Friday 2 January 2009

Pleasures of a simple life

Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my blog, this is my first attempt at blogging, so I hope you find something of interest. The main theme for the blog will be frugal living, because that is what I have been aspiring to for the last ten years. I decided to reduce my time at work, so reducing my income, and creating a whole new challenge, I now work at how to make ends meet. That may sound daunting to some people but it's easy, as long as you can differentiate between what you need and what you want. Making ends meet gives the impression that you are scrimping and saving worrying about where your next meal will come from, that is not true. For me it means making the most out of the money you have, getting the best value, the most food from the supermarket, and the challenge of surviving by your own means. I have never been in debt, always paying my way, so perhaps I am used to living within my means, luckily my mother taught me all about it.

I have been a lorry driver for 32 years, something I am immensely proud of, in total I have worked for 44 years, and now it is time to slow down. All my hard work has almost paid for a house, still a bit to go so not completely debt free, but I am working on it. I am now looking forward to a fabulous retirement, but of course I will never fully retire because I like work. But from now on, any work I do will be on my terms, it will be something I want to do, and I will do it when I want to do it. There, a bit bolshie maybe but that's how I am, I know my own mind. Life is too short to be a slave, and by that I mean a slave to money. I have realised that I am perfectly happy with just enough, a simple life for me means less worries. Do I worry about money, of course not because I haven't got any.

Please join me on my frugal journey, I am going to record just how I live my life on very little money. I'm not setting any targets, or making any rash statements like living on a £1 a day, it will be a true story of how it really is. Don't expect me to be complaining about how expensive the cost of living is, or how fed up I am of having no money, that won't happen. Instead I want to open your eyes to the pleasures of a simple life, the enjoyment you can have out of life's free gifts, and how I wake up each day looking forward to the day ahead. See you later. Ilona


  1. Welcome to Blogger! I see you just started, and I just started back. Happy new year to you, and best wishes on your blog adventure!

  2. Welcome to the "Blogosphere" Ilona! What a great idea for a blog - one which I shall follow with interest.
    We too are used to frugal living and living the simple life, but it is surprisingly easy, even here in the USA.
    Good luck to you.

  3. Thanks, I'm enjoying my blogging experience, you meet such nice people with the same interests. It's nice to know others are keen on simple living. Ilona

  4. Just starting from the beginning Ilona. Beautiful picture!!!!

    1. Welcome, You've got a long haul ahead of you, it may take a while to catch up :o)

  5. Happy 10th birthday. Here's to another 10. 🎈🍹🎉 Don't ever give it up. You give so many so much pleasure. 😊 Happy New year. A big one for us 49 ers.!!!!

  6. Well done Ilona, Happy Blog Birthday!
    Pam in Texas.xx

  7. Happy Birthday Blog!!.You know for some reason I thought that I had read them all..and now Im thinking that I havent.Ive just read your first one from your link above and then realised that you can go to day 2 and onwards!.Oh this is going to keep me going for a few days now...the house work will have to wait...well its waited most of last year so another week shouldnt make much difference,lol.xx

  8. Brilliant! I too thought I had read them all! Congratulations on your 10 year bloggy birthday!! You have inspired me, to live frugally and below my means, for years now!!! You are my frugal living HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. After reading your blog for nye on 6 years, I'm finally getting around to starting at the beginning of your blog and moving forward. A bit late, but congratulations on 10+ years of blogging, Ilona!!! You remain true to your original vision for the blog--such staying power!!! It's a testament to the wisdom in living simply and with contentment. But contentment and simplicity are the very things that have been a springboard for you to use your energy toward expanding your creativity. Well done!! Keep up the great work, Ilona!! You're an inspiration and a wonder!


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