Sunday, 30 April 2017

Gardeners delight

Hello. And what a lovely morning it is, I shall be off outside soon. I arrived yesterday at Auntie Pat's for her plant sale, it was in full swing, plenty of people about. She is a member of the local Soroptimist group, and the plant sale was to raise funds to help women all over the world. Auntie Lyn (pale blue jacket), was busy flogging the potted plants. She ducked down when she saw my camera, but I got her. Lyn has been a keen gardener for the whole of her life, and worked in a Garden Centre. She knows a lot about plants. 
Plenty to choose from, all donated by the ladies of the group.

I made my choice, I shall be planting them in my beds this afternoon.

Raffle prizes all donated. Boohoo, I didn't win, but I was a bit cheeky and bought the cushion you can see, a cat wearing a pink dress, before they had the draw. It's for a special friend.  
Cakes to buy. There were more cakes in the kitchen but I forgot to take a photo of those.

Pat's late husband, my Uncle Stan, was immensely proud of his garden, and Pat has worked hard to keep it in pristine condition. He would be proud of her. Take a stroll through the beautiful colours.

Auntie Pat, far left, taking a break with two friends. The event was a great success, lots of money raised for a good cause, and a lovely social occasion for getting together with friends.

I had a couple of hours visiting my sister afterwards, and timed my journey home to pop into Tesco at 7pm. Sadly the yellow stickers had not had their final markdown, and I decided not to hang around and wait because everything looked a bit wilted, and I wanted to get home. I still spent £30 on food I needed, and filled my car up as well.

It was a smashing day. The weather is predicted to be sunny for the next four weeks, so it looks like I might be having a few trips out.

Today is the last day of the month, so this is a call out to the Walking Group. I hope you are keeping up with our 1000 mile challenge. Please come back tomorrow and let us know how you are doing. Don't be sad if you haven't done as much as you would like, every step you take is one in the right direction. I know some of you are steaming ahead, so lets get those numbers logged on tomorrow's post.

Thanks for popping in, enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Friday, 28 April 2017

Knocking up some odd meals with what's left

Hello. Hoooray, it didn't rain today, in fact it was warm enough to sit in the summer house this afternoon. I did the six mile walk again this morning, the same one as last Friday. Determined to keep up and not slip back. It should have taken a couple of hours but, I met Paul with Doogal dog, Sandra stopped her car for a natter, and a young lady I talk to, the one who does a lot of running, was passing with her little boy Eric, so I had to stop and chat. Eric is lovely. All that added another forty minutes onto it, so I was pretty hungry by the time I got back. 
Dinner yesterday. I am very low on fresh veg, this is the last of the broccoli, with just a few carrots left. I made up half a packet of macaroni cheese. A cheap meal, yellow sticker veg and 23p for the macaroni. 
Lunch today was quick and simple, because I was late getting back. Spud in the microwave, half a tin of mushy peas, and grated cheese. That's the last potato.

And dinner tonight was similar to last night, except I had to add some frozen peas and beans to the carrots and onion. I don't mind simple meals, less faffing in the kitchen.

Mayze loves this table in the mornings when the sun shines through the window. 
I'm visiting rellies tomorrow. Auntie Pat is having a plant sale in her garden for charity. Have a nice weekend whatever you are doing. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Release the inner child.

Hello. Isn't it fun to step outside the box occasionally? To do something silly, to do something unexpected. Life can become monotonous, if we let it. Boredom is a disease we can do without. I am constantly hitting the 'refresh page' button, because I want to see what has changed. I want new things to happen.

The older I get the dafter I become. The thoughts that pop into my head constantly amaze me. The coloured text made some of you smile, that was my intention, you got my drift. Sadly it didn't work on all gadgets, some of you didn't see it because of the device you were viewing on. Things move forward, my old computer still works on Chrome and Windows, sorry, I'm not going to chuck it just yet. I don't feel the need to keep up with technology. There is too much going on in my head, being creative on a computer is just one of the many ways I like to experiment.

