Monday, 27 July 2009

Designs in wood

Richard at has given us a bit of a challenge, it's a competition so there is a prize for the winner. We have to come up with a good idea to make something out of pallets, draw a plan and assemble it. Today I have been taking my pallets apart, not an easy task. I gathered my tools for the job, a big club hammer, a hammer with a nail claw, a big screwdriver, and a chisel. The idea is to dismantle them without damaging the wood.

I had three huge pallets, they were about six foot long, they were in my garage so the wood is nice and clean. I managed to get them apart but I think it would have been a bit easier if I had a crow bar. Here is my pile of wood.
I have a lot more wood in the garage, but I think it's ok to use it for the project as all of it was free, salvaged from skips or work. Now I need a good idea, I'm not sure whether to make something for the outdoors or indoors. I have a sander and some varnish so I suppose I could make a piece of furniture. No hurry we have got a month or two before the competition closes, I'll have a look round a few web sites.

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