Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Shopping challenge.

I picked up a free copy of Tesco magazine last night whilst doing my bargain blitz, and I see there are some money off coupons inside. If you use them all you could save £2.75, but of course if you don't normally buy the products your shopping bill will escalate and you will end up with things that you don't really need.
To get the best out of them you have to be fairly disciplined. Keep them in your purse and not forget to hand them in when you get to the checkout. How many times have you tidied your bulging purse only to find you have coupons a year out of date, another good reason to be tidy.

Then you have to study the products the coupons relate to, if there are brands that you don't normally get would it be worth your while to have a change for a week, if using the coupon would be cheaper than your normal brand? For instance, there is a 50p off coupon for Weetabix Weetos, would this make it cheaper than my usual Value Bran Flakes at 70p per 750grms, I doubt it very much, so I will dump that one.

There is one coupon that I would definately use, and that's for Pilgrim cheddar cheese. I like this cheese, so providing there isn't a special offer on another brand that is equally as good, I will use it. I won't compromise with cheap tasteless cheese.

Another trick is to make a note of the closing dates on the coupons, some of them are valid for several weeks. You could wait to see if your particular favourite item is going to be part of an instore promotion, a special offer, then you would get the store reduction plus the coupon discount.

Don't forget that the magazine is free, so if there is a coupon for something you always get in your shopping, pick up several copies and stockpile a few while the offer is on. All the coupons can only be used in Tesco, except for the cheese, so I could look around the other supermarkets for that one.

Are you with me on this ladies, let's become a little more savvy with our shopping and see how much money we can keep in our purses. Who's up for the challenge?
Daily spend - nothing


  1. Meanqueen - Tesco will accept some coupons even if you don't buy the product. As long as they aren't specific to Tesco, ie they don't have the Tesco logo on them, they will scan against anything, and Tesco are happy to accept them without you buying the product. So, from this month's Tesco magazine, you can use the Pilgrims Cheddar and the Mattesons sausage one, without buying the products, and hence get 50p off your shopping bill. I have been 'couponing' at Tesco for several years now, and last year got a total of over £1,200 off my shopping (approx 50% of total shopping bill). Happy shopping - Caroline x

  2. Tesco in Cleethorpes have just stopped accepting coupons if you don't actually buy the product.

    I pick up lots of copies of the mag as well if there is a good coupon in there.

  3. Now that's interesting, thanks for your comments. I did wonder if they still do this because I read somewhere about companies tightening up on fraudulent use of coupons. I will give it a try next time I go in. Ilona

  4. if i spot a coupon that i will use i clip to my shopping list so i don't forget.

    Sainsburys magazine is also good for coupons, it does cost £1.40 but you often save much more than this at the till.



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