have been working towards.

Boris and Co are an elected Government and are accountable to you and me, and many millions of people living in this country. They were voted in. They are never going to get everything right, but common sense has to play a large part in their law making. 

Boris is torn between a rock and a hard place. He should be listening to the concerns of every citizen in the UK, and not destroy his own country because of the orders coming from the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset. 

This is not the start of going back to the old normal, we can never do that. Too much damage has been done. Klaus Schwab and his gang are not going to give up that easily. They have invested many years to get to this point. 

Stay alert, watch every movement that the Government makes. First they need to re instate all the workers that they have sacked so far. Then they need to remove completely the threat of people losing their jobs. Getting a jab to keep your job is not about health, it is about control. 

A quick note. Inappropriate comments will be deleted. 

Catch ya later.   ilona 

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Dear Truckers

Apologies to all the truckers in Canada and the USA. Sorry I couldn't join your convoy with my Western Star. Life has been pretty hectic. I took the rig to the Savoy Hotel where I had been invited to the Women of the Year Luncheon. Caused a bit of a stir I can tell you. The traffic was backed up for miles behind me, ha ha. I pulled up at the door and was swamped by the press, all wanting photo's. They had never seen anything like it before. I felt like a proper celeb as they all went crazy snapping away.  
Of course I got a bit dolled up, bought a new little black frock especially for the occasion. Big hair and plenty of slap on the old boat race. Rhyming slang you know, in London now. Heels with plenty of leg on show. I've got great pins. I always get lots of wolf whistles when I am out on the town. Does a girls ego a power of good you know. 

Mrs lady police didn't like it that I blocked the road with the Lady Louise. That's the name of the truck by the way. I couldn't help it. Fancy building a big posh hotel in the middle of the city with a narrow access road. No where to turn the rig round. Anyway, when all the photo's were done, I just left it there. 

So my trucker friends, keep on blasting your horns. Sorry to have missed your shindig. Sit it out until the big boss man has the balls to come out and speak to you. Good luck, and hold the line. My very best wishes, Trucker ilona. 

Friday, 28 January 2022

Tickling my taste buds

When I went shopping last week I picked up a couple of new items to try. I don't always feel like cooking a meal so for convenience it's handy to have something to heat in the microwave. In the summer a lot of my meals are from the fridge to the plate, no cooking required. In the winter it's nice to have something warm. 
So what was the lentil shepherds pie like? The lentils in the bottom were alright, slightly spicy, and tasty. Not keen on the pretend mashed potato topping. I think it was made with powdered potato, like instant mash, which I am not keen on. I gave it a stir to mix it up before I started eating it. It was too dry and stodgy, I should have added a drop of water before I microwaved it. Marks out of 10. . . 6 ish. I won't buy any more. 
The mushroom burgers are a good size, two in the packet. It says to bake them in the oven. I don't use my oven so I put one under a low grill, turning it over to do both sides. Then I sliced it open and put it back under the grill for a few minutes to make sure the inside was well hot. 
One is quite filling. The taste is a bit bland, I could just about make out the mushroom flavour. I found myself with some hard gritty pieces in my mouth, not sure what they were. The texture was quite dry. I think these might be best served with some vegetable gravy, which would probably also improve the taste and texture of the shepherds pie. Marks out of 10. . . . 7 ish. These won't be going in my trolley again. 
I think I could probably make similar items from scratch, I might give it a try. That's if I can be bothered. The kitchen is not my favourite place to be. 
It was warm this afternoon, I was in the garden chopping some height off the conifer hedge at the bottom of the garden. Don't want it to get out of control. 
Thanks for popping in. Have a good weekend. 
We'll catch up soon.   ilona

Thursday, 27 January 2022

A bimble in the Yorkshire Wolds

I spent £3 today, crossing the Humber Bridge twice. Still have to pay with a card, I don't know if they will ever go back to accepting cash. It's a nuisance having to park close to the booth to reach the machine and insert the card. I don't have one of those wafting things, I have to punch in the numbers. 
After a short drive bypassing Beverley I turned off on a minor road to Cherry Burton. Found a parking place on a wide road with no restrictions, in the centre of the village. I set off down the road to Etton. Here I had a look at the church, but wasn't able to go inside. As you can see, it is a lovely sunny day. 
Nearby is what used to be the school. It is now a residential house. I spotted the bell, and thought of the time when the children were playing outside and the bell was rung to bring them in. 

