Monday, 8 June 2009

Finding free stuff

Following on from the gazebo roof I found at Peterborough Showground, I have just done a couple of days work driving the motorhomes again, this time picking them up at the racecourse at Stratford on Avon, after a leisure show. Yes, I was looking through the rubbish that people had left, and this time found one of those colourful canvas windbreaks, with six wooden poles that you hammer into the ground. People usually put them round their picnic area to keep the draught off. One of the poles had broken, but no matter, I have some wood in my store that will do the job just fine. I love finding free stuff :-)

I called in at Tesco on the way home, and had a laugh with the girls on the till. I was joking that I had a bit more money now because my pension is more than my job seekers allowance, and I dont have to look for a job any more. My weekly shop came to £18, a bit more than normal! Mustn't get carried away, ha ha.

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