Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tweaking My Diet

I'm always looking for ways to tweak my diet, to include more natural and healthy foods, and dumping the 'bad for you', foods. Although there are a million sites on the net, with everything you need to know, I still like having a book in front of me to browse through when I have a spare minute. I picked up a couple from the mobile library the other day.

Patrick Holford is one of the worlds leading nutrition experts, so it says on the back cover of 'The Holford 9-day Liver Detox', I have read his books before and found them easy to understand, no blinding you with science. I am quite tempted to try this 9 day plan, and looking through the lists of what to eat and what not to eat, I don't think I will find it too difficult because I already eat a lot of seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables. The only problems I might encounter are giving up my morning coffee and branflakes, but it does say you could possibly do it if you limit your coffee to one cup per day, so maybe I could just have a smaller cup.

His other book I have chosen is called 'Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs'. I am not into herbal medicine, and I rarely take any kind of medicine, I believe you are a product of what you eat, and everything that goes into your mouth is going to have an effect on how your body works, or doesn't work.

I am going to study these two books over the next six weeks, and hopefully get a few ideas on how I can improve my diet. Of course this will have to be done within the confines of my budget. People say you can't eat healthily on little money. I am going to have to search in many more places to find my food, because I think it is an excuse to say 'I can't afford to eat healthy food.'

I may not be able to start the detox immediately, because I have to eat the food I already have, is that an excuse? No not really, I can't be wastefull and throw food away. But I can start by tweaking, and gradually phasing out the stuff I shouldn't be eating, and phasing in the good food. As I am getting older, I am becoming more aware of how little time there is left, I would like another twenty years. Before my operation last year my consultant said I would have another forty years after it was done. I think that by being more positive and being carefull about what I eat, I might just achieve that.
If you want to look at Patrick Holford's web site it's here

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