The pub has closed, as many of them are going the same way. The brewery is looking for new tenants if anyone fancies it. 

There are lots of lovely little cottages in Etton, and lots of horses. 

A couple of miles out of Etton I picked up the Rail Trail. This is a disused railway line, now a cycle track and can be used by horse riders and walkers. I did a mile or two along there, but was glad to get off because they can get a bit boring with not much to look at. I had a nice chat with some dog walkers. 
There are some nice views over the Yorkshire Wolds. A farmer came into this field pulling a trailer. He opened it up and about a dozen sheep were offloaded. The other sheep in the field came over to have a look at the newcomers. 

I arrived at Kiplingcotes Station. The old signal box is still standing. 

I tried to get a look at the station itself, but it is surrounded by fencing. It is now residential. I suppose the owners want some privacy.  

I took the road through South Dalton Wold, heading for South Dalton village. It passes through the estate of Dalton Hall. Most of it is private, so there is no opportunity to get close to the historical buildings. There are notices saying keep to the road. I got a couple of pics with the zoom. Sheep are wandering about everywhere. 

These looked like massive beasts, all matching black and white. I wonder if they are bulls. 
The sun is starting to go down. 

Leaving the estate and coming into the village there is a very nice olde worlde pub, with accommodation. It's called The Pipe and Glass. Here is a link to their web site. No time to stop. I have been talking to a very nice couple so I must press on.  

Time is getting on but I must take a look at the church in South Dalton. The spire looks amazing. 
Still a bit of light left to take some photo's. 

Fabulous stained glass windows. One at each end. 

As I was walking out of the village I turned round to look back. Just look at that spire.  
It was a very fast walk back to the car. The sun was disappearing behind the trees.  

Just made it  before it got dark. It was a lovely five hour bimble. Ten miles walked. I have gone over the 84 mile target for this month. Four days left to go. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Go Truckers.

I had an email from one of my followers, thank you Kelly, she asks for support for the Truckers Convoy making it's way across Canada in protest of mandatory jabs. I am happy to support them because I agree with their campaign to stop this madness. 
The issue here is not about health, it's about control. Once they, (the very rich people who think they are God), have people in a perpetual drug induced loop they know that they have total control of their victims. There is no need to jab everybody. Only those who are vulnerable with pre existing health issues should be offered jab protection. And only with informed consent, and that means not being bullied into it. 
Truckers, especially those on long haul, spend many hours, days, and even weeks in solitude in their cabs. Insisting they get jabbed is not about keeping them safe. And if anybody thinks it still is about health they really need to wake up. 
Truckers from the USA are driving north towards Canada in support of their colleagues. If they are not allowed to cross the border they will block the border. It is scheduled to come to a head on the 29th. They are prepared to stay as long as they need to, until Trooodoh backs down. The support for this is growing, there are many videos documenting the biggest convoy ever. They will bring the country to a standstill. 
From Kelly's email. . . . 
The government has set mandates for all truckers to be vaccinated and
GOD BLESS THEM, the truckers have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They are saying
and doing what the rest of us have been too afraid to say or do.There is a huge movement right now where  thousands and thousands of truckers and supporters are making their way from the West Coast of Canada to Ontario to the capital city of Ottawa. They are trying to confront our Prime Minister and send the message that we are free to choose whether to vaccinate or not and is mandate for vaccines is not going to be accepted by the people.
I don't think people realise the severity of what is going on. This is a complete takeover of our human rights, not just show a pass to get in a restaurant. Once they get people hooked in they will have to ask permission to do just about everything.  
Freedom Convoy 2022 Support, have a faicebuck page. Go there if you want to support them. When the freedom rally's that we have in our major towns and cities are shown not to be working, when our Government is pushing forward with their own reset agenda, then maybe we ought to take a look at what they are doing in other countries. 
It is worth noting here that there is a campaign to bring violence to an otherwise peaceful rally. What starts out as a friendly gathering does sometimes descend into anarchy. The same people have been filmed at several events. Perhaps a convoy of trucks would get rid of that problem. 
First carers, then nurses, then doctors, now truckers, who's next. How can people still claim that this is a health issue. After all the lies that have come out surely people don't believe the bullshit that has been spouted from every Government in the world. I despair. 
Best wishes. Stand together whether jabbed or unjabbed. No mandates. I am not your enemy.  ilona