Here's a question, how often do you feel the need to go off the rails? To do something out of the ordinary, to become a kid again? Why do we have to behave like sensible adults when it's much more fun being silly? I think we should have a new annual celebration day, like a Totally Bonkers Day, when everyone lets go of their inhibitions.

I love flash mobs. Go Granny.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Keeping busy indoors

Hello. That got you going. Did you like my colourful words, ha ha. The weather is still unpredictable, I've been in most of the day, apart from when I went to the Post Office, then did my three mile walk. I got caught in a shower of hail and wind, just managed to stop the brolly from blowing inside out. 
A couple of recent lunches, one from yesterday and one today. I don't have much veg left so it's root in the cupboard and the freezer time. Two slices of toast, half a tin of spaghetti hoops, and two Value Tesco veggie grills. A cheap meal. 
Today I made a sandwich with two slices of toast, cheese spread, Danish Blue cheese, and the last of the salad leaves. I plonked the rest of the tin of hoops on top.

This pile of 14 cleaning cloths used to be a toweling bath robe. It was looking a bit grubby, and a lot of threads were pulled due to Mayze cat pummeling me with her paws. She thinks I am her mummy. These will come in handy for dish cloths, floor cloths, polishing cloths, (not that I do much of that), and any other type of cleaning job.

I've started another project. These small circles of fabric, 2 inches across,  are Suffolk Puffs, ironed flat and decorative stitching added. I need lots of these.

I came to a halt with the wooden garden sculpture because I ran out of small pieces of wood. I found a big box of scrap wood yesterday at the back door of Wicks the DIY store, they said I could take what I wanted. I will be able to get on with that when the weather is a bit warmer.

I need to make a phone call now, so I'll leave you to it. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Still here

Hello. I said HELLO. Did you hear me? I'll say it again. HELLO HELLO HELLO

Just thought I would say hello. that's all. I am still here. Not gone anywhere, too cold, too wet. 

Stormy, windy, don't fancy getting swept off the top of a cliff, so I am staying here until the wild weather passes. 

The sun is out but I don't trust it. It will soon be gone again. So I am going to keep myself busy here.

Lots of Lurv xxx

Monday, 24 April 2017

Now there are eight.

Hello. I made some more flowers at Crafty Club this morning. So now there are eight. Aint they pretty. I'm getting short of plastic now so I'll stop. 
Heidi is not interested in the flowers, she's just come to say hello.

The foam mattress now has a cover. I trimmed a double bed duvet cover to the exact size. It was an old one, and I have plenty more. I think I'm going to be snug in there. Little gas cooker for my morning coffee. Waiting for the weather to calm down now, no two days are the same. Very windy today.

Six o clock and I'm chuffin hungry, so I'm off into the kitchen to chuck something in a pan. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Such a gas bag

Hello. I seem to have done a lot of chatting this weekend. That's what happens when you live in a village and know a lot of people. I popped in to see Angela, she is into furniture refurbishment. I don't know how she does it but she always drops lucky in finding things that people give away. Someone wanted to get rid of a full set of cane furniture which is suitable for a conservatory. Settee, two chairs, coffee table and footstool. The cushions were shabby so she has made new ones from some curtains she bought for £1 from the charity shop. She has made a good job of them. I don't think she will have any trouble selling them. 
I had a natter with Bob, he was at the bowls club having a practice to get in shape for the start of the season. I had a go but didn't do too well, my right wrist is a bit achey. Probably too much time on the mouse that causes that. 
I took Bailey dog a walk today and popped in to see Jane, she has not been very well. We sat in the garden and had a natter. The sun has been shining all day, it's been lovely and warm. 
My three mile walk took a bit longer this afternoon, my fault, more chatting. Because I walk the same route all the time people are getting used to seeing me, and the sun was bringing people outdoors, so they say hello. Sometimes a simple greeting leads to a lengthy conversation, that's mainly down to the fact that I like chatting. Truth is I can't resist a good looking fella, especially one with a gorgeous smile :o)
I've got a few snaps for you. On Friday I changed my routine and did a six mile walk, I've done this one many times before. Walking past the woods it looks as if this tree has come a cropper and been blown down in a storm. The woods are in pretty poor shape at the moment. When I first came here I thought it was magical,  there are steep steps down into it and it's on a steep slope. Over the years it has been wrecked. I used to do a lot of litter picking here, mainly beer cans and bottles, but it is disheartening to find it is just as bad a couple of months later. There was only one path through it, now there are several unofficial paths where the ground has been trampled on. 
Further on past the woods it opens out and there is a good view of the river. It's beautiful at this time of year with the yellow gorse bushes, and the oil seed rape fields over the other side.

