Thursday, 16 July 2009

Four wagging tails

This is a doggy post, because I have been walking dogs for most of the day. My friend who lives round the corner has been in hospital for a couple of days, and he asked if I would walk Teddy. Of course I will, I love dog walking. Yesterday we had four walks, and he came to visit my cats for an hour, they were not impressed, they scarpered. Today we had three walks, Tony came back at 6pm, so he didn't get the fourth walk. This is Teddy.He is so funny. He stops to look at something, then makes a mad dash, then stops again when something catches his attention, then runs off again. He is so entertaining, and what a cutie, couldn't you just fall in love with him!

I took him for a walk with Ben, the two of them get on very well. Ben is an old boy, a steady plodder, and ambles along without his lead, I didn't let Teddy off his lead, he might not come back.:-0

After lunch I went to Winteringham to help my friend Helen walk her dog Henry, and the next door neighbours dog, Alfie. This is Henry, you may remember I stayed at his house and looked after him for a week recently.
And this is Alfie looking through the fence, saying please take me for a walk.
These two dogs are great friends, and Helen often fetches Alfie into her garden to play with Henry. We took them in her car to a quiet lane where they could both play off the lead. Helen threw a ball for them to chase, unfortunately her aim was not too good and it disappeared into a corn field. Neither dog could find it, and we were wading around in the corn looking for it when a tractor came along. I don't think the farmer was too impressed with all of us destroying his crop. The ball was lost, but thankfully Helen had a spare in her bag, and the game was resumed.

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