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Take a walking tour in your home

Good morning. I've found a series of videos which may be of particular interest to our oversees visitors to this blog. Our UK visitors might also like them. Gimbal Walk TV shows you around some of our towns and cities. The camera person is using a stabilising gizmo called a Gimbal with their camera, which eliminates wobbles and shakes. The pictures are crisp, and the movements from one scene to another are super smooth. 
There is no annoying background music, and no narrative. You can watch with no sound at all, or listen to the gentle natural hum of people going about their business. There are minimum information subtitles which briefly appear at the bottom of the screen. This is helpful to pinpoint the exact location of the shot. In one video he finished off with some drone filming which is the icing on the cake. I love drone shots.  
Other towns and cities I have found are. . . . 
Leeds, Edinburgh, Scarborough, Whitby, Birmingham, Bridlington, Skipton, Alnwick, Leicester, Ripon, Seahouses, Harrogate, Manchester, Blackpool, Robin Hoods Bay, Holmfirth, Knaresborough, There are probably more. 
These could be useful when planning a holiday. Have a look at the place before you travel. String several places together to create a driving tour. This is what I am hoping to do when I start car camping. 
News in from 20 21 Arts Centre about the open exhibition. As this is a special year, it opened 20 years ago, they will make room for all the art that has been entered. No one will be rejected. That will be over 300 exhibits. It runs from Saturday the 29th of January, to Saturday the 23rd of April. To avoid the initial rush to see it, I will wait a week or two before I go and have a look. 
Another dull day today. I am doing well with the walking challenge so no need to panic. I will go for a walk this afternoon. I have to get out once a day. I got the car key problem sorted yesterday. The garage fitted new batteries to both keys at a cost of £6. 
I will cut you loose. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Monday, 24 January 2022

Litter buggers

I sometimes talk about litter and fly tipping because I get fed up of seeing it. We have a wonderful countryside and it is often blighted by dumped rubbish and wanton littering. People chuck their rubbish anywhere they please because they are lazy. Out of sight out of mind. 
I took a slightly different route on my walk on Saturday, I expected to see some rubbish. Yes, there was fly tipping, bin bags full of bottles and cans, and some littering as well. It was an ugly sight. Some of it had been there for a long time. I rearranged the masks into an artistic collage draped on the brambles. 
If you look closely a used condom adds a touch of authenticity to the scene. It proves you can still enjoy a bonk while not actually looking at your partners face.
While I was constructing this masterpiece a big four wheel drive pulled up, an officer of the law opened his window for a chat. He asked me if I had seen any quad bikes around. Apparently they come here for a blast through the woods and across the fields. I said no I hadn't . 
I made a comment about the awful mess and what I had found. He said it is a well know spot for men to come to after picking up their chosen prostitute in town. They drive out to the countryside to complete their business. 
I noted that he was part of the rural law enforcement patrol, as it said on the side of his truck. In the back seat he had a life size plastic sheep. I wondered what he used that for, a decoy maybe, while looking for sheep rustlers. I told him about the dead sheep I had found. He said he had heard about that. 
Litter, or trash as people call it, is widespread. The German in Venice Beach, Los Angeles reports that a whole train load of Amazon parcels have been robbed. They used bolt cutters to open up the containers, and open up the packages, discarding what they didn't want. My goodness, what a disaster. Makes you wonder how many parcels go missing in transit. 
Now I must go to the Post Office to get some cash. I need to take my car keys to the garage and get them to check the batteries. For some reason I can only open and close the locks with one click. To fully lock the car I should click twice. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Weekend post (edited x3)

 Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic addressing the French president Emmanuel Macron, in the European Parliament.   The correct translation has been verified. 