This is a new bench, I haven't seen this before. A nice place to rest and take in the view. A bit further along I came across three men flying their model aircraft. I don't know how they manage to get them back if they crash land them in the river. 
I thought I would give you an update on the yellow sticker plants I bought. Three packs at 20p each. Look at them now, they look fantastic. I put four plants in each long container, I think I could have spaced them out more and put three in each. They have filled them. What a bargain.

We are supposed to be having a cold spell in the next couple of days, I hope it passes by quickly because I want to test out the erm campervan.

Thank you very much to the kind reader who sent me a parcel of goodies. I am chuffed.

Relax time. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dump it, sell it, or give it away.

Hello. I have stuff that I don't need, stuff that I don't want, I am sorting it into piles, at some point it will leave my house to go onward to the next place. Some of it will go to charity shops, some will be sold on the cat rescue stall, some I will put out on the front with a label on saying free please take, and some will be made into something new and given away. I have stuff scattered on the floor, I have too much.

If you are suffering from an overload of stuff take a look at this video. You may be inspired to take a fresh look at your stuff and decide if you really need to keep it.

On the other hand, you may wish to keep your stuff because you may be able to sell it, car boot sale, ebay or whatever. Thanks to Anon for pointing me in the direction of this web site, Things I find in the Garbage. The writer lives in Montreal, and scavenges through people's rubbish to find things of value that they can sell. There is also a Facebook page.

I'll leave you to sort out your own stuff, I am bagging some of mine up and it will go to the charity shop this afternoon. I have some stored in boxes to sell in June at the Village Fair, and I will keep some things for my arts and crafts.

Have a nice weekend. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Friday, 21 April 2017

Meeting Jordon.

Hello. Here we are, two money saving experts at opposite ends of our lives, and both of us striving to make our own lives the very best we can. I am bimbling along towards the close and have years of experience, and Jordon is starting out, with a very mature head on his shoulders and knows exactly where he is going. It's refreshing to meet someone so young and so positive. 
I really enjoyed talking to Jordon Cox last night at the Lincolnshire Groups W I meeting. The church was full to bursting and he presented an enlightening and entertaining talk. The ladies were scribbling their notes, it certainly gave them something to think about, and I learnt a few things as well.
The world of money saving and frugality is ever changing. I am getting left behind, relying on the old fashioned make do and mend methods, Jordon is forging ahead embracing new technology with couponing, cashback deals, and apps. There are many different ways and options available to manage personal finance, I stick with the tried and tested, Jordon is hungry for more knowledge to help him better manage his money. 
One thing I have learnt from Money Saving Expert is, there isn't one solution that fits all. Everyone has different needs depending on their family circumstances, individual needs, lifestyle choices, the influences around them, and the area in which they live. I never tell people what they should be doing, I suggest what they might think about, I say how I would do it, but ultimately it's down to the individual to do what they think is best. 
I've found this yooootoooob video of Jordon giving a Ted talk. It's similar to what he did last night, a slightly shorter version. It all started when he was about 15, using coupons to save money on the weekly food shopping to help his mum. Look where he is now, Martin Lewis offered him a job, he works every day, and jets off to America on assignments. This young man is going to go far, he has a great career ahead of him. 

