Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Handy little purse

When I was at the Scrapstore a few days ago I picked up a few zips, they have got over a thousand of them, all five or six inches long and in various colours. I spread them out on my dining room table, and pondered, usually you sew them onto fabric to open and close something. Thinking outside the box, why not sew them together. My first thought was a handbag, but as the zipper part is quite thick, the bag was going to be very heavy, what about a purse, it might just work. I picked out six zips in two colurs.
Next, what to sew them together with? It will have to be strong because the purse will get a lot of rough handling and it will have to be robust enough to withstand a lot of pulling around. I have a reel of thin string, just the job. I decided to make the seams on the outside so the stitching shows up, and it will be easier to assemble. Here is the finished article, it measures 13cm x 9cm, and you can open it using any zip, quite a handy little purse. Cool eh!


  1. Nifty idea! Wish there was a scrap store near me :0(

  2. this is really cool. i love your craft picutres, you think up some really interesting ideas! great blog by the way, I am making my way through it from the beginning, and really enjoying it! you have a great outlook on life, it makes all the difference.


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