Dr Aseem Malhotra on the tweeeeteratta. To all those courageous NHS workers who have made an informed decision not to have the mRNA jabbb, hang in there. A Government u turn is imminent. Justice will prevail because mandating this biological agent is unscientific, unethical, and impractical. 

The old man in a chair, Dr Vernon has made a new video, due to be screened tonight on BNTube at 7pm. This is the trailer. 

Good luck to all those taking part in the rally today in London, and those all around the world.  

1st edit. My friend was at the rally in London today, she sent me some photo's. She said the atmosphere was amazing. This was in support of the NHS staff who are going to lose their jobs because they are not vaxxed. It is reported that 70,000 people will be told to leave. How is the NHS going to cope? The waiting list for treatment will grow even longer. 

2nd edit. Consultant anaesthetist speaks out. Why I'm prepared to put my job and 25 year career on the line. 
I'm a husband and father. I'm being told my notice of dismissal will come on February 3rd and I won't be able to work in my profession from April. Despite this, I will not comply with mandatory vaccination. There's deeply concerning high quality ONS data showing a significant increase in excess mortality in 15-19 year old males that appears well correlated with vaccine rollout. People aren't getting vaccinated to protect against a virus anymore. They're complying to keep their jobs, careers, incomes, social status, freedom of movement, quality of life and basic Human Rights.

3rd edit. Geert Vanden Bossche, virologist and vaccinologist answers questions about boosters, and the new Omicron booster which the Government say will fix the problems. Here he provides information and advice. 

Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 21 January 2022

Easy peasy

My kind of shopping. An empty shop, one other person pushing a trolley around. Arrive at 9.20pm. I got everything I wanted. Through the checkout and out of the door by 10pm. 
Load the shopping into the car. It is already inside two big bags inside the trolley. Drive out of the car park and into the petrol station just down the road. Fill up with petrol. 
Home by 10.15pm. It's 17 days since I last went shopping. This routine suits me fine. Sometimes I can stretch it to 21 days. 

Have a good weekend. Goodnight.  ilona

Bodily functions

That's half a water melon I have eaten. There were quite a lot of pips in it. I wonder if they will put in an appearance at the other end. Ha ha. 
Toodle pip.  ilona

Bonus. Meat Loaf and Cher.

Now binging on Rock and Roll. 

I remember Meat Loaf

Sad news this morning, Meat Loaf has gone. One of my favourite rock singers. Loved his energy. I remember seeing him at the NEC in Birmingham. Good memories. Rest in Peace.  
We'll catch up later.   ilona

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Perfect ending to a walk.

This is the bonus at the end of the walk yesterday. What more could one ask for. I am standing on the South Bank of the River Humber at South Ferriby. The Cement Works can be seen in the distance. I love it when daylight is fading and the lights start coming on. It adds a whole new dimension to the scene. Yes I did have a torch with me so I was able to pick my way along the edge of a field and along a muddy track back to my car. 

I made a guess at about 8 miles but on checking it when I got home, it was 10 miles. The weather was a mix of sunshine and blustery wind. Most of the walk was quite high up, I was glad of a furry hood on exposed areas. 
Today is dog walking day, so I won't be going very far. Thanks for popping in. 
Toodle pip.   ilona

The end?

 BJ is in a tight spot, he is fighting for his job. He will say anything to keep it. I don't expect the lies to stop anytime soon. He backtracks and makes out that he is doing us a favour by relaxing the rules. Listen to every word that comes out of his mouth, listen to how he can twist things into giving us a false sense of security. This isn't going to end just yet.

The Globalists are pushing forward with their plan, it isn't a secret. The UK is part of that plan. Things are much worse in other parts of the world. We won't be allowed to go against the plan for very long. BJ has been given time to get his house in order, comply and catch up later. He is in a loop and can't get out of it. 

They throw us a few crumbs, and then say the jabbing of health workers is still in place. SaJa has refused to back down, saying it is the professional duty of every health worker to do what they can to look after their patient. School children no longer need to cover their faces, then SaKh says commuters will still have to wear bits of cloth on their face while travelling. He won't cancel the mandate.  

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security. They will continue to throw us morsels of hope. Look at what other countries are doing. Fining those not jabbed, denying them food, bankrupting small businesses, building quarantine camps. Continue to ask questions, and look after yourself. 


Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Lovely day for a walk.

Another sunny day, I did a ten mile walk. I parked my car at South Ferriby, opposite the church. I am familiar with this area, I have walked here before. The church is set on a hillside overlooking the village, which lies on the south bank of the River Humber. 
I like this wonky tree which is close to the front door of the church. 

It is locked today so I can't go inside. The church is partially hidden by trees, so there isn't a good view of it for a photo. 

I came out of the churchyard by the back gate, and set off down a track. This is part of the Viking Way, a long distance path. The cement works down the hill. You can see the conveyor belt which carried the raw materials from the quarry. It is closed now, I am not sure if it will open again. The views across the river to the North Bank are pretty good from here. 

I followed the Viking Way for a while, and spotted the back of the quarry across the fields. 
Eventually I found a better view of it, and with a bit of zooming I got a half decent  picture. I like the way the terraces are formed as they dig deeper into it. Would make a great amphitheatre. 

I crossed over the main A15 trunk road coming into Barton on Humber. The bridge towers above the housing estate. 

I stopped to have a break at Baysgarth Country Park. A couple of biscuits and a drink was enough. I had filled my face with a cooked breakfast before I came out. I made my way through the town to the waters edge, and turned left along the path to return to South Ferriby. 
Under the bridge I go. 

I will end this post here, and save the sunset photo's for tomorrow. It's 9pm and I want to clock off. I will sleep well tonight. 

Catch ya tomorrow, Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

I think summer is here.

It's been a glorious sunny day today. I went out in the garden to do a bit of tidying. It all looks a bit scruffy with some of the plants needing the dead bits cut off. It was warm enough to sit outside with a cuppa. 
I did a three mile village walk after that. and now I am going to have a bath before my dinner. I just took this snap of the sunset. View from my window. Apologies for the telephone wire. 
We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona


 If anyone is still not sure about what is going on, a new documentary was released on Brand New Tube on Saturday. It is 1 hour 50 minutes long and is a collection of interviews which have taken place over the last two years. They are well respected experts in their fields. The story starts right at the very beginning, not when it was first talked about, but before that. It ends at the present time we are at now. It isn't over yet, I think there is more to come. All countries are going in the same direction.  

I have seen a lot of these interviews while I have been researching this. They can also be found on Brand New Tube. When you have watched this video you may wish to explore further by looking up the longer versions. Or you may wish to dismiss it as a load of bunkum. It is up to you.

Whatever your thoughts on this as time goes on it is going to be much harder to dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. I think that notion has been well and truly slaughtered now. The plan is crumbling. More truths are coming out. People are waking up. There is widespread anger about the way the Governments and main stream media have been working together. I think that this can only erupt into civil disobedience, when they find out what has really been happening. The people have had enough. 

It's a lovely day outside. I will make the most of it, the garden needs tidying. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona  

The long and the short of it.

Here's a short video I knocked up towards the end of my walk on Sunday. Will I have time to complete the six mile walk, or should I divert and take a shorter route back to the village. 
There are decisions to be made every day. To change a plan, or to not change a plan and stick with it. At what point do you throw in the towel and give up, or do you carry on and accept the consequences if it all goes wrong. Life isn't easy at the moment. You can only do what you think is right.
Have a good day.  We'll catch up soon.  ilona 

Monday, 17 January 2022

Needle felted project

I finished this today. A small needle felted wall hanging. It measures 13 inches by 9 inches. I used a piece of scrap woven fabric for the base and needle felted on top of that. I used a piece of driftwood for the hanger. 
The flowers at the bottom are small buttons. 

The red and green blobs on the branches are loose French knots. 

The tree is made from wool. Start off with about 40 strands and start wrapping it from the bottom working up. When the trunk is the right length, split it into three, and wrap again, then split again to make the smaller branches and wrap them. I added two extra branches to the top of the trunk, after I stitched it onto the background. 

I covered the back with a piece of snooker table green baize, and attached it around the edge with blanket stitch. 

I have done something like this before, it's easy to do. A little project on the table to pick up when I have an hour to spare. 

Now to move on to something else. I have another idea in mind. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.

Toodle pip.    ilona