Old habits die hard, ha ha. I couldn't resist popping into the Lincoln branch of Tesco last night, it's only a short distance from the bypass. It was 9.30pm so I didn't expect much to be left. But, hey, I found something. Pancakes 18p, single cream 9p, salad 40p. Every little saving helps. While I was there I picked up a few essentials so I don't have to go to town today. Heidi's cat food was on offer, I had six packs of that, also bananas and  milk. I had a chat with the ladies at the checkout, made me very late home. They gave me a coupon at the till, £10 off when I spend £75 or more on electrical and gaming. Perhaps I ought to send that to Jordan  :o)

My lunch yesterday, salad leaves, still ok from the yellow sticker shop last week. YS mushrooms with one egg scrambled into them, plus a YS potato zapped in the microwave. Cheap and healthy. 
That's all for now, the weather is a bit cooler. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Along the River Ouse from Goole to Howden

Hello. I seem to be picking the right days to take a walk at the moment. Today is cold and dull so a day indoors, yesterday started sunny so time to go out. The River Ouse meanders through Goole with footpaths running along both sides of it, so I parked in Goole and set off towards Hook. 
I prefer curly rivers rather than dead straight canals, the only thing is you have to make sure you are on the right side of it because sometimes there are not many bridges to cross over. 
 Half way between Goole and Hook is this park. The bank alongside the river is built up so rather than being dead flat there are lots more features to view. 
A massive cemetery just past the park, graves as far as the eye can see. All very well kept and tidy.

Looking to my right the Doncaster-Hull railway line crosses the river.

I passed lots of big houses with fine views of back gardens, some of them very elaborate. A few people seem to have extended their gardens onto the river bank, by mowing the grass and putting up fences. I don't know if they legitimately own the piece of land backing onto their property, or they hope to claim it one day by looking after it. Perhaps they just like things tidy around them. I feel as if I am walking through private property. Almost at the end of the houses right on the bend in the river is this picnic bench. It marks the spot where the ferry used to cross to Howdendyke on the other side. A convenient place to stop for ten minutes.

The river does a u turn at this point and goes underneath the M62 motorway. 
On the left hand side before the motorway is Westfield Lake. It would be nice to take a walk around the lake, but as you can see it is closed and there is a chain and padlock on the gate.  I won't be waiting two hours for it to open.

Now I am on the stretch between the M62 bridge and the Boothferry Swing Bridge. I can see a long line of traffic stationary on the roads approaching the swing bridge. Looks like this was the boat that they were waiting for to go through while it was open. Shame I didn't get there a few minutes earlier, I would have liked to see it opening and closing.

Never mind, here is the Boothferry Bridge close up. When this was built the ferry boat stopped running. I have crossed the river at this point to continue on the opposite bank.

I don't know if there is anyone up there in the control tower watching me. 
Great piece of engineering, built in the late 1920's. Here is a bit more information about it.

Now with the river on my left I continued along the bank. Now it's make my mind up time. Check how much time I have left and work out a suitable distance which will get me finished by around 5ish. Turning right along a track towards Asselby.

Reaching the road in Asselby I turned right to Knedlington. This is Old Hall, a four bedroom property and a grade 2 listed building. It was previously for sale in 2013.  I didn't see any signs of life, so I wondered if it was sold.

Don't you just love the dark pink colour of these blossoms. 
I trekked on to Howden. The Minster can be seen ages before you get there.

I love quirky houses and gardens. The occupants clearly love flowers and colour. All artificial except the green bush. It's right next to the Minster so everyone sees it. 
I had decided to go back to Goole by bus. I found the bus stop but there was no timetable to be seen. I asked at the Post Office, they sent me to the Butchers shop, I asked two ladies in the street and they thought it might be 4.30pm. I found the Town Council Office and they came up with the confirmation that it was 4.28pm, which gave me half an hour to bimble. A couple of photo's.

Howden seems like a nice place, probably worth another look when I have more time. So, a nice day out, nine miles walked and interesting stuff to see.

I'm off to the WI in Reepham near Lincoln tonight to listen to Jordan Cox talking about money saving. Looking forward to it. Here he is on the BBC website. 

Thank you for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip