Thursday, 2 April 2009

Form Filling

I hate filling forms out, yet another one arrived in the post today, the Inland Revenue want to know about my forthcoming pension. There seems to be no ending to all the questions, we must fill millions of forms out in a lifetime.

The worst ones are job application forms, what a nightmare, I have been filling a lot of those out in the last few months. Whichever job you apply for in the council it is always the same form and it's sixteen pages long. Of course all the questions are not relevant to all the jobs, but you have to plough through it to check you have filled in the right bits.

Why do they always want to know about where you went to school when fortyfive years have passed since you were last there? We didn't have GCSE's then so I suppose my seven credits and four passes for my County Leaving Exam don't count for anything, even though I have the certificate to prove it.

The bit about past employers always fill me with dread, who in their right mind has recorded all their start and finish dates for every one of their jobs, along with their salaries and reasons for leaving? What business is it of anyone else how much money you were earning, what a cheek to ask. I have changed jobs loads of times, I get bored, I move on, end of story. A calculated guess is the best I can do, well I was there for about a year, I think!

Then they ask for two referee's, how embarrassing to ask people if they will say something nice about you if they are contacted by the company advertising the job. If you are applying for lots of jobs do you put the same two names down over and over again? They are soon going to get sick of all the phone calls coming in and letters to answer.

I suppose there will be a lot more forms to fill out in the forseable future, you'd have thought I would be used to it by now, but I still hate it.
Daily spend - £13.36 cat food. £2.75 charity shop.
£4.93 Health food shop.

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  1. My 19 year old son says he has 'formaphobia'... he applied for a job at Wine Rack yesterday (part time job) and the application form asked him for his weight?????? I binned all the copies of my cv when I went self employed... I wouldnt know where to begin to try and remember all the dates etc now!


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