Sunday, 31 March 2019

Been away, now I'm back.

Just back from a weekend away. I'm relaxing now, had a long drive. Don't forget it's check in day for the International Walking Group tomorrow so we'll catch up then. Toodle pip ilona

Friday, 29 March 2019

Two for the price of one.

It's FEEL GOOD FRIDAY everyone, and the sun is out, what could be better. Here's a double dose of my two favourite yooootoooobers, Terry and Brendan. This will put a smile on your face.

Now I'm off to wash my hair.....again, ha ha..  ilona

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Bloody Hell ;o)

Is this why it costs so much to have your hair coloured at a hairdressers shop? For the sake of saving a few quid I have almost dyed my whole head. Mustn't grumble, it only cost £3.  

Get stuffed

Good morning, every day is a fresh new start, we are lucky to be alive. I started the day as usual with a mug of coffee, and a slug of Ballycastle, Joyce's version of Baileys. The sun is shining and I am eating porridge and fruit as I look around the internet.

Yesterday was a pretty shit day. As well as Joyce's death, I was let down badly by a person who I thought was a friend, turns out she isn't. I won't go into details, no point in raking up the mess. Luckily I have other much nicer friends who are very supportive.

So, did anyone win the competition? What was that awful mess that I threw out on the lawn for the birds to eat? Yes, it has shrunk in size and I have seen birds pecking away at it.

We have a winner, one person guessed it exactly. I was looking for four words. . . . SAGE AND ONION STUFFING. Jules you are a winner. Please send me a postal address, either email, or in a comment here, which I won't publish. I will put together a bag of goodies and stick it in the post to you. Well done.

I have stuff to do today, so I'll will get on with things. No procrastination, just a positive attitude that keeps my spirits up. I am not down for long.   ilona xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Keeping up the tradition.

I had some sad news through this morning, Joyce has passed away. I last saw her a week ago. You may remember I have been walking Bailey poodle for her for a long time. Then we got a rota together and shared the job between three of us, with Ken doing most of it, and me and Brenda filling the gaps when he went away. 
So what's the connection with Ballycastle? I was in Aldi yesterday and added a bottle to my shopping. This was Joyce's favourite tipple. After I did the dog walk she always asked if I would like a coffee, quite often I would sit and chat for a while with her. She asked if I would like a splash of this in my drink, and I got quite a liking for it. 

Something told me to buy a bottle yesterday, and this morning I put a splash in my coffee. An hour later the phone call came through, Joyce had fallen peacefully asleep in hospital. She was 92.

I wrote a post about her 90th birthday party. Click here to read it. 

I have a picture in my mind of Joyce wrapped up with a big coat, and a hat, scarf and gloves, walking along in the wind and rain, with Bailey. Whatever the weather she was out there with her dog. She stayed active for as long as she could, it was Bailey which kept her going for so long. She had him, from a puppy, it was always the understanding that when she could no longer look after him he would go and live with her daughter. Joyce stopped walking him, and we took over so she could keep him a bit longer. He now lives happily with two other dogs. Rest in peace dear Joyce.  ilona 

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A new shopping experience

A new market opened in the town centre last week, I went to have a look today. It used to be in an old dilapidated building, like a series of sheds, but now the traders have a newly refurbished Littlewoods store, or was it BHS, can't remember what was there before, shop to hang out in. Individual stalls have been created, with all mod cons, and smart security shutters. So much better than the scruffy place they used to inhabit. 
They have utilized the ground and first floor, so there are many more stalls than before, with many new traders signed up for space. It's pleasant to walk round, nice and clean, with a variety of goods and services on sale. 
Not a lot of people about as it was quite late and getting on for closing time when I went. 
A young man on the Customer Services Desk to deal with any enquiries.

I can't remember seeing a bar in a market before. This is the cocktail bar.

Dining area, lots of dishes on the menu. Plenty of space, not cramped.

And this chappie will get you a pint of beer if you ask him.

Continental food on offer.

Beauty parlour.

Just managed to get these two photo's before he shut up shop. Vintage and collectibles.

Barnes Cash and Carry, the cheap shop has a place here.

There's much more room in here than in the old place.

Butchers, and fruit and veg stalls, and clothes, and giftware. And lots more.

I think this is going to be a hit with the shoppers, the town has needed something like this for a long time. I didn't shop in the old market because it was freezing cold and scruffy, except for the pet stall at the entrance, they have some bargains, but I might be calling in here for a few bits and bobs now and again. I picked up a big bag of out of date Whiskas dry cat food, £2.50 instead of the normal £4. It will be interesting to see what they do with the land when they knock down the old Market Hall.   ilona

Monday, 25 March 2019

What the heck ! ! !

I had a food item in the cupboard which someone gave me a while back, a bit out of date, but no matter, I'll give it a go. It needs to go in the oven, but I don't use mine, not even sure if it works. No matter, try another method of cooking. 
Soak it first in a pan of water. It swelled to four times it's size. Transfer to a bigger pan, add more water. cook on a low heat on the hob for 20 minutes. Yum, smells nice. It wobbles and bubbles like a volcano about to erupt, as the air comes to the surface to escape. It has a gruel look about it, like something served up to Oliver Twist. 
Keep stirring to stop it sticking to the bottom, add more water as it's getting very stodgy. I think it needs browning off so transfer it to a frying pan and put it under the grill. This is the only one I have, I chucked the rest because I don't fry any more. One side brown, then flip it with a spatula to do the other side. 
Hmmmm, not sure about this, break a piece off to try, first hot, then cold. A bit undecided as to whether I want to eat the whole thing. Try another nibble. Do I really need to eat it? Maybe I am not that desperate. Maybe the birds would like to eat it. This goes against the grain of eating everything I buy, but maybe I can get away with it. I didn't actually buy this, it was given.

