Friday, 31 July 2009

Dash to Derbyshire

We've had a wet few days, flipping annoying when you want to go out. Every morning I look out of the window and think, should I go out today, then the heavens open and that answers my question. However, this morning it didn't look too bad so I decided to go for it. I set off at 10.30am, battled my way through Sheffield, and arrived at Hathersage at 12noon, 53 miles away. The peacefullness of the countryside was a relief after all that traffic earbashing.

I found a quiet street to park. Hathersage is in the Derbyshire Peak District, on the A6187 between Sheffield and Chapel en le Frith. I took an Ordnance Survey map with me and had a good idea of the route I wanted to walk. I always think it is better to plan a bit rather than wandering around aimlessly. I also like to keep a record of my walks. The map of my local area has almost every footpath highlighted with a marker pen, I have walked them all. I love map reading, and looking for the paths and stiles on the ground, a sort of adventure, and of course the bonus is the fantastic scenery.
I walked up the hill to a church I spotted and found it was where Little John is buried, friend of Robin Hood. Here is the church and gravestone.
Following my map I climbed the hill through a mixture of pretty lanes, farm tracks, open fields, and through woods. I bleated at the sheep, and nudged a few cows out of the way so I could pass. At one point I passed round the edge of a golf course, and stopped to help a man look in the hedge bottom for his lost ball, ha ha. I headed towards Bamford then crossed over the main road and the river. Passing Offerton Hall, a big posh farmhouse, I lingered a few minutes and wondered what it would be like to live there, it must be wonderful. This is my route. Hathersage is in a valley and the scenery is fabulous the higher you climb, you can see for miles.
This is my spiritual home, anywhere up in the hills is heaven to me, wandering around the countryside, it's like I have a calling, a need to connect, and I have to do it by myself. I will come back to this area, a few miles further north is Ladybower Reservoir, worth a look I think.


  1. Love those photos the views are fantastic. I have never been to your neck of the woods, looks lovely.

  2. sounds like a lovely day. I love Hathersage (I'm not too far away from there) although I haven't been for a while and I haven't yet done any proper walking there (I have all the maps/routes and it's on my list, there's just so many places to go around here!)

    Glad you enjoyed it :)

    PS sorry this comment comes almost a year too late!


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