Wednesday, 25 March 2009

More money than sense.

This is my free bunch of flowers, no, someone didn't give them to me, no such luck, I found them. Walking through the churchyard, my beady eyes spotted some pretty carnations that had been thrown in the wire mesh waste bin. They looked alright to me so I fished them out.

As I was doing so, an elderly lady walked past and I wondered what she would think about me rifling through the rubbish. I said, 'Look at these flowers that someone has thrown away.' She said, 'Some people have more money than sense.' I smiled and thought, exactly!
Daily spend - nothing

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  1. when the flowers have finished blooming, you may well be able to take 'cuttings' from the stems - give them a dab in hormone rooting powder and pop them in a pot of compost. Leave them somewhere warmish but not direct sunlight and with a bit of luck you will get more plants that can go in your garden or be given away as presents. 2 for the price of (a free ) one !


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