Fling it onto the garden. Looks a bit like a flattened hedgehog, maybe they will come down to investigate and have a peck at it.

I'll keep my eye on it and report back. It's been out there an hour, no sign of any takers. They are probably too busy nest building.

If anyone can tell me what exactly the food item is, I will give a prize goody bag to the winner. If several people guess correctly it will go to a prize draw. Answers below in a comment please. PS, I need the exact words. Closing date Wednesday 27th at 10pm British time. Toodle pip.  ilona

Sunday, 24 March 2019

I think it's time . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . to visit this exhibition now showing at The Ropewalk Barton upon Humber, before it closes, last day today, Sunday. 
Luke Jerram is the artist, his name has cropped up before on this blog. He was the one who did the gigantic model of The Moon, which I saw when I was on holiday at Orkney. 
The title of this clock exhibition is Harrison's Garden. John Harrison was a carpenter and clockmaker who invented the marine chronometer, a device for calculating longtitude while at sea. He was born in 1693 and at age five, moved to Barrow upon Humber, a couple of miles down the road. In 1717 he created a clock with a mechanism made almost entirely from wood. It is signed and dated by Harrison. 
The clocks here have been donated and will be sold at auction to help raise money for a statue of John Harrison, to be sited in Barrow Marketplace. 

A fascinating collection, it's hard to pick a favourite, but as usual I favour the colourful and quirky. 

Have you got time to look through my pictures.   ilona

Friday, 22 March 2019

Another ordinary day

I started the day doing a bit more on my new artwork. I always feel arty first thing in the morning, like I want to get on with it, a bit of stitching every day. 
My friend dropped by, we transferred four boxes of Parish Newsletters from her car to mine. I will deliver them next week. 
A young lady came to the house at lunch time. She is a student at Lincoln University, studying the media, radio and television. She brought a tape recorder with her and asked me some questions. It was a conversational chat, not a formal interview. Now she will edit it, and it might get played on the Uni radio station. She was very nice. 
After she left I decided to cut my hair. It was getting too long and straggly, so I did what I normally do, place two mirrors on two doors opposite each other, and hack away at it with a pair of scissors. Twenty minutes later it was done so I washed it. The length is much better now. 
After my dinner, I went off to Jaylaurs sewing shop at Brigg for a machine embroidery workshop. It started at 6.30pm and finished at 9.30pm. I took my new machine with me. First of all we did a practice piece. The squiggly lines were already drawn onto the fabric, we just had to stitch over them. Then stitch the heart design in the middle. I did sort of ok, but still need plenty of practice. 
The next task was to choose a design, cut out the small fabric pieces, and stitch them onto a piece of fabric. This can be then made into a cushion cover or a bag. I laid it all out and stuck it down. I didn't start doing the stitching because we were close to the finishing time, so I will complete this at home. How do you like the new haircut.

It's late now so I'll get off to bed. Goodnight.   ilona

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Just an ordinary day.

Nothing exciting happening here. Today I helped my friend with her sewing machine. We had a catchup natter and a coffee.

Someone was asking on the facebook page if anyone knew of any dog walkers in the village. I checked with a couple of friends and they said they could do it, so I passed their numbers on.

I mowed a friends lawn, he is away and was worried that the grass would be getting too high. His neighbours have perfect lawns. He is coming back soon.

Then I mowed my own lawns, back and front.

I went to town, paid a bill at the bank, donated a bag of stuff at the charity shop, and bought cat food from the discount stores.

Tonight I walked two miles around the village. Stopped to chat with a man walking his dog.

That's about it, just an ordinary day.  ilona

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Circular ramble from Market Weighton.

Time for walkies today. I met up with Vicki at Market Weighton, she is a member of our Walking Group, and we did a circular walk of 7.5 miles. The weather was good, no wind or rain, and the sun eventually came out in the afternoon when we were almost back to the starting point. Vicki organized the route, I just followed. There was a couple of places I recognised, I have walked through this area when on a long walk. 
Out of Market Weighton on the road, then a right turn on a footpath along some field edges. Through Towthorpe to Londesborough. When there were deer on the estate they used to shelter here. 

Londesborough Church. We sat on a bench here and had a snack.

A quick look at the village.

I was rather impressed with this bird feeder.

A platform has been added with wire sides to keep out larger birds, and possibly squirrels. The smaller birds can get through to the inside for the food. I see the side is hinged to allow access for replenishment.

We crossed over a small wooden bridge and peered into the water of a large pond. Lots of frogs were swimming about.

Some of the old trees had been blown over in the wind.

Heading on to Goodmanham under this disused railway bridge. The rail tracks on top are long gone.

This is Goodmanham Church. There are signs on the verge not to tread on the daffodils or wipe your muddy boots on the grass.

We picked up the Bridleway back to Market Weighton.

Apparently people tie ribbons on this tree to make a wish. It looks a bit of a mess.

A lovely walk, it was nice to see Vicki again. I picked up some Shopping at Tesco in Market Weighton before I set off back home. A few yellow stickers were found. That's it, time to get the cats in, then I'm going to bed.  ilona